Can Dogs Eat Ginger? (Solved & Explained)

Can dogs eat ginger

It is no secret that ginger for humans is a beneficial food. It has numerous advantages and enhances food flavors. But can dogs eat ginger? Yes, dogs can eat ginger in moderation if the dog is not allergic to ginger! Be cautious and do not exceed 1 teaspoon of raw ginger. Although a small amount … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Plantains?

Can Dogs Eat Plantains

Plantains are the banana cousins that are tougher, containing more starch, calories, and carbohydrates. They have long been an edible delicacy for humans. But what about dogs? Are plantains edible to dogs? Yes, Dogs can eat Plantains in moderate quantity. They are not considered toxic to dogs and can even help them with vital nutrients.  … Read more

How Much Garlic Can Kill A Dog?

How Much Garlic Can Kill A Dog

Dogs usually take a liking to food that their owners love to eat. But a question arises as to how healthy is garlic for dogs? And more importantly, can garlic kill your dog? This is especially true for garlic, high amounts of garlic is toxic to dogs and can end in death if not treated … Read more

Can dogs eat eggshell? Is it safe?

Can dogs eat eggshell

Eggs are one of the nature’s perfect food. In the wild many dogs eat raw eggs with the eggshell with no worries of whether this could be toxic or not. Where as domesticated dogs may not be exposed to the same and we as pet lovers worry whether eggshells are safe to be eaten by … Read more

Can dogs eat tomatoes? Are Tomatoes Safe For Dogs?

can dog eat tomato

Tomatoes! Round red juicy and delicious veggie that we all love but can dogs eat tomatoes? Yes, dogs can eat fully ripe tomatoes in moderation. Care should be taken not to give him the unripe green tomato. This may have Solanine or Tomatine which is harmful to dogs. Tomatoes are a very popular vegetable found … Read more

Can dogs eat celery? Is celery safe for dogs?

Can dogs eat celery

Celery is full of nutrients. It is a healthy choice of snack for us humans but what about dogs. Can dogs eat Celery? Yes, Dogs can eat celery in moderation. It contains a lot of nutrients that are healthy for dogs as a treat but not as a replacement of dog food. Is Celery Good … Read more

Can dogs eat Shrimp and its tail?

can dog eat shrimp

Can dogs eat shrimp? Is Shrimp safe for dogs? Yes, dogs can eat shrimp provided it is cooked and if consumed in moderation. Most dogs can eat the human food and shrimp is no exception. Shrimp is one of the scrumptious delicacies that most love to eat and the most popular sea food in United … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Beans? Black, Lima, Pinto, soybeans or Kidney

can dogs eat beans

Can dogs eat beans like Black, Lima, Pinto, soybeans or Kidney? Let’s check it out. Beans are a great food for humans particularly vegetarians as a replacement of meat for protein. How about dogs? Well short answer is yes dogs can eat most of the beans but in moderation and you should be aware of … Read more