Do Dachshunds love to Cuddle?

If you are thinking of getting a dachshund, you might have wondered if dachshunds love to cuddle like other breeds like retriever, Labrador, or chihuahua.

Yes, Dachshunds love to Cuddle and can be very clingy dogs. They love their humans, and they will always look for ways to be close to them.

This includes cuddling, snuggling, following you around the house, and even sleeping with you.

Why do dachshunds love cuddles?

Burrowing behavior

Dachshunds were bred to be hunting dogs. They used to hunt badgers, moles, and other small animals burrowing under tunnels while looking for them was a natural instinct.

Even today, dachshunds love burrowing. It is instinctual. Your dachshund will always love to dig, and it will always burrow itself under blankets, trying to explore dark places.

This instinct is what makes dachshunds love cuddling. While the motives are very different – burrowing for hunting and burrowing for warmth and comfort, the instinct is very natural.

Pack mentality

Dachshunds are pack animals. They are bred to live together with others, following their alpha.

Studies show that dachshunds form intimate connections and friendships among animals in the pack.

This same connection is formed when a dachshund lives with humans. If you have a strong bond with your dachshund, it is going to be the best companion you ever had.

This is one reason why dachshunds love cuddles. It makes them feel closer to their human.

So, if you have a dachshund, you need to pay more attention to it. They have a pack mentality and they live and work in groups.

Dachshunds don’t like being alone for long periods of time. This is also why dachshunds are more prone to separation anxiety.

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Sign of love

Cuddling is a basic natural instinct between a mother and her child. Even in dachshunds, when it is a puppy, its mother cuddles with all her children.

It signifies love, care, and affection.

So if you feed, care and pay attention to your dachshund, it will consider you as its family member. That is why your dachshund will enjoy your cuddles.

Seeking warmth

Dachshunds cuddle to seek warmth. You will notice especially in winters that your dachshund will prefer to sit and sleep closer to you, snuggling against you.

This is because they enjoy the heat that radiates through your body. They enjoy the warmth that comes with cuddling, and it is more comfortable during cold days.

The love hormone, oxytocin

Cuddling releases the love hormone, oxytocin, both in dogs and humans. A three-minute hug can be a great boost of oxytocin for both you and your pet.

This hormone has a comforting effect on dogs and can improve the relationship between both pets and humans.

It also makes dachshunds feel comfortable and safe while hugging you.

Expressing emotions

Dachshunds readily show emotions. The dachshund is one of the best breeds when it comes to communicating with humans. Dachshunds let their humans know exactly what they want.

Dachshunds let you know what they are feeling through different actions and emotions.

Their loyalty, separation anxiety, need for attention, and seeking body warmth are a part of this. They very clearly emote their needs.

They cuddle for comfort and body warmth, and they show it by cuddling your or just being clingy in general.

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Why do humans choose dachshunds for cuddling?

Dachshunds are a popular breed of dogs, ranking 13th on the hit parade. There is no doubt that this sausage dog is so loved the world over.

Dachshunds are loyal and will love you unconditionally. They are great communicators, understanding emotions just as well as they communicate them.

This is why, if you are unwell, your dachshund will pick up on that and try to comfort you. They may be small in size, but they have big personalities that make for entertaining pets.

Their small size also means that they can be carried anywhere and are easy to maintain. They are well suited for apartments.

Do all dachshunds love cuddles?

Usually, yes. There are three kinds of dachshunds – short-haired dachshunds, long-haired dachshunds, and wire-haired dachshunds. Generally, all these dachshunds love to cuddle.

However, there may be some dachshunds who do not like to cuddle. It depends on each individual dachshund.

Why do some dachshunds not like cuddles?

Not all dachshunds are cuddly, and there could be some reasons for a dachshund not liking to cuddle.

Past trauma

One of the reasons why a dachshund may not like cuddles could be that it has faced some kind of abuse in the past.

If your pet has a history of being handled or treated roughly or being disciplined with physical punishments, they could be averse to the human touch.

Your dachshund could be scared if you try to go near it or try to cuddle it.

Undiagnosed problems

If your dachshund suddenly stops letting you cuddle it or becomes uncomfortable s you come near, it could be a sign of some undiagnosed disorder.

Your dachshund could be in pain, or something must have gone wrong. Either way, go to your vet to check out the cause for concern.

Individual tastes

Every dog has its own individual likes and dislikes. If your dachshund does not let you cuddle it, it might not like being cuddled.

Your dachshund could have different ways of showing you love and affection. Look out for that and do not pressure your dachshund to cuddle if it does not like it.

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Solutions to non-cuddly dachshunds

There are other ways to connect with your dachshund than just cuddling. If your dog is not comfortable, don’t try to force your cuddles.

Let them lie next to you

Dachshunds love lying next to their owners when they are sleeping if you let them.

They may even try to lie down on you, or on your feet. So, you can let them lie down with you on your bed.

Raise your eyebrows

A study on animal behavior showed that if you raise your eyebrows while looking into your dog’s eyes, it can increase the oxytocin levels in your dog.

The more you move your eyebrows, the more this love hormone increases. This also makes your dachshunds feel your genuine emotions towards them.

Talk to your dog

Talk to your pets just like you would talk to a child.

Your dog might not understand every single word that you say, but dogs do catch up on a lot of things and understand what you want to say, even if they don’t get it completely.

Even if your dachshund does not understand what you are saying, it will understand the care behind it.

Also, dachshunds are dogs who love attention. So, talking to your dachshund while focusing all your attention on it will make it feel loved.

Walk your dog

Dachshunds were bred as hunting dogs. This is why they are very energetic and playful and love to run around and dig.

Walking your dachshund is a great way to give your dog the exercise it needs. Dachshunds are very prone to IVDD, and to avoid it, exercise is the best way.

If your dachshund becomes overweight, there is a high risk of developing IVDD. So, taking your dachshund out for walks every day is great for its health, and it is also a bonding experience for you and your dog.


Just like all other dogs, dachshunds love it when their owners massage them.

Massages mean that their owner is giving them full attention. Massaging also increases the level of oxytocin in dachshunds.

Also, dachshunds love ear rubs. Studies show that rubbing your dog’s ears stimulates emotional hormones or endorphins.

These hormones can relieve pain and are a happiness booster. So, rubbing your dog’s ears can be good for them and will also make them love you more.

Hand feeding

Hand feeding is a good way to connect with your dachshunds. Hand-feeding is an intimate activity, and it makes your dog feel very loved and valued.

Hand-feeding builds trust, and it makes them feel that you are their parent, rather than just an owner.

Hand feeding also conveys that you are paying a lot of attention to your dachshund.

Other signs of dachshund love

Face licking

Face licking is a universal symbol of dogs showing their love. Just like we hug or kiss the people we love, dogs show it by licking the people they love.

This practice has its roots centuries ago when mother dogs would return from hunting. The puppies would lick her face as a way of greeting, trying to get some regurgitated food from her mouth in the process.

While this practice is disgusting, it is a sign of respect and submission to the alpha.

Bed sharing

Sharing a bed is one of the major signs of a dachshund showing its love.

If they are very comfortable sleeping with you in the same bed or snuggling closer to you, know that it is showing you that it loves you.

Being happy when you are home

When your dog jumps around you and wags its tail when you come home, it is a clear sign of love.

Dogs will wag their tails and jump all over you, making a big fuss of you. They might even bring you their toy as soon as you get home.

Physical signs

Eye contact is extremely important when it comes to dogs.

When your dog looks at you right in the eyes in a very relaxed manner, know that it trusts you and respects you.

When you maintain eye contact, it releases oxytocin, a love hormone that helps in bonding you and your pet together.

Your dachshund might even sit on you to mark its territory or show affection. This means that they are possessive about you, and also protective of you.

They may also hint that you give them a head scratch or a snuggle. Dogs also tend to raise their left eyebrow or move their left ear back when they see something or someone that they like.

Bringing toys

Dachshunds, as hunting dogs, chased after various animals like badgers, foxes, and rabbits. They were rewarded handsomely for their efforts.

They got this feeling of pride that they had fulfilled the task that their masters had given them, which is why they earned the reward.

Today, when a dachshund brings you its toy, it means more than just the fact that it wants to play with you.

It also means that your dachshund considers you its master, or the alpha, and is submitting to you. Giving you its toy is also a mark of respect.

Separation anxiety vs Love

Dachshunds can be very clingy pets. They are extremely loveable and will always want you around. However, dachshunds are also very likely to get separation anxiety.

It is important that you understand the difference between love and anxiety or separation anxiety, as it is a very fine line.

Can Dachshunds be Left Alone?

Your dog could be sad if you leave it alone. But if your dachshund has separation anxiety, some of the signs will include excessive barking, aggression towards other dogs, destruction of property, following you around more than is normal, and so on.

If your dog does have anxiety,

  • Make sure that you give it plenty of physical and mental activities to look forward to if you are planning on leaving it alone for a while.
  • It is also important not to leave them alone for more than 4 hours.
  • Create a clean play area for your dachshund with its toys, food, and water nearby.
  • You can also put it on the TV.
  • Also, make sure that you don’t make a big deal of leaving the house.