Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix – Complete Guide to Pomchi

Featuring a small size but a big character, the Pomeranian Chihuahua mix puppy will inherit physical characteristics and temperament traits from both parents. 

Given both parents have a small size, Pomchis are small in size and make a perfect fit for apartments. They are attention seekers and have a big ego.  

Pomeranian is a widely popular dog. Many American households enjoy the company of the energetic Pomeranian. The Chihuahua is also a well-loved dog breed owing to his cheeky character and small size. 

A Pomeranian Chihuahua mix aka Pomchi is also known as Pomahuahua, Chi-Pom, Chimeranian. People prefer Pomchi as the most common and easy to say nickname. 

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Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix Appearance 

With the pedigree of Chihuahua and Pomeranian, Pomchis are small in size!

Their head inherits both parent’s traits. Propped up ears, round eyes, and a muzzle that is equally as small as the head. They have large round eyes that appear to glisten whenever you look at them.

The hair around the face and neck appears as a mane like that of a lion. The coat is thick and dense and is heavily concentrated around the neck, chest, belly, and back legs. This coat naturally looks soft like fur and is one of this breed’s highlighting features.  


Pomchi are lightweight dogs who have a naturally petite body frame. Their limbs are perfectly proportionally to their body. The tails appear to have some feathering and are quite fluffy like that of a Pomeranian. 

Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix Size

One look at his parents and you can guess them to be small dogs.

Pomchi weighs anywhere between 4 to 12 pounds. Their height is also between 6 to 10 inches making them easily manageable.

The lifespan of Pomchi is around 12 to 15 years so you can expect longer years of wonderful association with your pooch.

Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix Temperament

Pomchi is a small dog with a huge character. These fluffy pooches will always want to be the center of attraction and will do anything to get more attention! 

They can be described as a dog that wants to be seen and heard! Barking is his favorite way to get attention and he will become a nuisance if it is not trained out of him. He will use barking to get attention, cuddles, and anything else that he wants.

If you need tips to control the unnecessary barking, read about everything related to Chihuahua barking to help you limit the noise from this mixed breed.

The Pomchi requires early training and socializing to prevent bad manners from taking over. Unwanted actions like excessive barking and clingy nature can be limited with the right training.

When it comes to children, it is best to have an adult present to show them how to handle this small pooch. They are fragile creatures and can easily be injured or aggravated by a young inexperienced kid.

Hoping to expand the pet family? Best to start introducing your Pomchi to other animals (dogs, cats, other creatures) immediately. Start slowly to avoid making your dog anxious. A well-trained dog will gel well with other animals in the house. 

Overall, this dog enjoys cuddle sessions and is best for individuals and families residing in small houses or apartments. There will never be a dull moment with this furry family member. 

Pomeranian Chihuahua Coat and Colors

Pomchi has a double coat i.e. there is an undercoat and a topcoat. Both layers have different functions and add to the appeal of the dog.

This thick dual-layer coat makes this dog unsuitable for very hot weather. Keep him inside during the hot summer. During winters, his coat will give protection.

The Pomeranian is renowned for his luxurious fur coat having a fluffy and soft texture. Pomchi who inherits the same is not the safest for people with dog allergies. Another point to ponder is the heavy grooming requirement that comes along with it.

This is a dog that shows variation in coat colors.

Common Pomeranian coat coloring such as sable and brown can be seen in this hybrid. Also, solid coat coloring from the Chihuahua can make an appearance. These colors include black, brown, tan, blue, or cream.

Do Pomchi Shed?

Yes, Pomchi does shed. Like any other dog having a double coat, they shed moderate to high and are not considered hypoallergenic.

As you can imagine, a dog with such a beautiful double-coat is bound to have a vigorous grooming schedule. Brushing this long coat at least once a week is essential, more brushing will be required if their coat is prone to tangles.

For a coat this appealing, taking care of it will require a specialized set of grooming tools. These include: 

  • Pin brush 
  • Slicker brush
  • Comb



Generally, this dog breed stays relatively clean. You will only need to bathe him monthly, or when you feel it is necessary. Excessive bathing can take a toll on your pooch skin! He could feel itchiness if the natural oils are removed with frequent bathing.  

Nail Trimming

Trimming of nails can be a difficult task if your puppy is not accustomed to it. It is a mandatory activity that adds to the appeal and hygiene of your beloved dog.  

Dental Care

How well you take care of your dog’s teeth will decide how healthy his teeth are and how smelly his breath is! Dental care is an essential since any dental problem can make a large bill at the vet.

Brushing 2 to 3 times a week is necessary to ward off bad breath and avoid having to extract teeth. As Chihuahua is prone to dental problems so extra care is needed. Get the best dog toothpaste to assure the best dental care for your pooch.


This Chihuahua mix breed is at risk of inheriting diseases from both the Chihuahua and the Pomeranian. Below are a few common ones that you should be aware of.


Hypothyroidism is reduced release of thyroid hormones which cause a slowdown of the metabolism. This results in your Pomchi putting on weight and becoming less active. It also has adverse effects on the skin and fur coat. 

Progressive retinal atrophy

This disease causes slow degeneration of the photoreceptor cells which eventually leads to the loss of your dog’s sight. There is no cure for this disease. 


Cataracts are cloudy layers of an opaque substance over the eye. The cataract may not cause your dog any pain but it can cause blurry vision or blindness. It can be removed via a small surgery and is common in older dogs.

Dental and gum disease

Neglecting dental hygiene can lead to many problems regarding teeth and gums. Food bits left between teeth is the leading cause of rotting teeth that eventually fall out. 


Epilepsy is a neurological disease that is characterized by unpredictable seizures. Intense clusters of repeated seizures are serious and require immediate veterinary attention. There is no cure yet but certain medications can stop the seizures. 

Pomeranian and Chihuahua Mix Exercise

This designer breed is energetic and its size should not be a reason to underestimate activity requirements. 

Luckily only 60 minutes of activity is enough to keep the Pomchi in good shape and mood. Too much exercise can wear him out! 

Exercise not only keeps the body fit but also stimulates mental activity. A Pomchi can become bored and maybe even depressed when not given sufficient exercise.

Pomchi Training

From the start, use positive training methods that offer rewards! A rewarded dog always makes a better student. Avoid using harsh training methods on this dog as it will do no good. Always be reassuring and supportive while training small dogs.


Let us have a brief look at both the parents of Pomchi.


The Pomeranian is a beautiful dog that has a soft double coat. They have a small body that is covered with fluffy fur. They have round gleaming eyes that give you a taste of their personality.

This breed is a perfect small pet as they are loving, energetic, and easy to train. One problem that Pomeranian dog owners may face is their grooming needs especially during the shedding season.

They also have an affinity for barking and require training and socializing early on in life. But a loyal owner will not find this much of a problem.


Named after a Mexican city, the Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world. They have an apple-shaped head and large eyes that appear to be watering. They usually feature a short coat but do exist in long-hair coat variants as well. 

Demanding attention and challenging larger dogs are some of the traits they show. Despite being very fragile, people love them very much. They are described as loving, alert, and active. They are a dog that has been popularized in many Hollywood films. 

What are the Pros and Cons of owning a Pomchi?


  • Small sized dog
  • Suitable for individuals or families
  • Sociable with people and other pets


  • Prone to dental ailments
  • Bark a lot!
  • Naturally feisty


How long do Pomeranian Chihuahua mix live?

The Pomchi has a good lifespan of 12 to 18 years. Lifespan can be influenced by many factors and only healthy, well cared for dogs will live to maximum life expectancy.

Do Pomchis like to cuddle?

Yes, the Pomchi does like to cuddle and could even show signs of jealousy if you have another pet! This behavior is typical of Chihuahua’s nature. Both the Pomeranian and the Chihuahua are dog breeds that are eager to please their owner. 

How big will a Pomeranian Chihuahua get?

Sizes of a Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix can vary depending on many factors. Pomchi stands between 6 to 10 inches at the shoulder and weighs anywhere around 4 to 12 pounds. A male Pomchi will typically grow larger than a female Pomchi. 


If you are short of space and need a small dog with an outgoing personality, Pomchi will fit right in. But getting a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix puppy means you will need to train and socialize him early and have time to meet his grooming requirements. 

They are good companion dogs that also have guarding instincts.