Do German Shepherd Drool? Causes of Drooling

German Shepherd Live In Hot Weather

Chosen for his guarding activities and instincts, prospective owners want to know about the drooling tendencies of German Shepherd dogs. German Shepherds are not a dog that is known to drool excessively or at all! Each dog varies slightly and this drooling tendency is seen in some dogs. There are several reasons behind a drooling … Read more

Do German Shepherds Bark A Lot? Reasons For It

German Shepherds Bark

When you live near lots of houses and have neighbors that hate noise, owning a German Shepherd can be an issue. So you would question, do German Shepherds bark a lot? Yes, German Shepherds like any other dog can bark excessively! Several reasons responsible for the extra barking include underlying health issues, lack of training, … Read more

Can German Shepherd Live In Hot Weather?

German Shepherd Live In Hot Weather

German Shepherd dogs are appealing in more ways than one. But is this dog suited to the weather in your area, particularly the summer heat? Let’s find out.  A German Shepherd can live in hot weather. But, owners should keep a close eye on him because dehydration and heat stroke are real possibilities! Keep him … Read more

Can You Shave German Shepherd?

Shave German Shepherd

When a German Shepherd sheds its coat, it is impossible to keep its hair off every part of the house! For busy dog owners who are frustrated, shaving their dogs might seem like the best solution. No, a German Shepherd should not be shaved unless for medical reasons. Shaving him needlessly could cause skin damage, … Read more

Why Do German Shepherds Have Bad Back Legs?

German Shepherds Have Bad Back Legs

The German Shepherd is the most common dog used in military and police services. The reason, his athleticism. But there is another side to the German Shepherd. Due to factors like injury, breeding techniques, lack of exercise, or poor development, a German Shepherd can have bad back legs. Let’s discuss back leg diseases a German Shepherd … Read more

Can Pitbulls live in an Apartment?

pitbull with cropped ears

Pitbulls are very misunderstood dogs. They are stereotyped as being ferocious and aggressive when in reality they are some of the most friendly and loyal dogs you could meet. Yes, Pitbull can live in an apartment if they are not banned in your apartment or locality. Though you need to make sure they are well … Read more

Can Pitbulls Swim?

Can Pitbulls swim

If you have recently adopted or are planning to adopt a Pitbull, you might wonder whether a Pitbull can swim, owing to all the misconceptions around this subject. Pitbulls can swim. Some Pitbulls may find it difficult to swim, but they can swim without any issues. They may even enjoy swimming, especially if you spend … Read more

How to Stop a Pitbull Attack?

Pitbull size

Pitbulls are one of the most misunderstood dogs. Earlier exploited for dogfighting, it is true that a Pitbull attack is a dangerous one. So, if attacked by a Pitbull, how to stop the attack? How to prevent it? Find out below. How to stop a Pitbull attack? Here are a few ways that can help … Read more

Why do Pitbull’s eyes turn red?

pitbull collars

Eyes are the most sensitive parts of the body, not only for humans but for dogs too. Your Pitbull’s eyes are just as susceptible to irritation and damage as yours. Red eyes are one of the most common signs of irritation in your Pitbull’s eyes. Let us find out what can cause your Pitbull’s eyes … Read more

Why do Pitbull Puppies Sleep so much?

Why do Pitbull Puppies Sleep so much

Size plays a big role in how much sleep dogs need. Dogs that are large in size tend to sleep more than dogs that are smaller in size. Pitbulls, being medium to large in size and very energetic and playful in nature, sleep more than other dogs. Pitbull puppies sleep even more. Why do Pitbulls … Read more