Introducing a Dog to an Existing Family Pet

Lagotto Romagnolo

Bringing a new dog into a household that already has a beloved family pet can be an exciting yet delicate process. It’s a time filled with anticipation and hope for a harmonious relationship between the existing and new furry companions. However, introducing a dog to an existing family pet requires careful planning, patience, and understanding … Read more

Understanding Your Dog’s Language Through Sound

German Shepherds Bark

Have you ever wondered what your furry companion is trying to tell you with their barks, growls, or howls? Dogs have been our loyal and beloved companions for thousands of years, and while they may not speak our language, they have their unique way of communicating with us and with each other. By paying attention … Read more

Rescue Dog Settlement: 9 Things To Consider

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A rescue dog settlement is different from a conventional dog adoption, requiring you to acclimatize your pet to its new surroundings and train them any way you see fit. It’s a more serious project that requires sincerity and care. You must consider the kind of settlement your new pet is comfortable with, including food, water, … Read more

Are Essential Oils Safe For Dogs?

Essential Oils Safe For Dogs

We all want what’s best for our furry friends, but when it comes to using essential oils around dogs, is it really safe? Introduction: The Benefits and Risks of Essential Oils for Dogs Are essential oils safe to use around dogs? This is a question that has been on many pet owners’ minds, given the recent trend … Read more

A Complete Guide To Canine Brain Training

Canine Brain Training

People often think that all dogs need is love, good food, and a good bit of physical exercise such as walking, jumping, and hiking. However, there are more things that dogs need apart from the usual walking and playing outdoors. Brain training is crucial for canines just as much as physical training. You won’t believe … Read more

Why do Dachshunds have a Long Body and Short Legs?

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Dachshunds are also known as sausage dogs or wiener dogs. These nicknames stem from their elongated bodies which resemble a sausage and their short legs. Their bodies look disproportionately longer because of their tiny legs. They are closer to the ground than other dog breeds. Dachshunds have a long body because they were specifically bred … Read more

Why do Dachshunds lick so much?

Can Dachshunds Swim

Dachshunds seem to love licking. All dogs lick, but dachshunds lick a lot. We usually equate licking with affection, but there are a lot of other reasons why dachshunds lick so much. Reasons why dachshunds lick you so much? Here are the reasons why your dachshunds would be licking you. It is being affectionate Dachshunds … Read more

14 Reasons Why Dachshunds Are Aggressive?

Dachshundsgreat with kids

There are a lot of things to consider before getting a new dog. One might think of the small, playful dachshund as the ideal dog to have, but are dachshunds naturally aggressive? Yes. Dachshunds are aggressive dogs. According to a study published in the December 2008 issue of the Journal of Applied Animal Behavior Science, … Read more

What did Dachshunds Originally Look Like and how do they look now


The long-bodied, short-legged dachshund that we know today hasn’t always been this way. Let us look at the history of dachshunds. The original appearance of Dachshund The original dachshunds did not look quite like the one’s today. For one, they had longer legs and shorter necks than they do now. Today, because of breeding dachshunds … Read more

How Much Does a Dachshund puppy Cost?


If you are thinking of getting a dachshund, you need to know everything about how much does a Dachshund puppy cost. A dachshund puppy can cost anywhere between $200 to $700. This wide variance depends on a lot of factors, such as the lineage, location, age, type, coat, and color of the dog. Breeders base … Read more