Rottweiler vs Pitbull – Who Would Win?

Rottweiler vs Pitbull

Dogfighting is not legal but people still fantasize about matching up two dogs. One of the most fantasized dog fights would be between a Rottweiler and a Pitbull. So who would win – Rottweiler vs Pitbull? A Rottweiler can easily beat a Pitbull. Rottweiler is larger, stronger, heavier, and has a stronger bite force compared to … Read more

Do Pitbulls Shed? Tips to manage Pitbull shedding

Do Pitbulls shed

The Pitbull or American Pitbull Terrier is an affectionate companion dog popular in the USA. Do Pitbulls shed? Pitbulls do shed on average throughout the year. The shedding increases a couple of times in the year as seasons change. For example, shedding increases as summer approaches. This is a voluntary response to keep him cool.  … Read more

Is Pitbull a good Service Dog? A balanced view

Pitbull Service dog

It might be shocking to many to see a Pitbull Service dog. Pitbulls are considered aggressive due to their past history and some negative media coverage. Let us look at the reasons why he is a good service and why he is not the best for this job. Can Pitbull be a good service dog? … Read more

Whippet Pitbull Mix – A complete guide

Whippet Pitbull mix

Let us have a look at a new designer crossbreed of Pitbull and Whippet. The Whippet Pitbull mix is a crossbreed of powerful Pitbull and racing dog Whippet. They are good companion dogs who are highly loyal and energetic. While they have a short coat and are easier to groom, you need to set time … Read more

Pitbull with cropped ears – Is it safe and healthy?

Cropping Pitbull Ears

Pitbull’s ears are initially erect and then flap down as the skin folds because of the end part of the pinna falling over to the side. These types of ears are called Rosebud as the ear resembles the Petal of the rose. What is the cropping of Pitbull’s ears? Cropping pitbull ears is the practice … Read more

White, Black or Grey Pitbull with blue eyes

Blue eyed pitbull

Pitbull with blue eyes are considered undesirable for a reason. Most of the times they are prone to health issues like being deaf or blind or having skin cancer. Pitbulls are medium-sized bully dogs who have a powerful body and are a very loyal companion. They are not recognized by AKC (American Kennel Club). Instead, … Read more

8 Best American bully pitbull collars | Badass ones – 2020

Best collars for Pitbull

Looking for the best pitbull collars. We will give you our list of best-recommended pitbull collars for 2020 including some of the badass ones with their pros and cons. We would also suggest you customizable pitbull collars. American bully aka pitbull is a strong and powerful companion dog. With their strength, you need the right … Read more

American white pitbull | Why to love this puppy?

White Pitbull

White pitbull dogs are the most sought after in America among the different pitbull colors. The other recognized colors of pitbull are red, blue, brown, grey, and black. What is a white Pitbull? White Pitbull is like any other Pitbull with the color of their coat as white. They are medium size dogs having a … Read more