Do Goldendoodles Shed? How to manage shedding

Goldendoodles are often marketed as nonshedding and hypoallergenic dogs. But do Goldendoodles shed?

Goldendoodles do shed less than an average dog though the amount of shedding would depend on the parent breed whose genes are more dominant on his hairs.

First impressions when planning to own a new pet will be asking questions about how to manage all the tasks that come associated with human and animal companionship.

These may include bathing, grooming, and cuddles, and of course accepting the fur in the home. As all dogs shed hair as part of the natural cycle of hair growth. Some dogs like poodles shed less whereas dogs like Akita may shed a lot.

Let us first have a look at the different types of Goldendoodle hair.

Types of Goldendoodle coat

Coat types vary depending on the genetics of the Goldendoodle. Generally, a mixture of three coats can be seen in this dog breed.

Straight coat

This is clearly visible as long straight locks of hair. This is definitely easier to manage, but one should never underestimate the efforts that need to be put into any long hair coat.

Apart from just the shedding and grooming of these dogs, observation of the hair must be done to make sure it is healthy and not weak, dull, or brittle (if it is, this is a sign of bad health).

Curly coat

Rounded curly rolls of hair are an alternative coat appearance that can be seen in a large number of goldendoodles.

Remember that poodles are known for their extremely curly hair coat, making this specific coat very valuable and famous among poodle-loving families.

Wavy coat

Wavy coats are not completely curly and not very straight either, they are a combination of both which gives rise to a completely different identity.

You could call them half straightened curls that look like light waves. The natural wave is the most appealing of all coat types and is moderately difficult to maintain for any family with a dog.

Depending on the coat characteristics, each Goldendoodle will need certain grooming or haircut requirements custom made to cater to their hair coat.

What is Shedding? Why do Goldendoodles shed?

Shedding is part of the natural hair growth cycle that results in the loosening of dead hairs from the coat.

Normally the hair just becomes loose and sits in the coat itself. This then gets every where with rubs and shakes.

The amount of Shedding is influenced by breed type, season, activity, and health of the dog. Dogs having double coat invariably shed more than dogs having single coat.

While it is natural to shed to a certain degree, however, if large clumps of hair are falling out, this might mean some inherent health issues. Consulting a vet is essential as it may bring to light a disease or just ill-health in general.

Typically, normal shedding is a sign of good health and a happy Goldendoodle puppy.

How to control Goldendoodle shedding?

Shedding cannot be completely stopped and in case you would like to control the amount of hair that your Goldendoodle shed, here are some useful tips that may help.


hair cut

It may not sound good if you love the long hairs of a Goldendoodle but cutting the hair could help in the long run. As the hairs are less the amount of shedding would also be less.

Brushing the coat

Just as you would brush your own hair, it is important to give your furry friend a thorough brushing out to dislodge all those damaged and loose hairs from the coat.

There are specialized pet brushes available that can easily tackle the shedding of a long-haired dog like Goldendoodle.

Here is a popular post on choosing the best brush for a Goldendoodle.


Bathing is something most animals are not a big fan of. But it is just a fact of life that they must accept.

Bathing not only helps to remove dirt, dust but also hairs that are damaged and about to fall out.

Keep in mind to use the dog specific shampoo for the pooch as their pH level is different to Humans. Also they do not need to be bathe quite often as this removes the oil form the skin making it dry and unhealthy.

Bathing once in 4 to 6 weeks is ideal.

Grooming after bathing is the best two-in-one combo to assure you to get everything done together to avoid confusing or traumatizing your pooch.

Balanced diet

In humans, weak and damaged hair can be a result of a lack of nutrients and minerals. The same can be observed in dogs like Goldendoodles, they also need a balanced diet containing protein and vitamins.

We suggest giving high-quality pet-friendly nutrients to avoid any health problems. If you give them an all-rounder diet, the results can easily be seen in the form of their glossy and strong hair coat apart from less shedding of hairs!

Positive environment

happy goldendoodle

Severe shedding and weak hairs can be a symptom of loneliness, stress, or any other psychological issues experienced by the animal.

It is thus your responsibility as a pet owner to make sure all surrounding conditions are appropriate for the dog. If this is not corrected all the other factors will not be of any use and will not make a difference to the shedding schedule.

How to clean Goldendoodle hair from clothes and furniture?

Many Goldendoodle owners find themselves lost on how to tackle such a monumental task! Hairs all over the house are a cause for concern. Even more for the dog allergic folks.

Let us look at various tips in keeping the house clean from Goldendoodle hairs.

Lint brush

Lint brushes are simply a rollable film on a brush that has sticky surfaces to capture pet hair.

lint brush

It is the number one method of removing shed hair from clothing as it is fast and highly effective.

Something that makes this practice very common among pet owners around the world is that it is a small and portable object that can be taken anywhere you go along with your pet dog.

All you have to do is roll it over the area where hairs are present and then peel of the layer of paper afterward.

Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is considered a staple household item for cleaning. It is also used for clearing dog and cat hairs that are cringing to the carpet and other places of the house.

What makes this as sought after item is the large number of hairs that are shed in a short amount of time. It also requires the least amount of energy as the machine does the majority of the work, allowing you to feel at ease.

Damp rubber gloves

Take a pair of rubberized gloves with a brush like design on the inner side of the hands, wet it slightly and go ahead and brush the outside of your sofas or chairs.


Hair will be collected on the glove instantly with ease. Anyone will find this hack useful when you have many shedding pets in the house. Plus, the gloves can be washed dried, and reused over and over again, making it economic and reliable.

Pumice stone

Ever seen those small stones with lots of air bubbles/holes in them? Yes, those can be effective in tackling your dog hair dilemma!

Simply take this odd stone and rub it over fabrics like sofa upholstery to get all of the hair off at once. It even works for bed covers and curtaining, making it ideal for all household furniture and furnishings.

Dry microfiber cloths

Some objects in the house are sensitive and cannot come in contact with water, chemicals, or rough items.

microfiber cloth

Electronic items must not be sprayed at all! Televisions and wooden furniture are also objects that require a different approach. A solution is using a soft microfiber cloth that will attract the hair to its surface.

These simple house cleaning tips will get you through each day without having to stare at dog hairs all over the house!

About Goldendoodle

The Goldendoodle is a mixed breed developed from crossing a Golden retriever with a Poodle. You can easily notice how different these two-parent dogs are from each other.

But looking at the Goldendoodle it is easy to distinguish what physical qualities are obtained from which parent. The droopy ears are from the poodle, whereas the naturally athletic physique is from the golden retriever.

When it comes to the coat, genetics of both parents shine through to give a double-layered hair coat that comes with its own set of care and maintenance instructions.

This designer crossbreed is quite popular throughout Northern America and is the most common choice of a pet dog.

Reason includes being naturally friendly, obedient, active, and non-aggressive behavior that is suited to households with children or other pets.

Though sometimes their size may not be suitable for small flats or home.

Do share on how you feel about your Goldendoodle shedding and the way you manage in the comments section below.