Is Pug Lab mix the Perfect companion dog? Pugador facts and tips

Pug lab mix or Pugador is a cross breed of the Pug and Labrador Retriever.

This small yet social dog has features of both the small Pug and the larger Labrador parents.

What would you call this Pub and Lab mix dog?

The answer is Pugador! An odd name for an even odder-looking dog breed, but indeed it is one you will grow to love dearly.

Pug Lab mix fact sheet

Size (Male) Height: 17-19 inches, Weight: 30 – 50 bls
Size (Female)Height: 15-17 inches Weight: 25 – 45 bls
Coat ColorBlack, Light Brown (beige), Silver
Eye ColorBrown, Amber, Hazel
Coat typeThick, Double-layer, Short hair
TemperamentGentle, Loyal, Moderate Energy
Lifespan10 to 14 years

What does the Pugador look like?

Looking at a Pugador you may immediately notice some distinguishing features of both parents.

The crossbreed can vary greatly due to quite a big size difference in pug and Labrador retriever. Though the dog benefits from having the graceful Labrador as a parent as it gains height compared to the short and stout looking physique of the Pug.

The hair coat is thick and features a double-layer to protect it from the external weather conditions. The texture of the coat is not as soft as other dog breed coats.

The muzzle area has a distinct wrinkled look that is black in color and undoubtedly adds to the cute quotient. Depending on whether he gets a flat face of the Pug, you can check about his activity requirements.

If he has got the flat face of a pug, do not strain him with lots of exercise under the sun. Where as if he has the face of a Labrador, you have got an athlete who may require a fenced yard to vent out his energy.

It is likey they will get the bulging eyes of a Pug that will follow your every move and will make you feel as if your Pugador is your biggest fan!

Pug lab mix is also likely to have the longer and larger flopped ears from the Labrador Retriever which is renowned for the cute ears that act as a way of expressing their emotions.

Pug lab mix

Pug Lab Mix temperament

As you would expect, the Pug Lab mix inherits the temperament from both the parents and it is a combination of both the parent breeds.

You will find a Pug lab mix to be a lovely companion who will do anything to please their owner.

Call them a shadow since they will follow you everywhere and suffer from heartbreak when you have to leave them home alone. You may find them waiting patiently for you to return.

The Pugador is likely not to be aggressive to humans or other dogs. They would be loyal to the owner with a pleasing personality.

Getting their way to get things done will not be an issue for them as they can easily charm their way out of any situation.

Will you get conned by the acting skills of the talented screen star? No shame in admitting it.

The average Pug Lab mix life expectancy is 11 years but you can expect more years of loving association with excellent health and living conditions.

Pug lab mix

Maintaining your Pug Lab Mix

Pugador is not a self-maintaining or even low-maintenance dog breed and you will have to put a fair amount of effort into keeping him looking smart and not scruffy.

Brushing – When it comes to shedding, the rate and amount of shed can vary depending on genetic traits and environmental conditions.

Overall, a daily brush with a short pin brush will be enough to remove dislodged hair from the somewhat coarse coat that is straight. Shedding will accelerate during the hot summer season, so be prepared!

Bathing – a dog’s worst nightmare is a must that should not be ignored. The dirt easily lodges between the hair strands and might be easily concealed. Once a month bath is all it takes to keep this Pug lab mix looking attractive and smelling pleasant.

Another hygiene concern to look out for is that the wrinkled folded skin on the face that should be wiped dry from sweat and dirt. Failure to do this could result in raw sores being created.

Nail clipping is mandatory. Dog nails grow fast just as our nails grow. Clip them as soon as they get long as they will disturb walking movement of the pug lab mix.

Very long nails may begin to grow inwards and curve below the paw and cause serious injury. Nails have veins and if it gets broken, may become quite painful to the dog.

Dental hygiene is important and overlooking this can lead to severe tooth decay and infection. You may avoid this by undertaking a thorough brushing of teeth a few times a week to remove food bits wedged between the teeth of the dog.

Take care while doing this and try to access the teeth placed at the far corners of the mouth, these are most prone to decay and food clogging.

Exercise – Keeping those extra pounds off will never be a thought in your mind if you give this pooch the exercise it deserves. Just under an hour will be enough to sustain its activity and energy cravings.

Never work them out in the sun and intense heat as they tend to get overwhelmed with heat and too strenuous activity sessions.

A rare cross breed –

Illnesses that can affect the Pugador (Pub Lab mix)

Here are some of the common ailments that Pugador may likely have.


Both parents of the Pugador are prone to obesity! This is probably due to over-feeding and their greed to eat whatever you eat!

It is not recommended to give your pet human food as the majority of the times it is not suitable for them and can be damaging to their health and holds no nutrition relevance to them.

Hip and elbow dysplasia

This deformity is experienced by dogs that do not experience uniform growth while growing out of puppyhood. The result is bone dislocation at either the hip and pelvic joint OR the forearm bones at the elbow.

Giving your Pug Lab mix puppy a balanced diet with the required nutrients will help to avoid this. Be careful, overfeeding can also increase the burden on the bone structure as they grow, enough exercise will reduce this risk.

Though Hip and elbow dysplasia is due to inheritance and you should check about the parents before adopting a pug lab mix.


The true causes of Epilepsy have not yet been successfully proven by veterinary doctors. It is a neurological condition that affects the brain with unexpected and unprovoked seizures that can affect the movements of your dog’s body.

Consult a vet immediately if this ever occurs as medication can be prescribed to manage these random seizures which might also increase the life of your pet.


A cloud of white appearing over the pupil reduces vision and can end in total blindness. Experienced by all canine breeds, a surgery to effectively remove it should be done sooner or else the condition may get worse if left unattended.

Pug Lab mix Origins

This is a relatively new designer cross breed and hence not much study has been done about them. Let us have a close look at both of the parent breeds of a Pugador.

Labrador Retriever overview

The Labrador Retriever was not brought into the USA until the 1900s much later than its circulation throughout various European countries.

This dog grew a profound reputation as a “retriever” for hunters, assisting them by fetching their hunted prey. These medium-large canines are athletic animals that love running and are talented swimmers. 

Easy to train & high intelligence makes them great guard and sniffer dogs at airports to catch smugglers.

Today everyone loves the Labrador. They are known for their outgoing and energetic character that suit folks who look for a companion dog. Playful around kids, loyal to his owner, and a pleasure to snuggle with, they are an all-rounder!

Physical Spec sheet

Size- Male: Height: 22-24 inches Weight: 55 – 90 lbs

Size- Female: Height: 21-23 inches Weight: 50 to 80 lbs

Coat colour: Black, Beige, Chocolate

Eye colour: Black, Yellow, Hazel, Green (rare occasions)

Lifespan: 10- 13 years

Pug overview


Chinese Pug (it originated in China) or Pug as it is commonly called is a small dog that has defining features that make it easy to recognize from other breeds.

This dog has a short stature characterized by a wrinkled coat and a short muzzle area that is usually black in colour. Their coats are typically either fawn or black.

Their tails are short that curl towards the body. Their big puppy dog eyes also make people melt in admiration!

Full of energy, loyal, and easy to please, this breed thrives under the care of human companions. You will find them constantly following you and begging for attention and cuddles!

Suitable for homes with children of all ages, they are gentle and know how to play with small kids. Rarely showing any vicious behavior, their mood is easily influenced by their human counterpart.

Physical Spec Sheet

Size- Male: Height: 10-13 inches Weight: 14 – 18 lbs

Size- Female: Height: 9-12 inches Weight: 14 – 18 lbs

Coat colour: Black, Fawn

Eye colour: Brown

Lifespan: 12-15 years

Labrador and Pug Mix breeding

It may look impossible to understand how cross-breeding may happen with so much of a size difference in the two parent breeds.

The breeders will always have the mother as Pug and do the artificial insemination.

Crossbreeding helps to get a small and manageable dog with the characteristics of a labrador that is suitable for people with small houses and apartments.

Concluding, the Pug Lab mix makes a terrific companion for all kinds of home scenarios, single people, houses with children of all ages, and even elderly couples.

If you have a story to share about them, do write in the comment section below.