Can Dachshunds Swim?

Can Dachshunds Swim

Dachshunds are tiny bundles of energy. They are very friendly and playful dogs. They can’t bear extreme heat. The best way to cool off in the heat is to go for a swim, but can dachshunds swim at all? Yes. Dachshunds can swim and they can be taught to swim. However, because of their origins, … Read more

Can Dachshunds be Left Alone?


If you have a pet dachshund or are thinking of getting one, you need to know if Dachshunds can be left alone. Yes, you can leave dachshunds alone at home for a short time. However, it will not be easy for them to be left alone for a long time. Dachshunds need constant attention. They … Read more

Can Dachshund be a Service Dog? [Explained]

Dachshundsgreat with kids

The dachshund is one of the most popular dog breeds to have as a pet. They are loving, affectionate, and loyal, with playful personalities. But are these fun-loving dachshunds capable of being service dogs? Yes. Dachshund can be a service dog provided he has received good training. Dachshunds are very independent dogs who can be … Read more

Can a Dachshund Live with IVDD?

Dachshundsgreat with kids

Intervertebral Disc Disease, or IVDD, is more common in dachshunds than in any other breed. If you are a dachshund owner, you might wonder if your dachshund can live with IVDD. Yes, dachshunds can live happily even with IVDD. IVDD is treatable most of the time, but rarely surgery may not be successful. But if … Read more

Are Dachshunds Smart?


Dachshunds are friendly and affectionate dogs with a stubborn and independent streak to them. These spunky dogs make for great pets, but are dachshunds smart? Dachshunds rank 92nd in the list for the most intelligent dog breed for obedience and working dog intelligence. This puts dachshunds in the average intelligence category. However, when it comes … Read more

Are Dachshunds Good with Kids?

Dachshundsgreat with kids

Dachshunds are fun-loving dogs with large personalities that make for great pets. But, when you have kids in the house, it is important to ask if Dachshunds are good with kids? Dachshunds are typically great with kids. They are loyal and playful. Potentially, almost any dog breed can be a good fit for family life. But … Read more

Are Dachshunds Easy or Hard to Train?


Dachshunds, also known as sausage dogs, might be extremely adorable as pets, but you might be wondering if dachshunds are easy or hard to train. Yes, dachshunds can definitely be trained, however, it is difficult to train dachshunds. Dachshund puppies are easier to train than adults, but even then, if you are persistent and patient … Read more

Do German Shepherds Eat A Lot! 7 Most Common Reasons

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A German Shepherd is an impressive dog, his physicality is backed by intelligence and there are few complaints from owners of this dog. But, do they eat a lot? No, a German Shepherd eats as much as a large dog should eat. He should eat approximately 2 cups of food a day depending on his age, … Read more

Do German Shepherds Smell or Stink?

Do German Shepherds Smell or Stink?

German Shepherds are popular intelligent dogs. But do they smell or stink? German Shepherds smell the same as other dogs. The reasons include damp coats, poor diet, lack of grooming, poor oral hygiene, underlying disease, or skin problems. Despite these reasons for smelling bad, there are ways to rectify the situation quite simply.  German Shepherd’s … Read more

Do German Shepherds Shed?

German Shepherd Live In Hot Weather

German Shepherd dogs are appealing. People who want an intelligent dog with natural guarding instincts would be more than satisfied with a German Shepherd. But, do German Shepherd Shed?  Yes, German Shepherds shed a lot due to the double coat. Even more than most other dog breeds. Besides yearly shedding, they also exhibit seasonal shedding … Read more