Rescuing a husky – How and what to look for?

Husky is one of the most popular dogs in the USA for their looks but they do have strong prey drive, can be stubborn, and are escape artists. Hence you can easily find Husky at dog shelters ready to be rescued.

There are many Husky animal shelters in the USA where you will find Husky ready to adopt. You need to fill the application form for adoption and pay a small fee to bring home this beautiful dog.

Reason – Why you should adopt a Husky and not shop?

1. You will save a life

Dog shelters are often crowded with no more space for new dogs. As per humanesociety there are one million dogs and cats that are euthanized in the United States.

You can do your bit here by adopting a Husky instead of buying a breeder and save a life.

2. It will cost you less

It is quite inexpensive to adopt compared to buying it from a breeder. Further, usually the adoption fee includes cost of neuter and first vaccinations.

For Husky, the adoption fee may vary from $100 to $250 (some may do free for older than 8 years) whereas the cost of buying a puppy from a reputable breeder may vary from $600 to $1200.

3. Experience before you adopt

Another advantage of adopting instead of buying is that you can go and be with the Husky you want to have and see if he is going to be a good fit for you.

4. Give a new life to a homeless animal

By choosing to rescue, you are going to give Husky a second chance of leading a happy life.

5. Huskies are good dogs

Husky are beautiful dogs, the closest you can get to a wolf like appearance. If you can train them, you will not regret being a Husky parent.

Siberian Husky

How to find a Husky Rescue Shelter?

There are many ways to do this.

The best place to start with is to search on and look for Husky near you.

You can also look at Petfinder for a Husky ready for adoption in an area around you.

We would suggest preferring the ones who specialize in Husky as they may be taking care of their needs with more precision.

Process – What to expect while you rescue a Husky?

Now that you have zeroed in on the Husky at the adoption center, let us help you with what you can expect.

Below are a few general steps that you can expect. Though you may find few shelters just giving you the Husky right away and a few others having more complex rules. Adopting rules will vary from shelter to shelter.

  1. Fill the application form which would be like a questionnaire. This would help the rescue center staff to judge if the Husky and you are the right fit for each other.
  2. Sometimes after accepting your application, they may make a visit to your home along with your Husky to judge that he will have the right environment like space, etc.
  3. Once approved, you just need to pay the adoption fee and collect all the medical records.
  4. That’s all, you can take home your chosen beautiful Husky to your home.

Tips for adopted Husky to get adjusted

Now that the rescued Husky is yours and he has come to your home, he would be very anxious about the new surroundings. Let us look at few tips on how you can get your rescued Husky adjusted.

  1. Give some time to your dog to explore his new surroundings. If he is a bit aloof that is ok. He may take some time to bond with you. For a dog, he is in a different world with new people, smells, surroundings, etc. He may take a couple of days to adjust.
  2. You would like your dog to be calm and positive. Giving him his space with a cuddly bed or safe spot may just do the trick.
  3. You may want to help him with some food dispensing toys. This will help to make him understand that you will get him treats and food and he is safe with you.
  4. With his diet changing from the shelter to your new home, you may see some stomach issues. It would be best to check what he was fed in his shelter home and if you don’t like it, you may slowly transition to a new dog food instead of a sudden change.
  5. His new surroundings or new diet may cause him to be anxious and he may refuse to eat a normal meal. Check for a few days, he may be shy but if it sustains, you may want to see a Vet.
  6. Follow the schedule as it would help the dog as well to adjust to a new routine for say feeding, potty breaks, outside walks, etc.
  7. Start with crate training if he is not already trained. This would help him to feel safe at his place.
  8. Finally, you should know that Husky is a master escape artist. Be sure to keep him on the leash while being outside. They might have a tendency to escape with the new environment.

Rescue dogs have a reputation for being aggressive. This is because they might have a traumatic background or faced some degree of neglect.

They can be protective of their space and food and would need additional effort to comfort them.

Reasons why you will find Husky in rescue shelter?

Husky are intelligent and independent dogs who could be a bit difficult to pet by a newbie owner. They are one of the most wrongly purchased dog breeds due to their beauty.

While they are not considered aggressive and may even welcome strangers, they are known to be obstinate and are hard to train. They are also master escape artists and are known for this.

Is Husky the right dog for you?

Husky needs an experienced owner who is confident and can be the leader of the pack. Unruly Husky can be quite indestructive both indoor or outdoor.

They are highly energetic and intelligent dogs who can be obstinate. So if you are an experienced owner having an active lifestyle, Husky is suitable for you.

We do not recommend them as apartment friendly dogs though some well trained Husky live happily in Apartments.

If you plan to own a Husky, you should plan for obedience training and time for socialization as soon as you can.

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