Is Pitbull a Good Family Dog?

The Pitbull is one of the most misunderstood dogs with a bad reputation, while the reality is exactly the opposite. Pitbulls are very loving dogs who adore humans and love to be around people.

Reasons why Pitbulls are good family dogs


Pitbulls are extremely loyal dogs. They are very people-oriented and will do anything to please their owners. They will love you forever and will be very protective of you and your family.

That is why Pitbulls are chosen as guard dogs because they get protective if they feel that their loved ones are in danger or feel threatened.

They will usually get along with anyone they are acquainted with or see regularly but if trained in a certain way, Pitbulls can be very aggressive and ferocious towards anyone that they are not familiar with.


Pitbulls love hugs and cuddles and are extremely affectionate dogs. While they have got an opposite reputation, Pitbulls make for great family dogs because they love humans.

Pitbulls love to lick. They are not dogs who want to stay isolated. Pitbulls require attention. They need people around to love and be loved in return.

So, if you do not like being licked, then you might want to consider another breed. The same goes if you have kids and you do not want to constantly wash their faces, because your Pitbull will be giving you a lot of dog kisses.

Eager to please

Pitbulls love people. They seek attention and affection from the people they love. They like being praised. This is why Pitbulls will do anything for their humans because they love to please them.

This makes it much easier to train Pitbulls because they will obey all commands just to receive compliments from their human.

Some people take advantage of this trait and use it in a negative way which makes Pitbulls a constant target in the media.


Pitbulls love people and love being around people. Despite the negative image they have in the media, any good Pitbull owner will tell you how much they love humans. They can also get very clingy, following you around everywhere.

Pitbulls will seek attention from everyone and will try to make them happy. The only problem with this endearing trait is that they can get over-excited when they meet someone they love or someone new, which can make it hard to control them.

This can be taken care of through proper training and socialization.

Good with kids

Pitbulls have been termed as “nanny dogs” since the early 1900s. This is because they are very fond of children and are very protective dogs. Pitbulls love to play and cuddle, which makes them great companions for kids.

Pitbulls do not have a good reputation, especially with kids, but that can’t be further from the truth.

Pitbulls have to be trained correctly and socialized appropriately, which is true for any dog.

Just because some owners train their Pitbulls to be aggressive, people are usually wary about getting a Pitbull, especially if there are kids in the house.

High pain tolerance

Pitbulls have a high tolerance for pain. This is one of the traits that is sometimes perceived negatively.

But it can be a good thing especially when there are children around. Usually, children play rough without thinking or understanding. A Pitbull will not react easily to it, which makes it a good family dog.

But it is recommended that you invest in good prong collars, as the Pitbull has great shoulder and neck strength, which means that a normal collar will be useless for this dog.


Pitbulls are some of the healthiest dogs out there. They are athletic, which means that they usually do not have any weight issues. Most dogs do not get bigger than 50 to 60 pounds, although there are some larger Pitbulls.

Genetically, Pitbulls are also not as prone to dog diseases as some dog breeds. They have good immunity and are very healthy. Still, they should be checked for any diseases or hip dysplasia when they are puppies.


Pitbulls are athletic dogs who require a lot of exercises. They are highly energetic, which means that they need at least 60 to 90 minutes of exercise every day.

This is important to keep in mind before getting a Pitbull for your home because you need to be able to keep up with its requirement.

All dogs need to be exercised every day at least for a while. Pitbulls, with their muscled body, require more exercise than others to burn off their energy.

If their needs are not met, these dogs can become frustrated and bored and can start misbehaving or turn aggressive.

Pitbulls need to be walked for at least an hour every day.

Walking your pet also helps you bond. It is important to teach it leash manners very early on, as Pitbulls are very strong dogs.

It is also important so that any member of the family can take it for a walk without fear of losing control. Walking at your pace and under your control will establish you as the leader.

Easy to care for

Pitbulls require a lot of attention and exercise; however, they do not need to be looked after a lot.

They have a short coat of hair, so they don’t shed a lot. They do need to be groomed regularly, though, with their short coat, it does not take more than a few minutes every week.

Do Pitbulls shed?

Their nails can be trimmed as needed. You can clip their nails when they grow too long or start hurting you or are uncomfortable for them.

As long as they are exercised properly, Pitbulls can stay well even in smaller houses.

Easy to train

Pitbulls are very intelligent dogs. They love their humans, and they would do anything to please them. All they want is praise and attention, which is why they are excellent for obedience training.

Pitbulls are tenacious and stubborn, which makes them very determined to achieve whatever they set their mind to. When trained properly, they learn very quickly.

It is suggested that you start training your Pitbull from an early age. It is important to get them to focus and make the exercise fun for them.

Are Pitbulls children friendly dogs?

Pitbulls are very kid-friendly dogs, despite their image. They love kids and can be endlessly patient with them. Not only that, they are very protective of their humans.

However, if you have very small kids, it might be better to wait to buy a pet before your children are old enough to understand boundaries.

Not just Pitbulls, but almost all dogs will not react well if a child unknowingly troubles them.

Pitbulls have a high pain tolerance, which means that they won’t be as quickly irritated when a child pulls or tugs them, but even then, it is important that your child learns to behave well before you think about getting a pet.

Pitbulls can be good for families, especially with kids, but they do need to be trained and socialized properly before they can be left with children.

Pitbulls are strong dogs, and they are not aware of their strength. This can sometimes cause problems if a Pitbull gets too playful with a child who does not understand.

The Pitbull might end up hurting the child even when it does not intend to.

Things to ask yourself before getting a Pitbull

Do you have a bias against Pitbulls?

If you have had a negative experience with Pitbulls in the past, or have heard or read things about Pitbulls that make you jumpy around them, it might be better for you to look at another dog.

If you get a Pitbull, it is important to establish your leadership in front of it so that it knows who is in charge. This can be difficult if you yourself are scared around Pitbulls or cannot be assertive with them.

Can you control a Pitbull?

Leading from the previous question, it is important to be able to control a Pitbull if you are thinking of getting one as they are very strong dogs.

They will seek out a leader they can respect and obey. If you do not behave like an alpha in front of them, they will not respect you and can misbehave or turn aggressive.

This does not mean neglecting it or engaging in any form of abuse. It just means you need to be firm with it and hold a sense of authority which will show who is in charge.

Is your Pitbull from a good breeder?

This question is more important than you’d think.

Buying a Pitbull from just anyone who happens to have bred them is not a safe way to get a pet. You do not know where they came from, their temperament, or what they were trained for.

Getting a Pitbull from a reputed breeder will ensure that you have complete information about the Pitbull’s history and lineage.

The breeder will know their behavior and how you need to train them so that do you can do it accordingly.

Can you train a Pitbull properly?

Training becomes especially important when it comes to Pitbulls. With the history of Pitbulls and the bad reputation they have, it is necessary that your Pitbull is well-trained.

As a leader, you need to start their training at an early age. They are intelligent dogs who learn quickly. When you start early, they become much easier to train when they grow into adults.

If not trained properly, Pitbulls can turn aggressive and hostile towards anyone they are not familiar with, sometimes even their owners.

This is true of all dogs, but especially Pitbulls as they were bred specially for fighting.

Can you give your Pitbull proper exercise?

All dogs need to be exercised every day. Pitbulls are no exception, and they need even more exercise than others.

Pitbulls are highly energetic and they need to burn it off or else they can become restless and frustrated.

You need to be able to exercise your dog every single day for at least half an hour, although an hour is even better. You can take it for walks and runs, or play with it.

If you don’t think you can meet its requirements, you need to consider another pet.

While Pitbulls are great family pets, it is important to take a lot of things into consideration before adopting a Pitbull.