Whippet Lab Mix – What to expect from Whipador?

The Whippet Lab mix (Whipador) makes for a perfect family companion dog. He gets along easily with children and is energetic and reliable.

He will welcome guests happily into the family to enjoy cuddles from anyone!! This medium-sized dog breed has all the positive manners of the Labrador Retriever and the attractive appeal of the Whippet dog breed.

Whippet Lab Mix Specifications

Height: 18 – 24 inches

Weight: 30 – 80 lbs.

Coat color: Black, tan, chocolate, cream, red, white (with/without brindle) blue fawn, white and blue (there are several options, depends on parent)

Eye color: Brown, amber, black,red/brown mixture

Coat type: Short, glossy, smooth

Temperament: Friendly, playful, energetic. Shy at times

Lifespan: 10 – 12 years

Whippet Lab Mix Appearance

This mix between the Whippet and the Lab appears to have a striking resemblance to the Labrador dog breed.

From the nose end to the characteristic Lab snout and moderately shaped eyes, these Lab Whippet mix-breed dogs look similar to their Labrador parent. Looking at the body, it is sleek and slender, a trait derived from Whippet.

Their limbs are Whippet-like and appear to be very slim and long. This is where these powerhouse runners derive their speed and agility.

Considered a compact package, their coat is short and shows off either a single or a double coat ending with a slim tail that faces inwards.

The Whippet breed is part of the sighthound dogs. This means they hunt primarily using sight and agility as their weapon.

Luckily this modernized Whippet Lab Mix breed is no longer a hunter and only a curios canine, chasing for fun.

They can grow up to 1 foot 10 inches at the shoulder and can weigh a hefty 30 to 80 pounds.

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Whippet Lab Mix Temperament

The Labrador is well known for its playfulness and friendliness, with children and adults. The Whippet too, is a very friendly dog, though sometimes maybe a tad shy of strangers.

When whippet lab mix is visited by strangers, it is advised to reassure him.

Parents of the Whipador are active and energetic. So, no surprise that the Whippet Lab Mix is quite agile and would need a lot of exercises.

Indoor and outdoor playtime will be a regular chore for you. He will gladly indulge in active sports like fetch and other running games.

Without an outlet for their energy, any Whippet Lab mix puppy could become depressed, sad, and anxious. This is a bad sign and they could start being disruptive by chewing on anything with their powerful jaws.

They dislike being left alone for long periods at a time and will want to go everywhere you go.

The Whipador is anything but a solitary dog. He is a highly intelligent and social animal. Whippet mixes are good with children but should be supervised by an adult as they may have some prey drive owing to Whippet lineage.

Coming to manners, it is recommended that the Whippet mix is trained early. Teach him to walk on a leash, socialize with others, and basic manners.

Adapting to your lifestyle and surroundings will dictate how happy and comfortable the dog will be.

Some supervision is required when it comes to other pets. Due to whippet (a hound) lineage, the Whippet Lab mix is inclined to chase other small animals or pets.

Whippet Lab Mix


All dogs come with their own set of medical complications. The same applies to the Whippet Lab mix. You should be aware of the below sickness that Whipador may be prone to.

Nasal health problems

The Whippet Lab mix breed has long narrow snouts with a sensitive nose at the end. This makes the Lab Whippet mix susceptible to sinus problems.

Tumors and other nose related medical problems may also occur anywhere throughout the nasal area.


Hemangiosarcoma is a cancer that affects the spleen and heart of dogs. This breed is prone to a chance of getting this cancerous tumor as Labs are prone to this disease.

In addition to this cancer, this short-haired Whipador is also at high risk of other diseases. Skin cancer and sunburn are a constant worry for dog owners.

Mitral valve degeneration

While it is common in most dogs, the Whippet Lab mix is particularly prone to this cardiovascular disease. Sometimes it can be inherited from the parents as a genetic defect.

It also depends on the lifestyle that this dog breed lives. It could be caused by excessive exercise or stress on the body.


Studies have shown that the Whippet has low levels of thyroid hormones. This puts the Whippet Lab mix at high risk for hypothyroidism. Medical precaution is needed to avoid this. A vet should easily be able to diagnose and treat this condition.

Whippet Lab Mix Coat Colors, Texture, and Characteristics

The glossy coat is familiar to both the Labrador and Whippet. Their hair does not stand up but rather has a slick gelled back look. It sits well over the body and conceals the true length of the hair coat.

Due to this, your pooch may have medium-sized hairs, but you will not know unless you examine the hair!

Colors you will find the Whipador in are as follows:

Tan- Tan is the color of the sand on beaches. Popularly seen on most Labrador Retriever dogs. You can see the Whippet Lab mix in this color as well. It is a coat color directly inherited from one parent only.

White- This white is a glistening white color that appears silver in the sunlight. Seen on both parents, it is therefore seen on their hybrid cross bred puppies. As rare as they get, you will be lucky to get one with this color!

Brindle- Appearing as stripes, dark black or brown lines grace the coat. This enhances the look of the hair coat.

Grooming and Shedding

The Whippet parent does not shed hair, but Labradors shed a lot of hair.

So how much will your Lab mix shed? This depends on which parent genes are more dominant on the coat.

Your Whippet Lab mix could be a moderate shedder or low shedder. This is a relief for busy people who have demanding careers or lives.

This is definitely a relatively low maintenance dog breed. Anyone can get one to complete their home. Once a week of brushing should mostly be enough to keep them clean and healthy.

Just in case, it is advisable to have a vacuum cleaner at home. Use it to suck loose hair on soft furnishings like beds, sofas, and carpets.


Whippet Lab Mix Hygiene

Also, the Whippet Lab mix needs to be bathed regularly! To remove pests like fleas who find a home in their hair coat. Bathing once every 6 weeks is recommended.

Brushing after a bath makes both of your lives easier. A clean dog is a happy dog, if only this were true!

Nail clipping is mandatory just as we clip our nails. Do it to improve his hygiene and comfort.

Additionally, teeth brushing will be a religious routine. Lack of this will invite oral infections and food leftovers between teeth and avoid bad breath.


With any dog breed, giving them a good balanced nutritional feed will see the dog blossom in health. It is good to go with a good brand, avoid cheap dog food companies or imitations.

Good dry dog food will sustain your Whippet Lab mix and avoid health complications. Good food also enables your dog to have a longer life expectancy.

We would recommend Royal Canin Medium Breed Adult Dry Dog.

Owners of this beautiful canine should guard against overfeeding since every dog is at risk of obesity. Even if you exercise your Whippet and Lab mix breed dog daily, overfeeding can lead to significant weight gain. 

Who is the Whippet Lab Mix for?

This dog breed is suitable for single people who love exercising and need a companion. Active families with several adult members can also benefit from having a furry friend.

They are suitable for homes having large space or fenced yard so they get enough space to play and vent out their energy.

We would recommend families with young children and small pets to avoid this as they have the prey drive from Whippet.



Descending from the Greyhound family, the original Whippet is a scent hound that has been around for a long time. They are dogs that were used for hunting using their eyes as opposed to their smelling ability.

They were used by coal miners in England and were also used in dog racing and other dog sports. They were also used in the past to hunt small animals. They used to have an advantage that they were cheaper to maintain than the Greyhounds.

Labrador Retriever

In the early 1800s in Canada, small hunting dogs were bred to retrieve waterfowl, these dogs were then later bred with the Newfoundland dog which was larger and heavier. This crossbred dog later became known as the Labrador Retriever.

They are known to be loyal, playful, and friendly and are quite popular worldwide.

Hope you got the required details about the Whippet lab mix. If you want to share your story, do leave the same in the comments section below.


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