The Cost Of A Purebred Corgi

Corgis are famous throughout the world, thanks to the Queen and her pet Corgi. But, not many people are familiar with the costs these impressive dogs can attract!

A Purebred Corgi can cost anywhere between $1000 and $2500. Purebred Corgi puppies from prized breed lines can even reach $4000!  

Factors Affecting Cost Of A Purebred Corgi 

Corgi puppies that come from parents that are good-looking and well trained can attract a higher price tag. But, even dogs that are rare in terms of appearance can also cost more, an example is the fluffy Corgi. 

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So, what is behind such high Corgi prices? Here are a few factors that contribute to a Corgi puppy’s price. 

Ancestral Line

Puppies born from two prize-winning parents are likely to cost a lot! On the other hand, puppies that are bred from regular Corgi parents will not attract the same high price.

Corgi puppies with prize-winning parentage cost higher because they are expected to hold the same award-winning appearance and agility as their parents!

Breeder Reputability

Breeders are reputable because they use ethical methods and avoid using poor genetic quality dogs for breeding. Thus, their puppies are of high genetic composition, and the chances of genetic diseases are generally low.


Most breeders add vaccination costs to the initial price of any puppy. Puppies are vaccinated when very young to avoid being infected by serious diseases. 

One particular vaccine for dogs is the DHPP shot. This shot is for Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus (canine), and Parainfluenza virus.


Before selling their puppies, some breeders prefer to socialize and train their puppies. This helps to avoid any potentially risky situations.

It helps to ensure puppies are friendly and not aggressive! But, this comes at a higher cost if a professional is taking care of the training process. 


If you are sourcing your Corgi from a very reputable breeder, you will get certificates assuring you of the puppy’s genetic health.

Seeing as you are paying a high price for the Corgi, the breeder must give some surety or guarantee of good health and medical testing. 


Corgis are very highly demanded in some areas compared to others. This demand can influence the prices of Corgi puppies in your area. This may be a reason why some prospective Corgi owners source Corgis from other geographical areas. 

Why You Shouldn’t Bargain For A Corgi Puppy 

We usually have a tendency of bargaining before purchasing anything that doesn’t have a physical price tag. This is especially so if you really want something that is out of your range.

But, shopping for items in a shop and buying a dog is completely different!

People who want a dog but are not willing to spend thousands of dollars often look for cheap breeders.

So, naturally, the cheaper dogs become an alluring option. But, is there a catch to cheap Corgi puppies. Are they even purebred? Sadly, this is what keeps puppy mills open! 

A dog’s health should never be purposely compromised to sell them at a cheaper price. These dogs will usually suffer from serious health issues. 

Eventually, these dogs do not live out their full life expectancy. This is why a cheap puppy is not a solution but rather a problem!  

Cost of owning a corgi

Corgi Puppy Sources

A dog owner without experience would define a puppy breeder as ‘expensive’ and ‘unaffordable’.

But knowledgeable dog owners know the real difference. There are actually three types of Corgi breeders. These are reputable (pedigree) breeders, backyard breeders, and large scale commercial breeders (puppy mills)  

Certified Reputable Breeders (Professional Breeders) 

In true honesty, these are the only type of dog breeders that should exist! But of course, other types of breeders exist because of the price certified breeders put on their puppies. These are well above what most people can afford to pay for a dog. 

But, with these high prices come many benefits as well. These dogs have certificates and DNA tests to prove their superior quality! Not all breeders give this guarantee. These dogs are also trained a bit and socialized to avoid aggression. 

It doesn’t end there. Breeders like these even give you the chance to meet the parents and maybe even tour their premises. 

Professional breeders want a hefty $1200 to $2500 for their pedigree Corgi puppies!

Backyard Breeders

Backyard breeders may or may not be knowledgeable about the breed they deal in. Some do it because they love dogs and some do it for the money. 

Don’t expect health guarantees from backyard breeders since they do not test their puppies (hence, the cheaper prices). Also, you will not get an opportunity to visit the premises (they usually sell them through online platforms) and meet the parents.  

A backyard breeder will hand over your puppy at a very young age. Meaning that socializing was not part of the process. But even worse, he may not even be vaccinated as there are no records to prove it! 

As bad as this sounds, they are not the worst type of breeders! 

A backyard breeder can put a price of $600 to $1200 on their Corgi puppies.

Large Scale Commercial Puppy Mills

These are the type of breeders you should avoid buying a puppy from completely!

These breeders only care about the money and not the puppies. Because of their motives, the dogs are of poor health and are often dirty. This is because their breeders keep the dogs in cages!

If a breeder is offering multiple dog breeds and in large quantities, they are a puppy mill! Breeders like these never let you meet them at their premises and never let you meet the parents. You would be horrified if you did! 

There is no paperwork involved with large-scale puppy breeders. Just give them money and take the puppy. This sad reality exists.

But, hopefully, with enough awareness and help from the government and animal rights groups, puppy mills can be shut forever. 

Although a Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy costs $600 to $800 from a puppy bill, their health is not guaranteed to be good.

Cost Of Owning A Corgi Puppy: First Year Costs

In the first year alone of owning a Corgi, you will be met with a large bill. Some are ongoing costs that you must live with. While other costs are a one-time cost that you will not have to encounter again. 

Dog Food

For a growing Corgi puppy, high-quality food is what will make him grow well. Also, if you want that coat to shine, don’t compromise on dog food quality. Good quality Corgi dog foods range from $30 to $90. You should assume $50 as an estimate.

Vaccination and Deworming

Vaccinations are mandatory in the first year of a dog’s life as he is still a puppy and very vulnerable to viruses.

A course of deworming medication avoids internal worm infestations.

Together, expect to pay around $100 between the two. 


Neutering your pet can cost as little as $45 and as much as $300. The price you pay depends on the age, gender, size, health conditions of your puppy. Getting this process done in the first year will prevent an unwanted litter of puppies. 


Pet insurance is important and can very well save your dog’s life. There are several pet insurance plans and you can choose the one that fits you best. It can go as high as a $300 monthly plan since dog surgeries are not very cheap! 


If you get a dog, it is mandatory to get him a license and microchip. This means that if he ever gets lost or stolen, he can be returned to you. Licensing and microchipping your Corgi can cost as little as $50

Vet Checkup

Getting a Corgi puppy from anywhere other than a pedigree breeder will require you to visit the vet. You will have to do the medical tests that the breeder has skipped out on. These medical tests and checkups may invite a hefty bill of $400 to $500.   

Grooming and Care

Many people love their Corgi to look healthy and the appearance of the coat says it all.

Using a professional groomer will be another cost to take into consideration. Not everyone has the expertise to groom their Corgi’s coat at home. The average cost of professional Corgi grooming is $50.  

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Monthly Cost of Owning A Corgi

So, we have mentioned how much money you will spend on your Corgi in the first year. But, what about the monthly cost of owning a Corgi? 

A Corgi will require certain things and this will cost money. It is important to make sure you can manage the chores that come with owning a dog and the financial costs as well. 

Table of Monthly Corgi Costs

Expense Cost
Food   $75
Health Insurance $30
Toys $20
Treats $25
Deworming, Flea and Tick Medication $50
Extra Accessories $50

This puts the total monthly cost of owning a Corgi at $250. 

Unexpected Corgi Costs

Ever had surprise costs sprung up? Well, with a dog there can also be several additional costs that may come out of nowhere. Here are a few of them that you can expect.

Daycare services

For people who need to be away from home for a few days and have a naughty or anxious dog, daycare is a must. Thankfully, you can avail of dog daycare services for a minimal price of $15. Which is not bad for those rare occasions! 

Pet walking

Not at home a lot? You may need a walker to walk your dog and make sure he gets all the exercise he needs. Put aside $15 to get a dog walker. 

Medical operation costs

An accident can happen anytime! So, make sure you have at least $250 to $1500 on hand for such incidents.

This will also help when your dog is old or suffering from a disease. Keeping this money ready can help to seek treatment and testing when your dog needs it the most. 


Not all dogs are social and sometimes training him yourself just doesn’t show any results. These services can attract a bill of $100 dollars minimum! 

Pet salon

Everyone loves to have their dog look good. This too comes with a price tag. But, luckily you will only need to avail of these services three or four times a year. Expect to pay $35 and higher depending on the exact services you avail. 


Owning a Corgi is fun! But one must go through the effort of assuring the dog is healthy and not from a poorly bred background.

You rather pay the extra money and get your puppy from a pedigree breeder. Opting for a puppy mill may cause you to regret it later on down the line! 


How to identify if your Corgi is a fluffy Corgi?

A fluffy Corgi differs from a standard Corgi in terms of appearance. The fluffy type of Corgi has feathering at various parts of the body, something standard Corgi do not have. This tufting of hair occurs on the chest, neck, behind the hind legs, and forelegs. 

And obviously, Fluffy Corgis costs more than a regular corgi.