Maltipoo Haircut and Grooming Tips

Let us look at how to give Maltipoo haircut and tips to keep them healthy with grooming.

Maltipoo are a crossbreed of a poodle. These poodle traits give rise to a fluffy dog with curly hair giving them a cute look. Though many owners struggle to keep up with the grooming, haircuts, and hygiene of these lovely pooches.

It is no secret that short hair dog breeds offer a simple and manageable grooming routine as compared to breeds that have those famous long and curly tufts of hair like a Maltipoo.

But if you really love your pooch and want them to be clean then you can follow the below tips for grooming your Maltipoo.

Grooming for Maltipoo

Grooming for Maltipoo

Grooming refers to all activities undertaken in trying to keep your Maltipoo hair coat neat and trimmed to the desired length. Long hair requires maintenance and special products, and this is no secret.

Pay attention to certain hair-related details as they are a true indication of your pet’s health and happiness.

Maltipoo haircut tips

For a dog breed like Maltipoo with long hair, keeping the hair maintained is essential to keep them looking cute and proper. It also gives people the impression he is in a loving home with good health.

  • Overgrown hair might interfere with your dog’s eyesight, so slight trimming around the eyes must be done regularly. A pair of scissors will do the job for this.
  • Trimming around the paws and on the arms (it forms clumps here) is a great way to make sure the hair coat does not become out of control and unmanageable to comb out with a brush.
  • With the scissors, cut the hair that protrudes over the ear tops as well as the hair covering the inner portion of the ear. Hearing is a dog’s second greatest sense; you will not want this to be disturbed in any way.
  • A full-body haircut will require the help of professional pet groomers who have experience and know exactly how much hair to cut off. (We advise you not to try Maltipoo haircut at home unless you have experience.)
  • Maltipoo haircut requires a trained pet groomer who will use a hair trimming machine to get equal trimming around the whole body.

When to give your Maltipoo bath

For humans, bathing is a daily ritual that should be kept to avoid disease and become clean and fresh. For dogs, the same does not apply and they are not required to take baths as often. Dogs should bathe when:

  • Their coat becomes dirty over time, it might get muddy or tangled in mats (clumps of tangled hair)
  • The dog has a foul smell that is unbearable
  • Their hair has grown in a way that disturbs the activity level (hair growing over the eyes or paws)
  • Possibility of disease or infections due to dirt and bacteria

In general once a month bathing is recommended for a Maltipoo.

What products to use for bathing your Maltipoo?


Products we use for ourselves are not safe for use on animals as our skin and their skin have different pH withstanding levels.

A range of products containing fewer chemicals are specially made for dogs so that they do not cause any reactions since they may be sensitive to some of them.

Always go for veterinary-approved shampoos and soaps, and never use human soaps and shampoos for your puppy.

If your Maltipoo suffers from coat or skin problems, shampoos made to heal and repair skin are also available. You can also get shampoo and conditioner products that enhance coat properties such as shine and strength of hair.

Making your Maltipoo comfortable at bath

The Maltipoo can be easily trained to become accustomed to taking baths even though all dogs hate water!

The trick is to use rewarding methods that involve a lot of cuddles and tasty treats to keep your dog looking for more.

Eventually, they will come to understand that baths are an essential activity that cannot be avoided. Luckily these occasions do not happen too often for them!

Grooming a Maltipoo puppy may be a difficult task as the terrified animal may try to escape the bathtub.

In order to keep them in, you may have to make them wear a leash and tie them firmly to the taps to keep them in place. This may seem cruel but it will only need to be done once or twice before they become accustomed to the water.

Other Accessories required for bathing a Maltipoo

Gloves with a mildly rough texture will help to dislodge dirt from deep within the thick hair of your Maltipoo.

Use these gloves to massage your fingers in between the hair tuft and remove dirt on your Maltipoo hairs.

It also removes dry skin and dandruff that requires a bit of a rough touch to remove.

Combs and other haircut tools should also be arranged before getting into the bathing procedure.

Steps for Bathing your Maltipoo

  1. First, you should prepare to keep soap, shampoo, towels, tissues, and earbuds and any other accessories you require at hand. It would be unwise to keep them far away as by the time you come back your dog will be gone!
  2. Then slowly place your Maltipoo in the water, it is important to have patience here since they are not big fans of water.
  3. Once the pooch has become accustomed to being in the water you can proceed to wet their entire body so that shampoo/soap will lather well.
  4. If you have brushing gloves, they can be used to massage the mats and dirt out of the hairs. In case you don’t have, you should brush the Maltipoo beforehand or invest in these useful pet accessories.
  5. Take an adequate amount of shampoo and lather it into the hair, be sure to get all the areas, even the difficult to reach spots. These include the paws, tail, underside of the body, the scruff of the neck, and ears (careful, this is a highly sensitive area) as this is usually where dirt accumulates most.
  6. The face is a delicate region that requires extra care and should rather be done with a towel if you have a sensitive dog.
  7. A wet towel with weak soap or shampoo concentration should be gently rubbed on the face. Carefully wipe around the eyes to remove any dried liquids and dirt accumulations.
  8. You can now proceed to rinse off the shampoo and foam. Be thorough and make sure all is washed off and nothing remains.
  9. Some shampoos are known to cause severe drying of the skin. Use a dog conditioner to make sure the skin stays moist and does not develop drying illnesses.
  10. Use clean water for a final rinse off.

Drying your Maltipoo the right way

Drying your Maltipoo the right way

Dogs have a natural reflex of shaking off water from their coat, so stay back when your Maltipoo does! After this, you can use normal cotton towels that will absorb maximum moisture as you press against the hair by dabbing it.

Do not worry if the dog is not completely dry because dogs are known for drying off naturally by themselves.

You should avoid using a hairdryer in high settings as they do not like air blowing over them, also the air from the dryer might be too hot for them.

Brushing of the hair coat

Now that the dog is clean and the hair is dry, it is time to brush out those long curls of hair!

Brushing your pooch is essential if you want to remove loose and broken hair as well as remove knotted clumps of hair.

The quality of the Maltipoo coat is a representation of his overall health. Observe it carefully as signs of illness may include; extreme hair shedding, dull (not shiny) hair, and very fragile hair.

All these are a sign of bad health usually related to nutrition problems.

Long hair dog breeds such as the exquisite Maltipoo are a beautiful sight because of their curly locks of hair.

Being their most prized physical character, great care should be taken in handling the hair coat and make sure it is in pristine condition at all times.

Nail clipping- A must for Maltipoo

Nail clipping- A must for Maltipoo

Dogs love using their nails to dig holes in the garden, but these nails might also be destructive in the house.

Scratching up the floor or doors can be avoided by keeping nails checked and cut. Considered a DIY (do it yourself) activity, all you really need is a pet nail clipper and a big bag of treats!

Have no fears about negative reactions from your Maltipoo, these human loving pets will allow their owner to this.

If you have a new dog, they might not react so well with first-time nail clipping but you should not stop or avoid it as it is a good way to train your dog and get it used to groom.

Brushing your Maltipoo Teeth

We brush our teeth to keep them strong, healthy, and avoid mouth odor. The same can be said about Maltipoo, small bits of food can get stuck in the mouth leading to tooth decay or foul smells.

Gentle brushing with a soft-bristle toothbrush should do the job. Use a vet prescribed toothpaste in small amounts.

Take a tiny amount of toothpaste and rub it gently around the front teeth using your finger. Now use the toothbrush and make small circular movements starting from bottom to top.

After some time if the dog is comfortable, move further to the pre-molar and molars as this is where most debris are stuck.

After grooming

After grooming

Once the ordeal is over, you can sit back and cuddle your Maltipoo to give him the reassurance.

Grooming is required for any animal. Getting Maltipoo used to baths, brushing, and haircuts are a priority for every dog owner. The dog can even enjoy a good nap after everything is over.

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