Barking Chihuahua – How to stop Chihuahua barking?

Excessively barking chihuahua can create a dire situation that can stop you from sleeping or working efficiently. This is the most reported annoying factor by owners about their Chihuahua.

In most cases, such barking has some meaning especially if it is loud and persistent. It may be a way that your chihuahua is trying to communicate a problem that he is experiencing.

You should try to find out what is the root cause of Chihuahua’s excessive barking and focus on solving the problem efficiently.

Ignoring this could affect his health and daily life so do not ignore it.

About Chihuahua

Chihuahua are popularly known as small but feisty dogs from Hollywood movies that are small enough to fit in a handbag. 

Originating from Mexico, the Chihuahua has become a popular dog breed in the USA. Let us first see an overview of typical Chihuahua temperament and appearance.

Chihuahua Specifications

Height6-10 inches
Weight3 to 6 pounds
Eye colorHazel, Black, Brown
Coat colorBrown, White, Black, Coffee, Chocolate, Cream, Silver, Dual/Tri-color
Exercise time20-40 minutes daily
Lifespan1018 years
Barking Chihuahua

Chihuahua Appearance

The Chihuahua has a small body that can easily be carried with one hand. The head is unlike other head shapes and appears apple-shaped.

Immediately you will notice those bat-like ears that are large and propped up at the top of the head, always in an upright position as they are listening.

The snout area is short and bears a pointed nose. The eyes appear large and glisten like diamonds and are responsible for their 20/20 eyesight, and a feature that makes them cute and distinctly identifiable from other small breeds of dog.

They have a wavy short tail that is wagging hard whenever you look at him.

Two varieties of hair coats exist, these are short hair coats which is the most common. The other coat which is not so common is a long hair coat that requires a bit more grooming and care.

Chihuahua Temperament

Chihuahua is known for his bold and confident nature, do not be fooled by his small stature!

These big personality creatures have a loud voice and are not timid in having their say of things. A natural sense of suspicion and excellent alertness makes the Chihuahua the perfect indoor guard dog.

Not suitable for households with children as they are quick to react aggressively after a mishap or mishandling.

If you have children younger than 8-10 years, you should get a different dog breed to suit your household. If children are along with a Chihuahua, adult supervision is required.

They usually bond with a single owner and might suffer from social issues if not socialized properly during puppyhood.

They should be allowed to mix with people and other dogs as a puppy to make sure no problems arise during adulthood.

As these dogs are small, outdoor exercise sessions should be monitored as they can be vulnerable to predators such as eagles, coyotes, and other dogs.

Chihuahua bark

Why do Chihuahua bark?

These small pooches can choose to become very vocal and let their emotions be heard by the owner. The noise may continue until the issue is resolved in a way that they want it to be solved.

Chihuahua breed is noted to be noisy that loves to be the center of attraction at all times. It is your company and attention that they are determined to get.

Many different reasons could trigger the chihuahua bark, these could be aggressiveness, fear, anger, wants/needs, bad health, some unfavorable environmental condition, other dogs, and other related problems.

It is always important to approach the situation patiently with a cool and calm head as this will help you to pinpoint the exact reason for your barking chihuahua.

Acting out in anger could leave a bad impression on your pet and make him more aggravated.

Let us look at the reasons why your Chihuahua may be barking excessively.


In line with the characteristics of most dogs in this breed, they are attention-seekers and will try anything to distract you and focus solely on them. This is the most common cause of barking chihuahua, especially if it is during the daytime.

You might be watching tv or working on your laptop and you will find your dog breaking out in barking directed at you.

This could be the signal to you to stop what you are doing and turn your full attention to playing and cuddling with him.


When dogs are in fear, they act out in an aggressive way, this is characterized by growling, showing teeth, pulled back ears, and short high pitch barks.

This is actually a natural instinct that is reflex to all canine members. The signs of fear include tail between the hind legs, standing hair coat, and slowly retreating.

Scenarios that can create fear include:

  • Another dog/animal
  • A stranger in the house
  • Machines (vacuum cleaner, washing machine, chopping machine)
  • Visiting a new unknown location
  • Startling noises

These occurrences may put your Chihuahua in survival mode which can result in an attack on a guest or a dog, both of which may have unintended consequences and should be avoided.

Barking Chihuahua


Chihuahua are highly energetic dogs that do not suit their small size. If they are not given enough activity during the day, they will vent out and entertain themselves by barking in a high pitched tone.

It might be a good idea to ponder if he is having enough playtime, walks etc to keep himself stimulated both physically and mentally.

Being stuck in the house too long is not something a Chihuahua likes. They enjoy short walks and active games that make great use of their intelligence and active bodies.


Water, food, warmth, a break outside, these are essential things a Chihuahua puppy might need when just adopted.

All basics such as these should be provided at all times. Water bowls should be cleaned and full at all times as dogs drink a lot of water to help regulate body temperature and avoid dehydration due to highly active playtimes.

If they are not able to get, they may try to communicate with you with incessant barking.

Unsatisfying conditions

Consecutive barks could be a way of the Chihuahua telling you that it needs something. Living conditions might be very important and may set off a vocalizing dog if they are unsuitable.

Shelter from the cold, cool air in summer seasons, protection from the sun and rain are all basic needs.

These dogs should be kept indoors and are not accustomed to outdoor living like other larger dog breeds.

Keeping them outside at night will most likely result in loud barking chihuahua, out of discomfort.

Limiting barking depends on how comfortable the dog feels in its new surroundings as well as the people and other animals sharing the space.

Separation Anxiety

Just as people are prone to becoming anxious, the Chihuahua is no stranger to anxiety.

Leaving him alone at home or not noticing him while being busy with house chores, Chihuahua will begin to get anxious and may start barking. Ignoring him may just make the barking louder and more intense.

They are not a suitable dog for folks who have to leave their furry companion at home for long times. They enjoy themselves best when in the company of their loving human companion.

Dominant/Territorial barking

Chihuahua breed is notorious for being very possessive and bossy towards other dog siblings and sometimes towards children.

Whether it is food, cuddles, territory, or toys, the Chihuahua can be a vicious competitor who does not like to share anything including your full attention.

Even for its small size, the Chihuahua does well in challenging and teasing dogs with a much larger size than its own. They are very few dogs that can scare off the chihuahua as he always stands his ground no matter what.

This can put them in to highly difficult situations and they should be protected.

Chihuahua Illness


Some chronic diseases such as dementia can cause sudden barking. This disease affects the dog’s brain and causes panic in the dog as it becomes unfamiliar with people and the surroundings around it.

As this disease is not treatable, there is no medical resolution that can help the situation. As the owner, the only thing you can do is comfort him by using his name and reassuring him of the safe environment.

If you have a Chihuahua puppy, no need to worry about this happening. Dementia affects elderly dogs and might not occur if the old dog is in good health.

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Tips to control Chihuahua barking

Identify the degree of barking – Assess the intensity of the barking as mild, moderate, or severe.

Mild barking will always persist in most dog types. It is moderate to severe barking that should worry you. Cause of barking could be anything and nothing should be automatically ruled out.

Understanding the root cause – Controlling him from barking begins with finding out what is the reason behind your Chihuahua being so vocal.

Find this out and implement the changes as required and the barking may reduce.

Use positive tone and do not scold them for barking. Shouting at them leaves a negative vibe that will not do anyone any good.

Edible treats can be a great incentive for a dog to learn things, the feeling of being rewarded will make them feel it is worth doing.

Comfort your dog when it barks when strangers come visit, or in the presence of other dogs/larger dogs. This is to give reassurance that he is safe.

Don’t Encourage barking chihuahua – If he is barking for no reasons, try ignoring him so he understand that you do not encourage his barking.

Create a safe corner – Crate training or having a safe place for them may help them pacify as they would feel safe and comfortable in their territorial zone.

Training – Positive training to make them learn when to bark, settle down will help.

We do not recommend electric dog collar or any other punitive methods.

Hope you are having a good time with your Chihuahua. If you have a story to share about a barking chihuahua, do let us know in the comments section below.