How to Stop a Pitbull Attack?

Pitbulls are one of the most misunderstood dogs. Earlier exploited for dogfighting, it is true that a Pitbull attack is a dangerous one.

So, if attacked by a Pitbull, how to stop the attack? How to prevent it? Find out below.

How to stop a Pitbull attack?

Here are a few ways that can help you when you are under attack by Pitbull.

Do not try to pull yourself out

The bite of a Pitbull is much feared. It is not because the Pitbull has the strongest bite, which it doesn’t, but more because of the way Pitbulls bite.

When Pitbulls bite, they hold on to the bite and shake it, without letting go.

Their hold is very strong, and you forcefully trying to get yourself out might make things worse. You could end up injuring your veins or muscles.

Do not panic

It can be difficult, but it is crucial not to panic. The Pitbull will sense your fear, which can make it even more aggressive or determined to get its prey.

Stay calm and upright as much as possible. Try to put an arm around its neck to restrain it.

If you run, back out slowly without fear. Climb on a car or a tree. Pitbulls can jump, but they can’t climb.

Call for help

While you are trying to get yourself out, scream for help. You will need all the help you can get because a Pitbull is one of the strongest dogs there is.

Force something in its mouth

While you shouldn’t try to force yourself out of its mouth, you can try forcing something else in the mouth of the Pitbull trying to attack you.

If it opens its mouth to bite you, you can shove some big object, like a purse or handbag into its mouth.

If it is biting you, it will try to open its mouth again to bite at the other object which is when you can try to remove your hand or leg out of its mouth.

Do not hit the dog

It is important not to try and avoid hitting the dog while trying to save yourself.

Hitting it will only make it angrier and hostile which could result in the attack getting more aggressive.

Use a break stick

One way to get the Pitbull to let go of you is to insert a break stick into its mouth.

While it does sound harsh and is not the best way to deal, sometimes it could be your only option to save yourself.

Inserting a break stick will pull its teeth apart, forcing it to let go of you. If you are a Pitbull owner, you should definitely carry a break stick around with you.

It is not the easiest process, nor is it pleasant for the dog, so remember to use it only as a last resort if nothing else works.

Cut off airflow

Similar to using a break stick, while cutting off airflow might seem cruel, it could be one of your last options.

You can try to grab the Pitbull with your arm by its neck, or loop something like the handle of your purse or a rope or tie tightly around its neck.

Cutting off airflow will make the Pitbull open its mouth for air to breathe. That is when you can get yourself out of its mouth.

Why do Pitbull’s eyes turn red?

How to prevent a Pitbull attack?

Here are some ways that help prevent the attack from Pitbull.

Avoid eye contact

This is the most important part of any confrontation with a Pitbull.

Before Pitbulls attack, they will maintain direct eye contact with you, which should be a warning sign that they are going to attack you.

Especially in situations where you don’t know or trust the Pitbull, avoid eye contact at all costs.

Pitbulls perceive eye contact as a sign that you are challenging them. This can make them even more aggressive.

Knowledge of the behavior of the Pitbull

Many times, having basic knowledge about the psychology of dogs can help prevent attacks or scares.

Firstly, if you see a Pitbull who is a stranger to you, do not try to approach it by yourself.

If the owner of the Pitbull allows or encourages you to approach their dog, go slowly and speak softly with it. Allow it to smell your hand before you try to pet it.

See if the dog feels comfortable around you. If the dog is comfortable, its body will be relaxed or it will wag its tail, which will let you know if it is okay with you.

If its body grows tense or it starts to growl, back away slowly without showing any fear.

Keep calm and don’t show anxiety. If you show fear or if the Pitbull feels like you are threatening it, it will be provoked.

Do not let children approach a Pitbull that is a stranger.

Do not run

This age-old rule of not running from dogs is very important.

When you run away from a dog that is already planning on attacking you, it triggers their predator instinct.

Dogs are predators, and at the moment when they want to attack you, they are thinking of you as their prey.

Running from the dog will only make matters worse, as you anyway won’t be able to outrun a dog.

If there is a situation where there are three or more Pitbulls thinking of attacking you, do not follow any rules. Run and try to get away however you can.

Do not loom over them

When you stand towering over a dog that is planning on attacking you, it will take it as a challenge.

You trying to look big will only make it more aggressive and vicious. Similarly, making yourself look small will make the Pitbull think that you fear it and thus, it can take you down.

The best thing to do is stand normally without panicking. Try to avoid eye contact, but also don’t let it see your fear.

Speak calmly

Try to speak softly to the dog from a distance. Let it know that you are not a threat. Avoid any sudden movements and take measured steps.

Try to remove yourself from the situation silently without letting the dog see your fear or anxiety.

Is Pitbull a Good Family Dog?

How to raise a Pitbull to be good?

Socialize your puppy

Socialize your Pitbull from an early age. Make sure that your Pitbull is among people and animals as soon as it is old enough.

It is debatable when the right age for socialization is. Many people believe that a puppy is much prone to contagious diseases before its last vaccines.

When it will interact with well-mannered adult dogs, it will learn acceptable behaviors.

It will also not see every other animal and person as a threat and won’t be aggressive towards them.

Neuter your puppy

According to studies, neutering or spaying your pup at a young age reduces their aggression. It is a good idea to neuter your Pitbull at the earliest.

Obedience training

Obedience training is very important for dogs and must be started as soon as you get a dog. Most of the dogs that are problematic are the ones that haven’t been trained properly.

It is important to teach your dogs at least the basic commands when starting the training and then slowly progressing to more complicating commands.

Your dog needs to respond accurately to your signals and voice without hesitating.

Be the leader

Pitbulls, like many other dogs, look for a leader which they can respect and obey. So, you need to always be in control and let your Pitbull know who the alpha is.

Keep in mind that being in charge doesn’t mean punishing or abusing your dog in any way. It just means that you should be strict with it and keep them in control.

For example, you can make them have to sit down before eating, or not allow them on your couch or sleep on your bed.

Your Pitbull might not be in need of this type of training, but it will make your dog well-trained and obedient.

Exercise them

All dogs need plenty of exercises.

Pitbulls, especially, need to get rid of their pent-up energy, and it can be done through exercise. Pitbulls should not be made to rest too much.

Many of the Pitbulls who turn out aggressive are the ones who are chained up for most of the time or cooped up in a small space without much chance to move or run around.

A tired dog is more likely to be calm and obedient because all its energy goes into exercising and playing.

Your Pitbull needs to exercise, play with you, and even with other dogs from a young age so that it stays healthy, socialized, and happy.

Keep them healthy

The health of your dog can affect its behavior. Keeping your dog fit and healthy is your responsibility.

Your Pitbull must always be well-fed and exercised plenty.

A starving dog is very likely to get aggressive, which is not unlike what happens with humans when they have not eaten for a long time.

If your Pitbull is suffering from any kind of pain or illness, it could get irritated and snappy, which is also a very human quality.

It is natural for it to become aggressive, more so because dogs cannot communicate their pain through words.

So, you should keep your Pitbull happy, healthy, and in a good shape, and take it to the vet immediately if anything feels wrong.

Be kind and respectful

This is a very obvious point and something that should come naturally. Treat your pets with respect and kindness. Do not abuse them mentally or physically.

Make them know that they are loved. If a dog has had a troubled past, it will be wary of trusting new people, which is why it is your responsibility to make it feel safe and loved.

Animals who are treated cruelly or abused do not trust humans easily which is why they can turn aggressive and be hostile to anyone they meet.

Why do Pitbulls Attack their Owners?

How to stop your Pitbull puppies from biting?

You can start the training to stop your Pitbulls from biting since they are puppies.

There are many ways you can make them learn right at the beginning that biting is the wrong behavior.

  • Spending time with their mother will help them learn some good behavior.
  • You can give your Pitbull teething toys. You can discourage them biting you by giving them the toys to bite on instead.
  • Encourage calm behavior and when your Pitbull does bite, do not punish it. Instead, use some reinforcements to make it learn.
  • Do not discourage bite warnings or take them lightly, as it is important to be aware when a Pitbull is planning to attack.
  • Also, make sure your Pitbull is supervised especially while playing with new dogs or children.