Do Pugs Like To Cuddle? How to Read The Signs?

Dogs are social animals who crave to be part of a pack. Being alone just won’t sit well with them.

Pugs are very human-centric and crave the attention of their human soulmate. These little animals are keen on giving constant doses of affection to their owners.

Generally speaking, Pugs do like to cuddle. They are the type of dog that enjoys sitting on your lap and cuddling for long hours. 

Why Doesn’t My Pug Like to Cuddle

Reasons, why your Pug doesn’t like to cuddle, could range from minor details to reasons that are out of your control and you must find out the real reason. Let us look at a few below.

1. Ill-Treatment

As is the case with most abused dogs, they are not open to cuddling. In fact, they can be aggressive mainly due to fear. Unfortunately, this aggression is misconstrued and can further cause problems for the dog or the owner.

So, people that adopt from dog shelters really need to be patient with their new dog. Sometimes it may take months or years to gain the trust of a mistreated dog. But it is not impossible to make them like to cuddle. 

With the right recipe, his fear can be turned back to love and cuddles and you can live a good life with your rescue dog.

2. New Owners

Cuddling can feel like a very vulnerable time for a dog. This is why not all dogs are open to it and rightfully so. So, if you are getting an adult dog, don’t expect cuddling to happen immediately. 

The dog might still be attached to his previous owners. This is especially true if his previous owners had perished or were forced to give him up. 

It will take some time, but love always wins. Your dog would love to cuddle you after you apply effort and time to him. The biggest thing is to just make him feel loved and safe in his new home.

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3. Not Used to Cuddling

Dogs that have not been cuddled or loved from a young age will not take well to this new action.

The activity can come across as odd and feared. Eventually, every dog will adapt to cuddling differently, some love it and some hate it. While others will somewhat tolerate it. 

Making your dog accustomed to this treatment will usually mean starting early. Start by rubbing your puppy’s belly and getting him used to feeling slightly vulnerable around you. But, of course, this starts with you creating a strong bond with your puppy first.

Cuddling is not for every dog and can vary from dog to dog. If your dog despises it, do not force him to cuddle. This can only cause a violent rebelling from your dog!

4. Insecurity Issues

Not all dogs are made for cuddling! Some don’t even fancy being played with. One dog breed differs from other dog breeds. While Pugs do love to cuddle, you should not take it for granted and assume they all do. 

Each dog has its own physiological issues to deal with. A dog that has been mistreated or lived on the street for a while may not be open to cuddles. Instead, you will have to try to win him over or live within limits.

5. Incorrect Cuddling Methods

Owners who use rough methods of cuddling will not have a dog that enjoys such cuddles. One should avoid making the dog feel trapped or agitated. Correct cuddling methods are the ONLY forms of cuddling you should be using. 

This involves avoiding touching the ears and tails of the dog. These areas are generally personal and the owner of a new dog should not take a risk by touching these areas.

Respecting your dog’s boundaries will go a long way in solidifying a strong bond with your canine. 

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Signs Your Pug Hates Cuddles

Like we said, not every dog loves cuddles or even tolerates cuddles. Few don’t take well to this bonding time and will not hesitate to show their dislike. These are signs that your dog is not the cuddly type.

– Pulls Away and Struggles

Notice your Pug trying to wriggle out of your arms as you cuddle him, or perhaps he is struggling and trying to break free. This is a sure sign that your dog just wants to get away. There could be a deeper reason for his dislike. 

Cuddling can cause a dog to panic since he feels claustrophobic thereby increasing his anxiety level. Others just feel it is too close for comfort and that he needs his own space. 

– Growls or Barks

When your dog suspects a cuddle session, he might move away from you and even bark or growl.

Instances like this call for an owner to heed the warning and not overpress the situation. Allow your dog some alone time and you may want to consult a dog behaviorist to pinpoint the issue. 

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How to Make Your Pug Cuddle You More

Not every Pug is the same. Some might like to cuddle while others are not open to the idea at all! This shows how different dogs can be even within the same breed. This difference arises when dogs are raised differently. 

But, if your Pug is not fond of cuddling, there are some ways to hopefully change this characteristic. Treatment, training, and discipline can help change this behavior.

Here are some tips to make your Pug cuddle you more.

a. Use Incentives (treats and toys)

Anyone with a pet knows that edible treats and toys are the best objects to make your pet behave or do what you want.

Just make sure your pet is rewarded only after doing what you want. This makes him understand why he is getting a treat and what he needs to do to get it again!

A dog will easily start to do what you want, as long as treats and toys are involved. 

b. Start at a Young Age

As soon as you get your Pug puppy, promote cuddling and hugging. A dog that has been subject to such actions will grow into such habits. Pug puppies are very social animals and won’t mind being cuddled. This gives a great opportunity to introduce cuddling. 

Once adapted to cuddling, a Pug will grow to enjoy the social time he gets to spend with his owner. You will find him asking for cuddles when he becomes an adult!

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c. Groom Your Pet

Grooming is a special activity between owner and pet. It helps to forge an unbreakable bond that makes your dog feel affectionate toward you.

Grooming can include brushing or bathing. But even if you use a professional groomer, invest in some dog brushes. 

Brushing your dog is essentially a bonding activity and should be done as often as possible. Like other training activities, grooming as a bonding activity should be started early on during puppyhood.    

d. Be Affectionate

This is a bit obvious but we’ll explain why it is important. Forming a strong bond with your pet Pug is what makes the companionship so rewarding.

Only when your pet trusts you and loves you, that’s when he will be most likely to accept cuddling sessions with you. 

Besides, why wouldn’t you want to have a pet that is fond of you? Being affectionate with your dog is part of creating a loving and positive environment for him. Your friendship will rely heavily upon how much your dog trusts you to give him a good life.  

e. Play More With Your Pug

Playing is the equivalent of socializing in dog language. Meaning you will have to play a lot with your dog to increase his liking for you. If you want your Pug to cuddle with you, he must want to. 

That said, dogs who love their owners are most likely to cuddle. Playing with your dog asserts you as a playmate. Playtime lets your puppy get used to being touched and loved. So an adult dog will grow into letting his owners touch him.

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Do Pugs Like To Cuddle

Reasons Why You Should Cuddle Your Pug

Cuddling your pet dog can do so much for them and for you. It can help you in ways you didn’t think possible. It goes deeper than just showing your pooch that you love him. Emotionally, cuddling can do wonders for a man and his best friend! 

1. Develops Strong Bonds

Owners who adopt a puppy have no issues showing their dog that they love him. But, cuddling with him can go the extra mile. He will easily grow into the habit of cuddling and this is great news for people who love to cuddle their pooch.

But, when adopting a slightly older dog or a senior dog, cuddling forms that pathway for building a relationship. Trust, love, and affection are on offer when cuddling with your dog. They can grow a sense of security through this simple action. 

2. Lowers Emotional Stress

A dog that gets enough cuddles is less likely to feel emotional stress. Just like humans, dogs are also prone to suffer from depression. Regular cuddles can eliminate any feelings of loneliness a dog may come to feel. 

Holding your dog close and petting him, acts as a reassurance that everything will be fine. Even though you can’t tell your dog he is safe, actions such as cuddling are an adequate means of showing it. 

Perhaps a quick cuddle with your dog can also remove some negativity that you are feeling! 

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How to Know if Your Pug Wants To Cuddle?

So, does your Pug love to cuddle or not? Telling when he wants a cuddle will be quite easy as he has his ways to show it. You may find him asking for cuddles with unique requests. 

Here are some tips to identify a cuddle request from your beloved pooch. 

– Snuggling up to You

Notice your pug slowly crawling up to you and even getting into your lap or arms.

There is no mistaking what your dog is asking for. Cuddles is what he wants and what you should give him. Nothing less will do and he will continue his plea until you deliver his wishes to him. 

– Verbally Whining

Notice your Pug wagging his tail, whining, and trying his best to make eye contact?

A sign that he is looking for your attention! He might look for an opening to jump right into your lap and get what he wants. But, maybe he is waiting for you to give him an invitation.

– Nudging or Prodding You

When a dog puts his paw on your hand or tries to nuzzle you with his mouth, he wants something. More often than not, it is your affection he is seeking. At times, he may even start stretching at you. A clear sign that you should be cuddling him. 

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Do Pugs like kisses?

Yes, Pugs like kisses, and more than receiving them they like giving them. But big slobbery kisses are not to everyone’s liking and many will try to train this trait out of them.
Especially due to the pandemic, people are assessing how healthy this action really is. This is because a dog can get sick if he licks your mouth or nose while you are sick. 

How do Pugs show affection?

Like all dogs, Pugs show their affection for their humans by licking them, usually on the face.
Other ways dogs show their affection for their owner is:
1. Wagging their tail
2. Leaning against your body
3. Staring at you
4. Acting like your shadow
5. Rolling on the ground or exposing their belly to you
6. Napping on you
7. Nudging you
8. Licking your hands, face, or feet 
9. Giving you toys or gifts
These are sure signs your Pug is showing you his affection.