Can Akita Live in Hot Weather? (Solved)

Can Akita Live in Hot Weather

Akitas are naturally from a cold climate background. However, modern-day Akitas have found ways to adapt with the help of their owners.  There are a few ways that Akita can manage to live in the hot weather. Read on below to find out how and what temperature can Akitas live in. How to Keep an … Read more

5 Reasons Why Akita Doesn’t Bark! (Explained)

American Akita

When adopting any dog even an Akita, barking is a trait that is expected. But when your Akita doesn’t bark, it prompts you to ask “why doesn’t my Akita bark”? While it is a simple question, the reasons are not so simple. Common Reasons for your Akita not barking are genetics, temperament, medical issues, anti-barking … Read more

5 Common Reasons why Akitas Attack


Though Akitas are considered a desirable pet, they are surprisingly banned in some states in the USA and many other countries! This leads people to ask a specific question regarding Akita’s bans. When do Akitas attack, why do they do it? Akitas attack when they are afraid, confused, or stressed. Reasons why the Akitas attack … Read more

Do Akitas Like to Cuddle? Why Doesn’t my Akita Like to Cuddle?

Do Akitas Like to Cuddle

Akitas are large & powerful Japanese dogs that may look intimidating. But do Akita like to cuddle? Yes, Akitas like to cuddle, but only with their owners. They are highly protective and loyal dogs who only like to cuddle with the ones whom they trust. Will an Akita like to cuddle with strangers? Very unlikely, … Read more

Do Akitas Shed? Tips to Manage

American Akita

The Akita or Akita Inu are native Japanese dogs known for their fluffy double-coat. But do Akitas shed? Yes, Akita do shed. They shed naturally year-round and shed a lot two times in a year when they “blow their coat”. The blowing of the coat lasts between 2 to 4 weeks. Let us look at … Read more

American Akita – Price, Lifespan and Temperament

American Akita

American Akita are heavy-boned large and powerful dogs that may look intimidating. They are also very loyal, smart, and confident dogs. Though American Akita has America in the name they originated in Japan. They were used to guard the nobility apart from hunting the wild boars and bears. American Akita in brief Size 26 – … Read more