Why do Pitbull Puppies Sleep so much?

Size plays a big role in how much sleep dogs need. Dogs that are large in size tend to sleep more than dogs that are smaller in size.

Pitbulls, being medium to large in size and very energetic and playful in nature, sleep more than other dogs. Pitbull puppies sleep even more.

Why do Pitbulls sleep so much?

It is common for a Pitbull to sleep when it has nothing else to do. It is just what they do so it isn’t anything out of the ordinary. However, they are always alert which makes them great guard dogs.

Young Pitbull

Pitbull puppies sleep a lot, just like human babies. They need sleep for healthy growth and development.

A Pitbull pup can easily sleep for 20 hours a day, and it is important as well.

This time is for the development of the brain, muscles, nervous system, and immune system.

Even with just 4 hours a day left for being active, Pitbull puppies make the most of it with all the energy that they have.

Adapting to the new environment

Pitbull puppies especially sleep for a very long time. Often, they are separated from their family or are adjusting to a new environment.

This change is enough to make a Pitbull puppy tired and sleepy, and it is totally okay.

It is normal

It is completely normal for puppies and dogs to sleep so much.

20 hours seem like too much for humans, but dogs in general sleep for 12 to 14 hours a day. Pitbull puppies of course need more sleep than adult Pitbulls do.

Plenty of exercises

A lot of exercises is bound to be exhausting. As we all know, kids and even adults sometimes, get worn out after a lot of physical activity. Getting tired makes kids sleepy. The same holds true for dogs as well.

Pitbull puppies are bundles of energy. They get a lot of physical activity, which exhausts them in no time. So, they will spend a lot of time sleeping to recover from all the exercise.

The more active the puppy, the more time it will spend sleeping. All the rest is good for the puppy.


You might have noticed that your Pitbull is always ready to play. Whenever you get something new or fun to play, it will always come running.

Similarly, when your Pitbull has nothing to do, it is going to be bored.

When bored, it is going to lay around or just go to sleep.

While Pitbull puppies can fall asleep even in the middle of playing sometimes, adult Pitbulls will sleep when there is nothing else to keep them occupied.

Undiagnosed health issue

Usually, Pitbull puppies spend almost all their day sleeping.

But if your Pitbull is not a puppy and it is still sleeping more than 14 hours which is common, then there could be a health issue.

Stress can cause a change in your Pitbull’s sleep behavior. Canine narcolepsy could be another cause that can cause your Pitbull to sleep a lot more than usual.


Like in humans, depression can cause changes in the sleep schedule of dogs.

A symptom of depression is sleeping too much, which could be the case in which you would need to consult a vet.

New pets

If you have a Pitbull in the house and you get a new pet, that could lead to your Pitbull sleeping more. New pets are usually more active as they are trying to settle, and your dog could be looking for a quiet place to rest.


Weather can play a big role in the changing sleep cycles of your Pitbull, especially a pitbull puppy which is not accustomed to the different weathers.

Cold weather can make your pet cozy and sleepy more often, which could lead to it sleeping more than before. It is nothing out of the ordinary.

Similarly, hot weather can cause heat exhaustion, excessive drooling, lethargy, or vomiting if your dog gets very sleepy in the summers.

Schedule change

A change in schedule will lead to a change in the sleeping patterns as well, be it your schedule or your Pitbull’s schedule.

If you have changed your work schedule, or are at home for very little time, your dog will be home alone for long periods of time. With nothing to do it may start sleeping more.

Similarly, if you have shifted to a new place with new surroundings, it will take time for your pet to adjust due to which it might get overwhelmed and start sleeping more.

Increased playtime

If the amount of physical activity that your Pitbull puppy gets has increased, it will lead to more sleeping.

If, for example, your pup has started going to a daycare, or you have increased the exercise time of your pet, it will get more exhausted, because of which it will start sleeping for a longer amount of time.

Pitbull sleeping habits

Pitbulls, and all dogs in general, do not sleep deeply for long durations as humans do. They have relatively shorter sleep cycles.

They tend to nap more and are very aware of any sounds or motions in their surroundings.

Dogs do not experience a lot of REM sleep even though they spend most of the day lying around.

Also, when they are awake, they have a lot of energy which they exhaust by running and playing.

This is why dogs sleeping so much is normal as they require more than the 8 hours of sleep that we humans need.

It is common for a Pitbull to sleep for 50% of the day and spend another 25% resting.

This means that almost three-quarters of the day of a Pitbull is spent sleeping and resting, but it more than makes up for it when it is awake.

Why are Pitbulls so Strong?

How many hours a day do Pitbulls sleep?

Healthy Pitbulls sleep a lot. When you take into account all the short sleep periods of your dog, the average Pitbull sleeps for about 12 to 14 hours each day.

Apart from that, your Pitbull will also spend 4 to 5 hours just resting and relaxing, conserving energy.

This schedule will have a positive impact on the overall health of your Pitbull. Pitbulls who spend a lot of time relaxing are known to show relaxed, happy behaviors.

Studies indicate that the amount of time your Pitbull spends resting is directly correlated to your dog’s well-being.

Why are Pitbulls dangerous?

Do Pitbull puppies sleep a lot?

While adult Pitbulls usually sleep for 12 to 14 hours, Pitbull puppies can sleep for even 20 hours a day.

It is very common, and also very much necessary for the puppies.

When Pitbull puppies are awake, they are brimming with energy, but they can easily go from running around actively to falling asleep within minutes.

Is Pitbull a Good Family Dog?

Help your Pitbull sleep better

During the day

Pitbulls require an average of 14 hours of sleep per day, while Pitbull puppies easily need 20 hours.

Giving your Pitbull plenty of time to sleep and rest throughout the day will ensure that it is energetic and ready to play during playtime.

Do not disturb your Pitbull:

Just like with human babies, it is hard to resist cuddling a sleeping puppy. You might also try to wake it up so that you can play.

Avoid doing that and instead, make sure your pup gets a good spot in the house to rest where there is peace and quiet and no disturbance.

Have a fixed schedule:

Try to align your schedule with your Pitbull’s schedule. When you have time to play with your dog, try to schedule its playtime during that time.

Make your Pitbull rest or sleep while you are working so that your work is not interrupted.

Be aware of signs:

If your dog is exhausted and sleepy because of playtime but is still trying to play, don’t try to keep playing.

Instead, take it to the place where it usually sleeps so that it can go and rest.

During the night

Ensure that your Pitbull gets plenty of sleep at night so that it is fresh and energetic throughout the day.

Good sleeping environment:

Make sure that your dog is comfortable in its sleeping place. Does it sleep better in the dark? Does it require some light? Is there enough quiet? Find a place accordingly.

Plenty of exercise during the day:

Giving your Pitbull plenty of exercise during the day will ensure that your pet gets a good night’s sleep. Do not over-exhaust your dog, especially if it is a puppy.

Don’t sleep with your Pitbull:

While it may be hard to resist those puppy eyes and you may want to allow your Pitbull to sleep with you in your bed, don’t do it.

Dogs are very light sleepers and any movement you make will awaken them. So, try to train your Pitbull to sleep in its own bed.

However, if you have a new Pitbull puppy, it could feel anxious being away from its family. You can make an exception and let it sleep next to you so that it feels safe.

See if it is comfortable sleeping with you.

If it’s not, find a place further away from you, but still close enough that you can keep an eye on it. But do not make it a habit and make sure it sleeps in its own bed once it settles down.