Can Pugs Give Birth Naturally? Pug Pregnancy Facts

Can Pugs Give Birth Naturally

Pugs are popular even though they may cost a lot extra than other breeds. But Can Pugs give birth naturally? Or do they need help in the form of a C-section?  The truth is Pugs rarely give birth naturally due to high chances of complications. They mostly require a C-section. If your Pug is pregnant, … Read more

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Do Pugs Bark A Lot? How to Stop Excessive Barking

do pugs bark

Every dog will bark, we can only debate which dogs bark more or less. Dog enthusiasts who want a quiet and manageable dog may get attracted to small dogs like the Pug. But, one question lingers in their mind. Do Pugs bark a lot? Pugs do bark but not as much as most other dog … Read more

Causes for Pugs Getting Fat and Tips to Prevent It

Pugs Getting Fat

Pug owners love them a lot, but when they start begging for what you eat, a problem will arise. Giving in to your dog’s wishes will see him put on weight. And, it might be too late by the time you realize why your Pug is getting fat.  Causes for Pugs getting fat are over-feeding, … Read more

Do Pugs Like To Cuddle? How to Read The Signs?

Do Pugs Like To Cuddle

Dogs are social animals who crave to be part of a pack. Being alone just won’t sit well with them. Pugs are very human-centric and crave the attention of their human soulmate. These little animals are keen on giving constant doses of affection to their owners. Generally speaking, Pugs do like to cuddle. They are … Read more

Why do Pugs Sleep So Much? What’s The Reason?

Pugs Sleep

Pugs are indeed a small, compact, and popular dog breed to own. They are appealing puppies that will put a smile on your face every day. They fit well into families with children due to their loyal and non-aggressive behavior. But why do Pugs sleep so much? Pugs suffer from fatigue faster and hence sleep … Read more

Can Pugs Swim? Are Pugs Good At Swimming?

can pugs swim

Pugs are cute, highly demanded dogs that anyone would want to own. But, Can Pugs Swim? Being small, weak-limbed, and squashed-faced makes the Pug poor swimmers.  Thus for most people who love swimming and who require a dog that shares the same joy for the activity. Pugs are not the best choice. Sadly, they are … Read more

Can Pugs Eyes Pop-Out? What To Do To Prevent It?

Pugs Eyes Pop

The Pug is a popular pet dog for a family. Both appearance and characteristics align to give a perfect addition to any family. But, as his trademark large eyes are an attractive feature, they may also be his downfall!  There have been rumors when a Pug’s eye has popped out of its socket! As odd … Read more

9 Common Reasons Why Pugs Scream? (with Solutions)

why do pugs scream

A Pug is a cute dog, but sometimes the sounds it makes are not so cute! A common question arises, “why do Pugs scream?” The truth is that Pugs voice their feelings based on the emotion they feel. Emotion is influenced by the situation they are in.  You can expect your Pug to scream when … Read more