German Shepherd Beagle Mix – Ultimate guide

Two of the most loved companion dogs in the USA are the German Shepherd and the Beagle hound. Today we will look at the mix of both these amazing dog breeds known as the German Shepherd Beagle mix.

As both parents reside within America’s top 10 favorite dogs and there is no doubt that this mixed breed would also be loved as much as both the parents.

Many German Shepherd Beagle mix owners talk about how sensitive their dog is to their emotions which is an excellent skill for a dog to develop. 

This designer dog breed is usually assigned the nickname as Beagle Shepherd, Beagle Shep, or Beagleman. 

German Shepherd Beagle Mix Specifications

Height17 – 24 inches
Weight22 – 50 pounds (higher for males)
Coat colorBi/tri-colored. White, black, brown, red
Eye colorBrown, black, amber
Coat typeShort to medium. Single/double coat. Dense
TemperamentLoyal, intelligent, stubborn, active
Lifespan10 to 14 years

German Shepherd Beagle Cross Appearance

Designer dog breeds such as this one have a combination of physical traits from both parents. Let us look at features that this mixed breed is likely to have in their appearance. 

A German Shepherd Beagle mix puppy has droopy or floppy ears, a trademark of the Beagle. A combination of both parents gives him a medium-sized dark colored muzzle. 

The distinct color patterns of the German Shepherd may carry through to the hybrid. Even the characteristic longer hair on the neck and the hind legs might also make an appearance.  

Their coat will probably be bi or tri-colored since both parents feature this type of coat. Short or medium coats are often seen.

Standing 17 to 24 inches tall, they are a medium-sized dog. Their weight can fall anywhere between 22 and 50 pounds

Weight of a dog fluctuates and depends on food intake, activity level, health, age, gender, and genetics. Males will weigh more than females in any dog breed.

The German Shepherd’s lifespan is 9 to 13 years while a Beagle’s life expectancy is 10 to 12 years. The mixed-breed has a good lifespan of 10 to 14 years. 

If you take care of your dog and he is not plagued with any diseases, he is more likely to live to the full extent of his lifespan. Life expectancy is highly influenced by the living conditions, nutrition, and genetic composition.

If you really love the Beagle and this mixed dog looks big, you can also look at the Beagle Chihuahua mix, a smaller but just as loving and intelligent.

German Shepherd Beagle Mix
German Shepherd Beagle Mix

German Shepherd Beagle Mix Personality

This mixed breed would inherit a few personality traits from both the parents. You will have to promote good personality and try to train out the unwanted tendencies. 

Any German Shepherd mixed breed dog is bound to be an intelligent creature with a clear sense of guarding. They protect and guard while still being a pleasant dog to have in your company.  

Traits from the Shepherd include loyalty, intelligence, and bravery. Therefore, this breed is commonly seen in military and police forces. His loving quality makes him suitable as a therapy or companion dog. 

Many will recognize his guarding skills. He is alert and awake when everyone is sleeping. His ears are sensitive to even the slightest noises. You can get a good night’s sleep if you can sleep past his barking!

The Beagle is a hound that has an excellent sense of smell and high prey drive. This mixed breed may inherit this and have a high prey drive so should be kept away from other small animals.

They are energetic dogs who are suitable for an active family. 

You should note that they also suffer from separation anxiety so you do not leave them alone in the house for long. Also, they do bark mostly to get attention! This can be controlled with training.

The German Shepherd Beagle mix is good with children but younger children under the age of six will require adult supervision as a precautionary measure. 

Coat Characteristics and Colors

An important part of a dog’s appearance is the hair coat.

The Beagle Shepherd sports a dense coat that is distributed all over the body. This coat can either be short or medium in length depending on which parent has the dominant coat genes.

If the coat is on the medium side, regular maintenance efforts are required. Brushing and combing will have to be done daily. Tangles and matts will be a regular occurrence that will have you occupied. 

Yet another unpredictable trait is whether this mix breed will inherit the single coat of the Beagle or the double coat of the Shepherd. He will look good with either coat type. 

Coat colors that are seen in the Beagle Shepherd mix include black and brown patches that appear on a white background. This is usually the staple coat seen among dogs of this mixture.


Let us look at the German Shepherd Beagle mix puppy aspects that must always be considered and be cared for. They will determine the health and happiness of your dog. 


Since this dog is highly active, he requires a lot of food to power his enthusiasm and curious behavior. Around 3 cups of dry kibble split into two meals should be enough to power this active canine. 

Keep an eye on the weight as they may become obese with over eating.


Set your grooming plans based on the type of coat he has. A longer coat will require more attention than a short coat. A medium coat has the potential to need daily brushing. 

Grooming tools that will be highly effective in maintaining the coat include a comb and a pin brush. Having both is ideal as they serve different purposes.  

Various dog combs are available and you can choose the one that has spikes of a length suitable to the length of the hair coat. Combs help to loosen mats and free up tangles.

The pin brush on the other hand has a different purpose. It removes loose hair and works to distribute natural hair oils to drier parts of the skin. These two tools will be most effective while grooming your companion. 


Brushing the teeth 2 times a week will eliminate the chance of excessive tartar and plaque build-up. Getting a dog-centric toothpaste will ensure he can swallow it without creating any health issues.


Avoiding nail trimming can lead to a painful injury and a bad appearance. A split nail or long nail that is curled inwards may hurt your pooch.

Exercise Requirements

Are you a family that is not very active? If yes, this dog breed is not suitable for you.

German Shepherd Beagle mix is a very active dog. This is no surprise as both his parents are high energy dogs that require an active lifestyle.

Regular activity is necessary for this dog breed, and owners must participate as well! If you are busy at work, arrange for a dog walker to walk your dog daily. Boredom results in chewed-up items around the house. 

Keep him exercised for one hour a day to ensure his metabolism is kept at a healthy pace. This will prevent him from gaining extra weight.

If you have a backyard, make sure it is well fenced since this dog is an escape artist!


Is the Beagle Shepherd easy to train?

Everyone loves an easy to train dog, it saves time and energy.

Most of the time, training this Shepherd Beagle mix will be a breeze because both parents pass on their intelligence genes to him.

He will be eager to please you and willing to try new things.

You would also see some stubbornness brought on by the Beagle. Either way, with patience and a positive attitude you will be able to teach him valuable lessons and prepare him for his life ahead.

An important aspect would also require socializing with a variety of other animals and people of all ages. This will make sure he does not act out when he meets new people.  

It also helps to tone down the aggressive factor inherited from the Shepherd. You do not want to have a dog that would like to jump at everyone! Also, if you have children in the house make sure initial interactions are monitored. 

When leaving your home for a walk, we suggest keeping him on a leash as this is a dog that can get excited. He may also show an interest in chasing small animals. It is a trait of the Beagle hound who was once used as a hunting assistant.

Health concerns

This designer breed is not resistant to diseases. There are chances of some potentially worrying health conditions that you should be aware of. Let us have a look at them below.


Unfortunately, your furry friend can catch this disease. Diabetes is of two types, when the dog is not making enough insulin, or he is making insulin but not able to utilize it.

Although this disease is not curable, it can be monitored and managed.

Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a deformity of the hip socket. This disease is influenced by a genetic trait and can lead to lameness and arthritis in severe forms. 

Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD)

This is a spinal condition resulting from damaging of the vertebrae. Acting as shock absorbers, the vertebrae can become damaged.

It is more common in shorter dogs like the Dachshund and Beagle. It may require surgery as extreme cases can lead to loss of mobility.


Common across most dog breeds, cataracts are the formation of a white opaque layer over the pupil. Small cataracts have a thin layer and might not affect the dog’s vision. Over time, they become thicker and may lead to blindness.


Too much food or too much of the wrong food can bring about weight issues. Not giving your pooch enough exercise can also aggravate the situation. The dog should be fit, active, and have an athletic figure. 

Regular vet visits can help to catch early symptoms of all these diseases and is a good way of monitoring your dog’s health. 

Pros and Cons of German Shepherd Beagle mix


  • Loyal, intelligent, and loving
  • Alert and guarding
  • Medium sized 
  • Excellent family companion 
  • Relatively easy to train 


  • Cannot be left alone
  • Excessive barking 
  • Slightly stubborn
  • Hard to predict appearance 
  • Too energetic at times 


Do Beagle mixes bark a lot?

Many factors could contribute to increased Beagle mix barking. He usually barks at night or at loud noises. But the Beagle Shepherd mix could bark a lot when he is scared or just wants attention. 

How long will the Beagle Shepherd live? 

Your Beagle Shepherd will generally live for an average of 10 to 14 years. This number may be lower if he develops a disease or other factors that could reduce his life span.

Will the German Shepherd Beagle Mix be the right dog for me?

If you are looking for an active dog who could have the protective traits of a guard dog and can also be a great active companion, you can choose him.

We would not recommend this mixed breed to families who are not that active or are new dog owners.