How Much Garlic Can Kill A Dog? Dog Ate Garlic

Dogs usually take a liking to food that their owners love to eat. But a question arises as to how healthy is garlic for dogs? And more importantly, can garlic kill your dog?

This is especially true for garlic, high amounts of garlic are toxic to dogs and can end in death if not treated immediately.  

Yes, Garlic can kill a dog if consumed in high amounts and not treated immediately. Fresh Garlic, powdered garlic, or dry garlic, all have the same toxic effect on your canine. 

While high doses of garlic can be lethal for animals, if consumed in small doses, it can show some positive effects.

What is the Lethal Dose of Garlic to Dogs?

Studies have shown that 15 to 30 grams of garlic per kilogram body weight are potentially lethal for dogs.

For your reference, A grocery-store-bought garlic head has 3 to 7 grams of pure garlic per clove.

That said, larger dogs tend to be less affected by the garlic, and hence this dose should be higher for them. Similarly, Small dogs are more affected so a smaller dose can be lethal. 

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Why is Garlic Lethal to Dogs in High Doses?


Food metabolism is very different in dogs and humans. They synthesize and metabolize products differently. So while humans break down garlic with ease, dogs may not.

Notably, garlic and other Allium member crops produce a substance called thiosulfate. Thiosulfate is not toxic to humans but is toxic to dogs and cats if consumed in a high amount.

You will want to keep it away from your beloved household pets to avoid any medical emergencies.

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What Does Thiosulfate Do to Dogs?

Thiosulfate can cause the oxidation of red blood cells (RBC). This damage results in hemolysis of red blood cells.

In simple words, red cells are broken down faster than they are built. Since RBCs are responsible for transporting oxygen to all parts of the body, this is a serious issue. 

Dogs with garlic poisoning will develop anemia and a shortage of red blood cells in their body. Symptoms of this condition include diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, depression, dehydration, and loss of appetite.  

In case your dog has consumed garlic and is showing the effects of garlic toxicity, it is best to immediately consult a professional vet. Treatments for such occurrences usually involve increasing hydration, medication, and sometimes even a blood transfusion. 

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How Much Garlic is Safe for Dogs?

A tiny bit of garlic will not do much harm in small amounts. Most people prefer to give garlic to their dogs in tiny amounts. Remember, different dogs have different sensitivity to garlic.

Garlic as a supplement combined with other components to make it less potent is a better option. Here are safe garlic doses for dogs

Size of DogThe safe amount of Garlic
10 to 15 pounds½ a clove
20 to 40 pounds1 clove
45 to 70 pounds2 cloves
75 to 90 pounds2.5 cloves
100 pounds +3 cloves

Many dog owners like to stop at the 2 clove mark, regardless of how much larger their dog is. 

Avoid Giving Your Dog Garlic If

Some instances to stop giving your dog garlic are:

  1. Your dog is less than 8 weeks old (red blood cells are still forming during this time)
  2. The dog is going for surgery soon
  3. Your dog has existing medical conditions or is under medication

Also, stop trying to give garlic as a supplement if your dog hates the taste and does his best to get away from it!

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Garlic as a Health Booster in Dogs

Low garlic doses in dogs can be a health supplement that can offer various positive effects, though not scientifically proven yet. Here are some brief benefits of small doses of garlic for dogs:

Pest Repellant

Ticks and fleas are two dog pests that would not appreciate the presence of garlic in their food! Garlic can help your dog get rid of these pesky natural pests without too much effort and without medicinal aids. 

Liver Detoxifier

Garlic is said to have effects that help the liver to break down and expel harmful toxic compounds from the body. Garlic is a great option for improving and maximizing liver function. 

Immunity Booster

Just as in humans, some people say that garlic has anti-cancer properties. This helps to protect your canine against a potentially fatal disease that could strike in old age. 

Reduces Cholesterol 

Long-term consumption of small amounts of garlic can be beneficial for your dog in the long run. It can improve and lower cholesterol levels in the blood. This can make your furry friend’s heart stronger and prolong his life and make him live longer! 


To be safe and not sorry, try to avoid giving your dog such edible items as Garlic. You can find substitutes to offer your dog without compromising him with garlic poisoning.


Can I give my dog garlic bread?

Keep in mind that garlic bread still contains garlic, meaning you have to judge the amounts of garlic present. Anything more than 1 clove could be toxic. The safety of garlic bread for dogs depends greatly on the size, sensitivity, age, and health of your dog, apart from the quantity present.

Will a small amount of garlic hurt my dog?

The answer depends really on the size of your dog. If you have a small dog, small amounts of garlic bread can prove to bring negative effects. While a larger dog may not be affected by minimal amounts of garlic bread once in a while. 

This post is not medical advice – Kindly consult the Vet for the same.