Can Dachshunds be Left Alone?

If you have a pet dachshund or are thinking of getting one, you need to know if Dachshunds can be left alone.

Yes, you can leave dachshunds alone at home for a short time. However, it will not be easy for them to be left alone for a long time.

Dachshunds need constant attention. They could get into all sorts of mischief if they are left to their own devices. They might pee anywhere or keep whining and barking the whole time you are away.

However, if your dachshund is well-trained, you can consider leaving it alone, but not for too long.

How long is too long?

Experts suggest that dogs are fine being left alone anywhere between 4 to 6 hours.

However, for dachshunds, try to keep the limit to 4 hours. Even then, it will differ with every individual dog. For some, their maximum limit could be just 30 minutes, while some may be okay with being alone for more than 4 hours.

Dachshunds need to pee a lot more than other breeds since they have a smaller bladder. If they hold their bladders, they may be prone to UTI or kidney issues in the future.

They also need physical and mental stimulation.

That is why it is important that you don’t leave your dachshund alone at home for more than 4 hours at the most.

If you absolutely need to, you should think about hiring a dog-sitter or asking a friend or family member to look after it.

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Can dachshund puppies be left alone?

Dachshund puppies need to be looked after even more than adult dachshunds.

You should never leave a puppy alone until it is trained enough to stay in the house alone.

Untrained dachshund puppies will not understand that they cannot go to the toilet just anywhere in the house and will create a mess.

It will also not be sure what to do. If you have a new puppy, you should absolutely not leave it alone.

If you have to go anywhere, make sure there is someone else like a friend, family member, or a dog-sitter to look after it.

Separation anxiety

Dachshunds are needy. They are particularly known for being prone to separation anxiety more than most other breeds. They love attention, and they can be very clingy.

If your dachshund suffers from separation anxiety, you will have a bigger problem while leaving it alone. Your leaving can affect it a bit more than it would any other dog.

They might feel stressed if they have to be alone at home.

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What your dachshund can do while you are away

Bark and howl

When you leave your dachshund alone for a long time, it will bark and howl, calling for you.

It might think that if it calls for you loudly enough, you will hear it and come back. This will happen especially if you respond to their vocal cues on a daily basis.

This might not be destructive behavior, but the constant barking and howling can disturb the neighbors.

Stop eating

Your dachshund might stop eating if they do not see you around for a long time. If they have separation anxiety, it can result in a loss of appetite.

Make sure you plan their meal times while you are in the house so that they are not left hungry.

They will go and eat once they see you back home in front of their eyes, but till then, they might stop eating out of sadness or loneliness.

Even though they might not eat, make sure to leave them with food and treats.

Destruction of property

Dachshunds can deal with boredom by chewing on furniture or shoes.

It might be a good idea to leave around some of its chew toys for it to release energy that way, however, there is still no guarantee that your pet will not destroy any of your stuff.

Try to hide all your valuable stuff when you are not around to supervise your dachshund and make sure it has plenty of other distractions.

Feel depressed

If you are out of the house for a long time, your dachshund can feel depressed.

This will include lack of energy, not eating, not doing anything, or not showing any interest in their favorite activities.

A depressed dog is not likely to cause any trouble or destruction in the house. However, seeing your dog like that can feel even worse sometimes.

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What you can do to help the situation?

Train your dachshund at the earliest

It is very crucial to train your dachshund as a puppy, whether or not you plan to leave it alone.

Your dog needs to learn to live alone at least for short periods of time. If they get used to your absence from a young age, they might not have to deal with any anxiety issues later in life.

You can start by leaving your dachshund alone for a few minutes and then gradually increasing the time to 15 minutes and then an hour as they get used to it.

When you leave your dog alone at the start for just a few minutes, they will understand that you always come back. This will help in making them more comfortable with your absence.

Stick to a routine

Dogs like routine. They do not react well to inconsistent timings. They need a stable routine to function well.

If you leave for work every day, you need to try to leave and come back at around the same time.

This will help your dachshund understand the time and they will set their expectations accordingly. This also helps with their potty training.

It is not advised to have shift timings when you have a dog unless you have someone else in the house to look after it.

Do not make a fuss of leaving and returning

This might be very difficult to do, but it can help a lot.

It is obvious that your dachshund is going to be very excited to see you after you have been gone for a while, and you too are going to be very happy to see your pet.

However, try not to make a big fuss. Downplay the whole thing. As you return, instead of fussing over your dachshund, just do what you’d normally do: enter, hang your coat, go freshen up, and then sit down to be with your pup.

Even while going out, go as you normally would. Do not try to do things sneakily, or do not try to rush out so that your pup doesn’t notice.

Your dachshund will most certainly notice it and it will pick up on those cues.

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What to do before leaving dachshund?

Get them company

If you cannot avoid leaving your dachshund alone, the next best thing you can do is to reduce the time it spends alone.

You can ask your friends or family to drop in for a while to check on your pet and spend some time with her.

If not, there are also services available, like dog sitting or dog walking. You can hire someone to stay with your dachshund and look after it while you are gone.

A dog walker can take your dog out for a while, giving it a chance to be outside and socialize, all the while minimizing the chances of spending time alone.

Getting them the company can also mean getting another dog. Now, this may not be for everyone, since two dogs can be a task.

But if you can manage it, it will be so much easier for you to leave your dog alone. If your pets get along well together, it will be beneficial to both you and the dogs.

You will not feel too bad about leaving them alone, and they will always have company and may not feel your absence as much.

Leave enough food and water

This is a very obvious thing. Make sure that there is always enough food and water for your dog any time it needs to be left alone. They should not go thirsty or hungry at any cost.

Besides, dachshunds love to eat. If you leave them with enough food and treats, they might fare better being alone.

Get them some toys

Dachshunds love to play. Make sure you keep some toys around so that they have something to do.

There are a lot of interactive toys available, which provide mental stimulation to your dog. Toys can also distract your pet and keep it busy for a long time.

Spend time with them before leaving

You can spend some time with your dachshund before leaving the house. They should know that they are cared for.

Also, if you play with them for a bit, they might be able to exhaust their energy playing with you, meaning that when you are gone, they are likely to stay quieter than they otherwise would.

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Leave the TV on

Leaving the Tv or radio on can be a good idea. Some background noise might help in drowning out any unwanted sounds.

Your dachshund might even end up watching TV, although it may not entertain it for a very long time.

If your dog has severe separation anxiety, another solution that might work is to record your own voice by having a conversation with a dachshund.

It may not sound like the best plan, but it has been known to work.

Create a space for your dachshund

Creating a dedicated space for your dachshund can go a long way in making them feel better about being alone.

Let this space be in a part of the house that is comparatively quieter. It can include their crate, their food and water bowls, toys, and blankets.

This space will be like a comfort zone for them with everything familiar in one place.

If you try spending more time with your dachshund in that location, it will feel even more comfortable being in that area.

It is not recommended that you leave your dachshund alone for long periods of time.

A dachshund who has to stay alone for a long time might suffer some form of anxiety, stress, boredom, or even depression in the future. They might be prone to behavioral problems.

So, think about your own dog and do things accordingly so that it feels safe and satisfied.