Maltipoo Haircut and Grooming Tips

Maltipoo Haircut and Grooming Tips

Let us look at how to give Maltipoo haircut and tips to keep them healthy with grooming. Maltipoo are a crossbreed of a poodle. These poodle traits give rise to a fluffy dog with curly hair giving them a cute look. Though many owners struggle to keep up with the grooming, haircuts, and hygiene of … Read more

5 best kevlar like toys for dogs | Are they indestructible?

Indestructible kevlar like toys

It is not uncommon to see your dog destroying the toy that you just bought. This could be frustrating. The answer lies in Kevlar like toys that are almost indestructible. Kevlar toys were known for being indestructible but later banned for health-related issues. Why Kevlar toys are not sold? Dupont made Kevlar in the 1960s … Read more

7 best brush for Goldendoodle dogs | 2020 review

Best Brush for goldendoodle dogs

Looking for the best brush for goldendoodle dog. Goldendoodle is a very popular designer breed. They are a cross between Poodle and Golden retriever. They have a straight, wavy, or curly coat of about two to three inches with longer hairs on the tail, body, ears, legs, and shorter hairs on head and muzzle. If the … Read more