Polish Hounds and Polish Hunting Dogs

Polish Hunting Dogs and Polish Hounds are medium size scent hunting dogs who were originally bred to track down the hunt with their excellent scent tracking abilities. These dogs were known to track down the prey miles away.

Both these dogs were considered the same breed until WW2. After WW2, when the effort was made to re-establish Polish scent hounds, two different breeds Polish hound and Polish hunting dogs were created.

Polish hounds are slightly larger and heavier than Polish hunting dogs. Both are active and energetic dogs suitable for folks with an active lifestyle.

Both of these Polish dogs are approved by Poland Kennel club and FCI but are not yet approved by the American kennel club.

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Polish scent hounds at a glance

Size20 to 22 inches (Polish hunting dog)
22 to 24 inches (Polish hound)
Weight48 to 60 pounds (Polish hunting dog)
55 to 70 pounds (Polish hound)
TemperamentEnergetic, Territorial and affectionate
Lifespan10 to 13 years
Price$800 to $ 1500
PurposeHunting Dogs


These polish dogs are scent hounds and look similar to a very popular dog Doberman.

Body: They are a medium sized dog with a compact muscular body.

Face: They have a long muzzle on their face. The nose is often black or brown.

Eyes: Their eyes are set oblique with a kind expression.

Ears: These Polish dogs have medium-size ears that flap down. They are triangular with rounded tips.

Tail: Their tail is average in length and is covered with fur.

Coat: Both these dogs have a short double coat. The upper coat is coarse except on head and ears whereas the inner coat is soft.

Their coat comes in varied colors like Black and tan, brown, and tan or Red. Coat of Polish Hound looks like a saddle.


An adult Polish hunting dog (Gończy Polski) can grow to a height of 20 to 22 inches and weigh approximately 48 to 60 pounds.

Whereas an adult Polish Hound (Ogar Polski) can grow to a height of 22 to 24 inches and weigh approximately 55 to 70 pounds.

Lifespan: The average lifespan of these dogs is 10 to 13 years.


Brave and courageous

Bred for hunting, these polish dogs are brave and courageous.

Muscular, Agile and energetic

They are muscular dogs built for agility and full of energy. They love to remain active with work or play.


They are loving and affectionate to the family with whom they are living and would try to please them.

Intelligent and easily trainable

These Polish dogs are intelligent and can easily be trained with their attitude to please the owner. They respond well to positive training.

Not that aggressive

They are not considered aggressive dogs but are wary of strangers. Pets should be bred since along puppy age so that they feel them as part of the pack.


Polish scent hounds are known for barking. It is more high pitched in females. They will alert you of a stranger with their barking and are natural watchdogs.

Good with children but ?

They are friendly and playful with the children and would not bully young children. At the same time, they won’t accept bullying by them like biting or pulling ears as well.

Children should be taught how to show respect to them.

Not apartment friendly

They are full of energy and highly active. They would love a fenced yard so they can run and play.



Two to three cups of dry dog food divided into two meals a day is recommended for them. The amount of diet can vary based on the activity level of the dog.

We would suggest CANIDAE All Life Stages Premium Dry Dog Food for them as well.


Coming from a scent-hound family of dogs, these polish dogs love to run. They are active dogs and would love to have one or two long walks daily or be your jogging/running companion.

They are best suitable for homes having a large fenced yard.


Both these dogs have a short and shiny double coat that can easily be groomed. They do shed and weekly once brushing is typically enough to keep their coat clean and magnificent.

We recommend Handson Pet grooming Gloves that can do the job for him.


Gończy Polski and Ogar Polski are intelligent dogs who love to please their owner. They are easy to train and positive training works best for them.

We recommend that you do the obedience training and socialization for them since puppy age.


They are mostly healthy but can be prone to few diseases –

  1. Ear Infection – They are prone to infections in the ear. This is common in dogs having large floppy ears.
  2. Bloating – They are prone to bloating just like the Polish Greyhound dogs.

To avoid the same, you should give two to three small meals instead of one large one. Do not go for exercise or play just after the meal.

  1. Hip dysplasia – This is an inheritable disease in which the thigh bone doesn’t fit properly into the hip joint. This may cause arthritis as the dog get older.
Polish Dogs

Pros and Cons

Intelligent & easily trainableNot apartment friendly
Energetic, agileNeed lots of exercise
Low grooming requirementsNoisy
Good watchdog


Polish scent hounds are considered to be the descendants of Bloodhounds who were crossbred with the local Polish dogs.

Their population declined after world war 2 just like other Polish dogs. With the few dogs who survived, Colonel Piotr Kartawik and Colonel Józef Pawłusiewicz began breeding them in the 1950s. 

Kartawik’s dogs were larger, heavier, and usually looked saddled (red with a black saddle on the back). They were approved by Polish Kennel clubs as Polish hounds.

Whereas dogs belonging to Pawłusiewicz were smaller, lighter, and darker – usually black and tan. They were used not only for hunting but also for guarding. These dogs were not approved then.

They were introduced in the Polish Kennel club in the 1980’s as a different breed and named Polish hunting dogs. They were approved by the club in 2006.

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