9 Common Reasons Why Pugs Scream? (with Solutions)

A Pug is a cute dog, but sometimes the sounds it makes are not so cute! A common question arises, “why do Pugs scream?”

The truth is that Pugs voice their feelings based on the emotion they feel. Emotion is influenced by the situation they are in. 

You can expect your Pug to scream when they are in pain or fear, or excited. The scream can be used to portray happiness, sadness, fear, or pain. 

Pug Screaming

Pugs react differently to a number of sights, smells, sounds, and people. If you’ve had a Pug before, you will know these reactions come in the form of sounds!

Pugs scream can be brought about by anything. For example, it can be a terrifying experience, excitement, fear, or pain. Basically, the inability to cope with what is happening can cause a Pug to scream. 

Reasons Why Pugs Scream

A number of factors are responsible for Pug screaming. It could be his body, a feeling, a situation, or an object that causes him to scream.

Although difficult to pinpoint in some instances, here are 9 common reasons why Pugs scream.

1) Watching Television

Television might seem like a regular pass time for us but not for Pugs. Images and sounds emitted from television can easily frighten your Pug.

Such confusing events shown on the screen can set your Pug off. He will bark, cry, or scream at the television based on what is being shown. 


If you have a sensitive Pug, try to keep the television soft or avoid watching television with your pet. You can let your Pug sleep while you watch tv.

Just set the right mood. Offer him a comfortable bed, a night light, a quiet room. This should be enough to make any dog fall asleep. 

2) Separation Anxiety

The Pug is one dog that forms a strong ever-lasting bond with its owner.

If you have adopted an adult Pug, his unexplained screaming could be due to missing his previous owner. But, if you have adopted a Pug puppy, he might just miss you a lot when you leave him alone. 

He will develop a strong bond with you and this is both good and bad! Good because he will be loving and obedient, but bad because he is more likely to develop separation anxiety.

This anxiety can bring about screaming because he misses you when you are away. 


Dogs that are more likely to develop separation anxiety should not be left alone for long periods of time.

Avoid beating your Pug when he screams due to loneliness. This will only create scarred memories that could become nightmares.

Instead, offer him cuddles and consider adopting another furry companion. You can also get a relative or caretaker to take care of him in your absence. 

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3) Pain or Injury

When faced with excruciating pain or injury, a Pug will scream to show what he is feeling. But, if your Pug starts screaming and crying out of the blue, take it seriously!

Unexplainable behavior, lack of appetite, and screaming are all symptoms of the disease.


If you notice these signs and screaming, consider taking your Pug to the vet. Your vet may run some tests to rule out diseases. If a disease is found, he will diagnose and prescribe medical treatment.  

4) Bathing

It is no secret that most dogs hate water, baths included because it involves water.

Any dog could grow to hate bathes, but only a Pug will take it a step further. Some Pugs can start screaming during bath time.

Unfortunately, this then makes it more difficult for owners who have to put up with screaming sounds and a dog trying to escape the bathtub. 


Preventing Pug screaming during bath time comes down to training.

Because the Pug was not properly trained during puppyhood, he is likely to show this behavior during adulthood. If your adult dog was not trained properly, you should make the effort to train him now. 

Use treats, praise, and cuddles, to reassure him that he is safe. But, after a while, he should become aware that baths are routine and necessary. Things will get better from here on!

5) Fear

Fear can cause a dog to whine or whimper, but for Pugs, it can cause screaming. Pugs are sensitive and they could easily be frightened or threatened by a number of objects. 

However, it is true that Pugs suffer from nightmares at night. Bad memories can make Pugs scream in his sleep. 


Certainly, a Pug should be in a safe environment to feel secure and happy.

In some cases, it means you should have a single dog home. Perhaps you can adopt another Pug as a companion. But beware Pugs can become jealous! Also, make sure no one is purposely teasing the dog. 

6) Overexcitement

Been on a long vacation? Your Pug might greet you with screams!

Screaming from a Pug can be a sign of happiness, excitement to be precise. Pugs connect closely with their owners and respective family. Therefore, they will be very excited to see you at the end of every day. 

Your Pug may start to scream when he sees you after being away all day. All you can do is hold him tight and cuddle him to reassure him everything is fine.


Notice this behavior happening every day. A deeper reason for this may be not enough exercise or rather too much energy.

You will have to change your Pug’s routine to make sure more energy is being burnt off. When we mean burning off energy, we mean more than just physical games.

Mental games and puzzles are a great way to tire out your Pug. 

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7) Nail Clipping

All dogs hate having their nails clipped. They do not understand that it is for their own health and hygiene.

A Pug needs its nails clipped to avoid overgrowth and curling. Overgrown nails can affect the mobility of a Pug and may injure the paw pads. 

Clipping Pug nails can invite screaming and this should be expected.


Treat the nail cutting process as a delicate task. Prepare well with the right tools. Keep treats on hand, and stay ready to reward him for being brave and quiet. Cuddle him and reassure him when he starts to make screaming sounds. 

8) Vet Visits

A Pug is usually friendly to everyone he meets, except one person in particular. Vets are usually not the person your Pug loves to visit.

It is probably the smell of other dogs or medicine items that makes dogs dislike the vet. Not much you can do about this natural dislike. 

Taking your Pug to the vet can become necessary even after delaying the inevitable. It is best not to delay serious issues caused by underlying diseases. 


You can try to soothe your dog’s screaming with dog-friendly, vet-approved anxiety medications. Most of these supplements are based on natural ingredients. Most do not alter the personality of your Pug and will not endanger him. 

9) Car Rides

Car rides may take a dog out of its comfort zone.

For a Pug, a car ride could prove to be traumatizing enough to cause him to scream. A screaming pug in a small space such as a car can be very irritating and tough on the ears.

In this case, you will have to start slowly and introduce him to the car.


Put him inside and allow him to sniff it out. After he has become comfortable being inside, take him on a ride. Short distances at regular intervals are advised. This will allow him to get over his fear and anxiety of car rides.

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pugs scream

Why Do Pugs Scream Like Humans?

A Pug’s scream can be likened to a human scream since it appears rather high-pitched. Just like humans, a Pug’s scream will give you the impression that he is being hurt. This is usually not true, Pugs have a way of being overdramatic! 

Simple things are likely to make Pugs scream. Things that other dogs will not find normal, will scare or anger a Pug. This is why Pugs are termed as sensitive dogs. 

How do I Stop my Pug from Crying?

There are various ways to stop a Pug from crying. But first, you must determine the reasons that initiates Pug crying. Pugs cry due to:

  1. Injury/Pain
  2. Fear
  3. Attention
  4. Lack of training

So depending on which of the 4 reasons is the cause, you can stop your crying Pug.

  • Injury/Pain- Consult a vet immediately if your dog is experiencing pain or has been injured.
  • Fear- Firecrackers and loud bangs can cause a Pug to scream. You can offer your dog reassurance and hold him tight. 
  • Attention- If your dog is an attention seeker, try to avoid giving in to his demands. He will soon settle down and know when it is his turn to get your attention.
  • Lack of Training- Any dog that has not received adequate training will be prone to developing bad habits. Try to train him to avoid more bad behavior in the future. 

Are Pugs Noisy Dogs?

Not all pugs are the same! Some will scream while others do not, or rarely do it. But one thing is for sure, Pugs are known to make a range of sounds and noises that could give you a scare or a shock.  

Barking, snoring, farting, snorting, heavy breathing, and screaming are all various noises that Pugs make. 

Pugs are a brachycephalic (Flat Face) dog breed. This means due to the shape of his muzzle and face, he will struggle to breathe. In effect, this will cause him to snore and make heavy breathing sounds. 

A dog’s voice is its way of communicating whether it is barking, groaning, or even screaming.

If you’re not afraid of odd noises, you will be quite fine with a Pug. But people who like quiet dogs will be better off with another dog breed. 

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Do Pugs cry a lot?

Pugs do not cry a lot. It actually comes down to each dog’s personality. Some Pugs cry more than other Pug dogs. Training, socializing, past history, health, and habitat are all responsible for how much a dog may cry. 


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