You just can’t miss knowing about Morkie aka Maltese Yorkie Mix

Both Maltese and Yorkie are quite popular dogs and there is no surprise that Maltese Yorkie Mix is one of the popular designer crossbreeds.

Morkie or Maltese Yorkie Mix is a mixed breed of two small dogs Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier. They are energetic, lovable, suitable for apartment living, and don’t shed much.

They do well as both companion and guard dogs that can sound the alarm!

Maltese Yorkie Mix Specifications

Height4 – 8 inches
Weight7 – 13 pounds
Coat colorBlack, white, brown. Mixture of colors
Eye colorBlack, brown
Coat typeShort/long single coat
TemperamentAffectionate, loud, playful
Lifespan10 – 14 years
Cost$800 – $2000

The appearance of a Morkie

Like any other designer breed, the appearance of Morkie cannot be fully predicted. It will depend on which parent’s genes are more dominating.

Having said that you can still expect few traits. As both Maltese and Yorkie are small dogs, you will see a fluffy small dog who is active and ready to play with you.

The Morkie tends to have a petite body and small facial features making him appear toy-like.

A full-grown Morkie can weigh up to 7 to 13 pounds and can reach a height of 4 to 8 inches. Though small in size, they have a BIG personality.

While their small size contributes to their high popularity, it also means they require gentle care and delicate handling.

Also, you would expect a single top coat of hair and not fur. This coat shed less makes Morkie suitable for allergy-prone people.

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Maltese Yorkie Mix Coat colors and grooming

Morkie as expected gets his coat from Maltese and Yorkie. They have hairs and not short fur that can grow long. Many people prefer to leave their hair long or medium in length.

Coat colors of a Morkie include black, brown, white, or a combination of these colors. The coat is not permanent, it can change as Morkie grows from a puppy to an adult. Thus you might have to wait to get to know what your adult Morkie would exactly look like.

Both parents of Morkie have a non-shedding coat, and this is an advantage for people with allergies. Morkie inherits this trait and doesn’t shed much though he is still not considered strictly hypoallergenic.

Morkie will require regular brushing to prevent any matting of the hair.

Morkie Temperament

Proud Morkie owners consider their dogs to be playful, loving, and energized. Even though they are small, their large personalities make them easy to notice. He will easily socialize with family, humans, or dogs!

The presence of the Terrier traits makes this little pooch a bit stubborn. So training might not be easy for the owner. He would need a persistent and patient owner.

The Morkie will also keep an eye out for any suspicious people and activity and will alert you with his barking. If you want an alert small watchdog, this dog is the perfect candidate!

Small families having older children and individuals are the best place for a Maltese Yorkshire Terrier mix. He has a tendency to form a stronger bond with certain individuals.

Incorrect handling could lead to injuries especially if young children do not know how to handle small dogs. This requires the owner to supervise the children when they are with him.

When it comes to having other pets, the Morkie will prefer homes where he is the only one as he loves to have all the attention to himself! If you want or have other pets, early training, and socializing can help.

Maltese Yorkie Mix

Exercise requirements

Morkie exercise requirements for the day include a 30-minute walk in addition to active play sessions. Together these activities will encourage physical and mental growth for a Morkie puppy.

A bored Morkie with too much energy can make a mess by being destructive.

Morkie Health

The Morkie is considered to be a healthier crossbreed. Still, he may inherit a disease that affects the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier. Let us have a quick look at them.


In dogs, glaucoma is a painful disease in which the Intraocular pressure (IOP) increases. It is caused by a lack of efficient drainage of aqueous fluid. Symptoms include:

  • Redness of eyes
  • A cloudy area on the eyes
  • Loss of sight
  • No response to light
  • Enlarged eyeball

Dental diseases

Smaller dog breeds like the Morkie are at greater risk of developing dental illnesses. Thus it is important to maintain good dental hygiene.

Regular brushing with suitable pet-friendly dental products is a must. This might not eliminate these dental problems but can delay their onset.


A hernia is the passing of body tissues to other organs caused by a tear or abnormal opening of an organ. This may be a protrusion in the abdomen. Hernias are mostly considered a genetic problem.

Hernias can be diagnosed by a vet by an observation. In some cases, an x-ray will be required to identify a hernia in your dog.

Collapsed trachea

Collapsed trachea results in air blockage in the windpipe. It is caused due to weakening of cartilage rings of the trachea. Coughing, labored breathing, a bluish tinge on gums, and intolerance to exercise are all symptoms of a collapsed trachea.

Collapsed trachea is most common in Yorkies which is why the Maltese Yorkshire Terrier is also at high risk.

Reverse sneezing

Reverse sneezing is also called inspiratory paroxysmal respiration. It is caused by a muscle spasm at the back of the mouth that meets the throat. The temporary narrowing of the tracheal makes it difficult for the dog to inhale.

This condition is not known to have any adverse effects on your dog’s health but it could cause concern among dog owners.

Check out this Morkie video

Maltese Yorkie Mix Care

Various aspects of Morkie care include teeth, nails, and ear care. Each one is vital and a must for maintaining not only hygiene but also health.


A bath every month should be good for the Morkie. Special dog shampoo and conditioner should be used to avoid any chemical-related reactions. We would recommend oatmeal-based natural dog shampoo.


The Morkie might develop tear stains which are most noticeable in white-colored Maltese mix-breed dogs. A damp cloth can be used to wipe the area and remove eye secretions.


Small dog breeds such as this one are at higher risk of developing dental diseases. Daily brushing is definitely a good way to prevent or delay dental issues.

Gentle brushing with suitable toothpaste is advised. A special toothbrush with soft bristles should also be used to ensure no damage is caused.


Clipping your dog’s nails might not be a pleasant experience, but it must be done. As soon as you start to hear a clicking noise, you will know it is time to clip the nails.

Nails of the Maltese Yorkie will need clipping once or twice a month. You can also clip them if they become chipped, sharp, or split. In case your dog does not let you trim his nails, you can consult a dog groomer to help with this.


The ears of the Morkie can become clogged with debris, ear wax, or even pests. Daily efforts should be made to ensure that your dog’s ears are clean.

Pros and Cons of Maltese Yorkie Mix

Small sizeChance of genetic disorders
Non-shedding coatCan be mouthy
Alert, loving, gentleCan become jealous of other pets!
Always ready to snuggle


Let us have a brief look at the parents of the Maltese Yorkie mix.


Thought to have originated in Europe, the Maltese is a popular dog in the USA due to its small size and attractive hair coat. His coat is easily distinguished as hair and can be grown up to the ankles to enter competitions.

The Maltese falls under the toy dog group and is considered to be one of the perfect pets based on their personality. They are easygoing, lively, affectionate, and gentle.

Maltese are very popular among people searching for dogs that do not shed much and are close to being hypoallergenic.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is an English dog and the smallest member of the Terrier family. Yorkie, as he is popularly known, is also adored for his long straight hair coats. They are also popular in dog competitions.

A Yorkie can be called bold, confident, courageous, and intelligent. These devoted dogs make excellent companions. This is especially true for people who want a dog that interacts well with humans.

The Yorkie is known to be a barking breed with a somewhat feisty personality. This dog has risen to fame and has become the most popular toy dog breed in the USA.

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How to groom a Maltese Yorkie Mix?

Most Maltese Yorkie Mix owners would prefer to keep the coat moderately long. That said, you will require the services of an expert dog groomer. They will trim the right amount of hair in the right places.

You will notice Morkie’s hair grows fast and missing a grooming session will make the coat a bit messy.

Are Morkies aggressive?

Morkies are not considered aggressive dogs. They are actually the opposite in most conditions. If you do not train and socialize your dog from a young age, this Yorkie mix can show his stubborn side and become snappy and feisty!

Adequate socializing and training from a young age can avoid any of these traits.


The Morkie is a small bundle of joy that will brighten every day. You just need to make sure to train and socialize him from a very early age.