Do Pugs Bark A Lot? How to Stop Excessive Barking?

Every dog will bark, we can only debate which dogs bark more or less. Dog enthusiasts who want a quiet and manageable dog may get attracted to small dogs like the Pug. But, one question lingers in their mind.

Do Pugs bark a lot? Pugs do bark but not as much as most other dog breeds.

Let’s have a look at when the Pug will bark and how to control their barking tendencies.

Do Pugs Bark A Lot?

Don’t listen to people who say that Pugs do not bark. Of course every dog including Pug barks, it is their way to communicate. Barks can help determine what mood your dog is in. Or it can help decipher what is ailing your dog.  

When people say Pugs don’t bark, they actually mean that Pugs are not excessive barkers. They only bark when necessary, and even then it’s not really a bark. Pugs make a lot of noises and their bark actually sounds like a “yip”. 

Their bark is short-lived and Pugs rarely exert themselves with continuous barking. They either get what they want or get tired. Pugs are not a breed that is high on energy or can take excessive exercise.

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Why Do Pugs Bark?

Pugs bark because it is a form of communication. Most of the time it is not due to bad behavior, a dog’s bark may mean something more. Perhaps something is making them unhappy or they need something. 

Here is a list of reasons why Pugs bark.

1. To Get Attention

If you have been rather busy and have been neglecting your Pug, expect him to take offense. He will show his displeasure by barking.

Your dog will bark in such a way that will get your attention. Your dog knows you best and knows exactly how to grab your senses. 

This type of barking to get attention can remain if you reward him just to keep him quiet. You have to try to balance work and leisure to make sure you have enough time with your pooch. 

2. Lack of Obedience

In some dogs, barking is a sign of disobedience. Dogs that have not been trained well during puppyhood would show this trait. An owner who has adopted an adult rescue dog might notice this behavior in their Pug.

You will have to take the time to patiently train it out of your dog. Leaving it could prove to be a problem and an irritation! It will be better, in the long run, to try to train him now before he gets older.

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3. Emotional Distress

Emotional distress can cause a Pug to vocalize himself. But, emotional distress does not just refer to bad emotions. Excitement and happiness have the same effect on a dog. They just voice their feelings, good or bad.  

One specific emotion that causes a Pug to bark is loneliness. Pugs are a breed that is extremely prone to separation anxiety.

This dog does not cope well when kept apart from its owners for long. Owners should try their best to never leave them alone for extended time periods. 

4. Hunger

No dog can sleep on an empty stomach, nor should they. A hungry dog will bark excessively. Perhaps he thinks you have forgotten to feed him, by barking he is trying to remind you to feed him.

Dogs keep track of time better than humans. So, if you feed your dog at the same time daily, he will notice if you are late. This will invite barking and should be understood if it occurs at feeding time. 

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5. Boredom 

Dogs do get bored and they tend to get chatty when they are bored.

Expect to hear all sorts of sounds from your Pug when he has nothing better to do. The barking can stem from a dog that has not been properly trained.

6. Being Protective or Aggressive 

The most probable time you will hear a Pug bark to his capacity is when his territory is under threat.

Perhaps a stray dog is passing by, your Pug will get angry and take to barking to ward off the other dog. Pugs can be quite brave and willing to have a verbal argument with larger dogs. 

Sometimes there may be an unfamiliar person on your premises. Expect your Pug to show off his voice in such situations. This behavior is only due to protective and territorial instincts. This is a quality existing in all dogs, male and female. 

7. Illness

Barking could be a sign of pain. Dogs with chronic illnesses can take to barking to show their discomfort and agony. 

Another scenario of Pugs barking due to illness is in the case of deaf dogs. Deaf dogs are unable to hear themselves, thus, they bark more constantly or louder. But, in fact, they are unaware of how loud they are. 

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Can I Train My Pug to Stop Barking?

No, you cannot train a Pug or any other dog to stop barking completely! It’s like asking if you can train a person to stop talking.

All dogs should be able to bark to communicate with each other. Besides, wouldn’t it be really odd to have a dog that does not bark at all?

Instead, you should focus on training your new Pug puppy to not bark in certain cases. Barking for attention or barking due to boredom should be trained in your dog. Training your dog to bark less should be a priority instead of trying to stop all barking. 

When this training is left out, your dog develops bad habits pertaining to barking.

The later you start training, the harder it becomes to train your dog. Although training your dog to bark less is a long process requiring patience, it is worth it!

Owners must at least give it a try, even if they have adopted an older dog. 

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Tips to Stop Pugs Barking Too Much

Well, there is no on or off switch! The only way is the hard way. Through a number of training methods and conscious efforts, you can effectively get your dog to bark less often. You can prevent bad barking habits before they form.

a. Training Should Start Early

From an early age (puppyhood), owners should take the time and apply effort to the process. It is not an overnight training camp, you are in it for the long run! Throughout this time you will have to be consistent with no opportunities to be lax. 

Even if you are giving your pet over to relatives or a keeper, training must be constant. Skipping a day can make your Pug get lazy.

It will also make him more prone to be rebellious towards training efforts. But, you should not let him have his way! 

b. Ignore Him 

If your dog is in the habit of barking to get his way or barking to get attention, ignoring him is essential.

It will help to teach him that barking cannot be a means of getting what he wants. You must set the rules by not giving in to his demands. Once you give in to his demands, he will grow to expect it every time!

Although it seems cruel, you have to ignore the barking, no matter how desperate the barking becomes.

NEVER reward the barking with cuddles or treats. Instead, reply with a stern “No”, or “Hush”. Teaching your dog these words will aid the process and help in future situations. 

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c. Fit the Environment to Suit Your Dog

In rare cases, the barking is not completely your dog’s fault. Certain elements and situations can cause a Pug to bark, or even scream! Perhaps there is something scaring him, a stranger, another dog, or even the TV! 

Bright lights and loud noises can also create uncomfortable environments for pets. Such conditions will startle or even frighten your dog, especially if he is trying to sleep. They will probably take to barking to get the message across to you. 

This is why it is important to provide a quiet and comfortable place for your Pug to sleep. He should feel safe and warm in this area. It is essential to provide this to reduce unnecessary barking. Put the TV or radio softer if you must. 

d. Reward Him At The Right Time!

Dogs are highly motivated by treats. After a few tries, he will understand the concept of treats.

You will find him doing the same things hoping to get the treats again. Thus, it is crucial to give your pet a treat at the right time. When he has done something good.

Never reward bad behavior as this promotes bad habits. This means you should never give your dog a treat while he is barking.

It might be the easiest way to keep him quiet. But, it sends a deeper message that he should bark to get a treat. This is the last thing you would want and very hard to train out of him all over again!

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e. Let Him Know You Don’t Approve of Barking

When a dog does something wrong, how will he know? You have to tell him! When your dog barks when he shouldn’t, let him know you are not happy about it. Call him a ‘naughty boy’ if you have to, or tell him ‘NO’. Dogs usually respond to the word “NO”. 

f. Don’t Get Physical 

No matter how excessive the barking gets, or how irritating it is, never get physical. This basically means you should never hit or throw anything at your dog because he is barking. 

The most you can do is tell him to be quiet or talk to him sternly. Physically abusive behavior never works as a training method and is just inhumane. Instead, your dog will lose his trust in you and this is not a good sign. 

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Will Pugs Keep You Awake With Loud Barking?

Just by looking at a Pug, you can probably tell he does not have a loud bark. Definitely not enough to make you jump with fright! Although some small dogs can have high-pitched barks, the Pug is not one such breed. 

Pug barking loudness can be compared to the voice of an adult human who slightly raises their voice. The barks they make are of medium-pitch and will not strain your ears.

What’s even better is the fact that Pugs are companion dogs and not guard dogs.

Your dog will follow in your sleep patterns and will probably sleep at night along with you. Luckily this also means that you will not face a tough time sleeping at night. 

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How to stop my Pug from barking at the TV?

Pugs can easily be disturbed, frightened, or angered by the sounds and images displayed on a TV. To stop your Pug barking at the TV, try to avoid watching TV while he is in the room.
If you cannot do this, try to reduce the volume and switch to something that will not alarm your Pug. Watching some loud show or horror sci-fi is not advisable when your Pug is close! 

Do Pugs bark a lot?

Pugs do bark like every other dog. When it comes to how much they bark, it differs from one dog to another. Every dog will bark based on its training and personal character. 
You cannot completely stop a dog from barking. You should never expect a mute or quiet dog. The bark is a dog’s voice and he will voice his thoughts!