How Much Is A German Shepherd? Costs of Owning one

The German Shepherd is a dog that finds admirers everywhere! But how much is a German Shepherd? 

The average price tag of a German Shepherd is $1500 to $3000 that can even exceed $5000 in some cases.

This is a higher price compared to other dogs, but a dog of good qualities does attract a higher price.

Here is a quick look at the monthly cost

First-month cost of owning a German Shepherd

Cost DetailsPrice (approximate in $)
Deworming and tick medications$30
Toys $30
Accessories  $100
Vet Checkups  $100

How Much Are German Shepherds?

As we will cover, there are different types of breeders and they apply different prices to their German Shepherd puppies. Hence, resulting in price variations. 

But, it’s not always necessary that GS puppies with a high price tag are always the healthiest and have the best genetics! 

It all depends on the German Shepherd breeder you choose and what activities are undertaken by them. Generally, a German Shepherd will cost an average of $1500 to $3000. But, they can be found for as low as $200 from puppy mills. 

The price of a German Shepherd from an AKC breeder can even surpass the $3000 mark!  

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Factors Determining How Much A German Shepherd Costs

A German Shepherd is not randomly priced! A number of factors are taken into consideration before the final price tag is made. Here are the most common factors breeders consider before pricing their German Shepherd dogs. 


Perhaps the most important factor that influences a German Shepherd’s price is his bloodline or genetics. The genetic composition of the dog will depend greatly on the genetic composition of the parents. 

What breeding program the breeders adopt also plays a crucial role in German Shepherd price. If breeders are meticulous about the dogs they breed, a good genetic composition is guaranteed. These well-bred dogs will always have a higher price.

Dogs with poor genetics will yield poor genetically composed puppies when bred. These dogs do not look the best or even have good characteristics and temperaments. Yet, dogs like these are available for a minimal price!

Coat Color

Another reason behind high prices and even price variations is the coat color of a German Shepherd.

This is a breed that is known to have many different coat variations. Some of which are very appealing and rare to find at a local breeder. 

The rarer the coat color, the harder it is to find and so the higher the price will be. Common colors do not have such high prices as uncommon colors.

However, some uncommon/rare colors include liver, blue, gray, etc. but, common colors like black and tan, black and red, and bicolor are less pricey.

Another expensive variant of this dog is the German Shepherd with blue eyes. 


When imagining adopting a dog what comes to your mind? It’s probably a chubby fluffy puppy that you can cuddle, right? That’s exactly true. People who want to adopt a dog will adopt one that is still young and cute. 

The age at which puppies are cute and cuddly is 8 to 12 weeks old. Thus, German Shepherd puppies of this age are most desirable and also most expensive!

After this age, the price decreases. 

Also, prospective dog owners don’t want to adopt an adult dog that is not as cute and hard to train again.


Some German Shepherd breeders often provide training to their puppies before sending them to their new owners. This is good news seeing as this dog breed requires early training to avoid developing bad habits and behavioral issues. 

Plus puppies need to be in the presence of their mother and littermates to have social skills. But not every puppy is easy to train and extra effort and time put in by breeders will attract financial compensation! 


Nobody wants a German Shepherd that is suffering from poor health, right?

That’s the reason why health testing and certification affect the price of a German Shepherd puppy. Breeders must ascertain the puppies are bred from healthy disease-free parents.

Poorly bred German Shepherd dogs will not have a long life expectancy. You will not regret paying more for a healthier dog.

It can help to avoid hefty vet bills, suffering, and tragic endings for your beloved dog.


Are German Shepherds in high demand in your area?

If they are, this could definitely bump up the price tag! If demand outdoes the supply, each German Shepherd puppy will attract a high price. 

Yet if demand is low, your area’s breeders may offer the puppies at a decent to low price tag.

Low population areas will see lower prices than areas with dense populations. Also, some cities or states have more breeding regulations than others. This can also impact puppy prices. 


Generally, this breed sees a lot of takers in the USA since these dogs are great companions with guarding instincts. The better the characteristics of the parents, the higher the price is likely to be. 

German Shepherd dog owners enter their dogs into athletic competitions due to the physical capability of this breed. Puppies bred from prized German Shepherd parents are likely to attract high prices. 

This is because people may believe that the puppies will have the same capabilities as their parents. But, this is rarely the case!

Litter Size

German Shepherd puppy prices will be higher if each litter consists of just a few puppies.  If a litter were to have many puppies, prices would be relatively lower. 

The litter size also corresponds to demand. If litter sizes are small and demands are also very low, prices are not likely to increase.

That said, if litter sizes are large and demands are high, expect to pay extra for your German Shepherd puppy. 

Certificates and Vaccinations

Shortly after birth, puppies require vaccinations just how human babies need them.

They help to avoid any fatal diseases that dogs are prone to developing. Lack of these vaccinations can be a big mistake on the behalf of the breeder and the new owners.  

Before adopting a puppy, be sure to confirm your breeder has vaccinated the puppy and make sure there is proof! All of this will come at a cost, expect to pay it at the time of picking up your dog. 

Different Types Of Breeders

Ever wonder why some dogs are healthier and live longer than other dogs of the same breed? It’s because of the breeding habits the breeder follows. Breeding parents with health compromises will also compromise the puppies as well. 

Based on the genetic composition of the dogs used for breeding and the breeding practices, there are 3 types of breeders. Choosing the wrong puppy breeder can dictate your dog’s health and even his lifespan as well. 

Pedigree Breeder

All pedigree breeders bear certifications from a respectable dog association that is legitimate. These breeders offer the highest quality dogs that have good genetic makeup. You can’t go wrong when buying a German Shepherd from a pedigree breeder.

Breeders like these take the necessary efforts to avoid breeding dogs with disease, provide dog training, and give puppies vaccinations. Plus you get a certificate that certifies your dog is of purebred pedigree.

In exchange for such good care, these dogs are very expensive and can cost several thousand! 

Backyard Breeder

Backyard breeders do not take the care that pedigree breeders take with their dogs. But still, these dogs have a decent lifespan and considerably good health.

These breeders don’t have expert knowledge about breeding but they still have safe practices. 

One such example of their methods is not to use dogs with poor genetic traits. For these breeders, they do not continuously breed their dogs. Meaning there is no mass supply of puppies. This may account for the medium-range prices. 

Puppy Mill Breeder

Puppy mills are two words that are notorious in the pet industry!

These breeders undertake terrible breeding habits and offer unhygienic and inhumane conditions for their dogs. Sadly, their puppies are cheap and this is all that some people think about. 

Thus, their dogs will always find takers and these breeders will not shut down anytime soon. Puppies from breeders rarely receive training and will not come with any certificates (for vaccination or otherwise). 

Calculated First Month Cost Of Owning A German Shepherd

Firstly, buying a German Shepherd is just the start of the costs of owning this dog. Secondly, as your dog grows, expect the cost to increase as well. Apart from food and accessories, there are other costs you must budget for. 

Here is an estimate of the first month’s cost to expect when owning a German Shepherd.


Any dog food will not do for a German Shepherd. These highly active dogs need a nutritious diet that also contains a high protein content. This is to compensate for their activity levels and their colorful and thick coats. 

A good quality German Shepherd’s dog food will usually cost between $50 and $80 dollars a month. 

Deworming/Tick Medications

Dogs are prone to developing worm or tick infestations. Hence, regular deworming efforts are important to ward off serious problems related to ticks and worms.

This is unlikely to be a one-off cost and it is better to count it as a recurrent monthly cost.


German Shepherds that descend from a working line need to be active 24/7! Indeed, like all puppies, a free German Shepherd with nothing better to do will become destructive.

Therefore, chewing on furniture and doors will become a prominent feature in your house. 

You will need toys to tackle teething in German Shepherd puppies.

Accordingly, to avoid these issues budget for lots of chew toys and toys to occupy your German Shepherd. We suggest putting aside $30 to $100 a month for toys. 


When your German Shepherd isn’t working hard or playing hard, he needs to be getting his share of sleep.

The only way he is going to get this is with a soft and comfortable dog bed. Make sure the bed is washable and big enough for your dog if he is still growing.

So, set aside an amount between $50 to $75 for a good dog bed that will fit your German Shepherd just right. 


Experienced dog owners will know the reason why vet insurance is so important! Suppose your dog develops the need for surgery later on in life.

It would be very tough to pay the amount on the spot (plus some operations are expensive). 

Thus, accumulating money through dog insurance is vital if you want him to have the best possible healthcare. Set aside $60 to $100 a month depending on the plan you select. 

Professional Grooming costs of a German Shepherd

Grooming whether done at home or at a professional groomer will cost money! If you plan on grooming your dog at home, shampoos, brushes, and other coat care products are necessary.

But, if choosing professional groomers, you need to pay the salon and get brushes for day-to-day coat maintenance. Set aside $50 to $100 for professional grooming. Or if grooming will happen at home, keep $50 to $70 a month. 


Owners that do not train their German Shepherd will run into issues very early on. Stubbornness and chewing habits can make your life that much harder!

To avoid such a scenario, enroll your German Shepherd in for professional training earlier rather than later.

The older your dog gets the harder it is to train. Therefore, it is said adult German Shepherds make for terrible students!

Training your dog professionally will set you back some $600 to $1000 depending on the trainer and the training duration. 

Other Costs

Buying Your German Shepherd Puppy

Let’s not forget the amount paid for the puppy. This will be between $1000 and $2000!


If you are not looking forward to having extra puppies running around the house, spaying is essential.

Neutering your male dog also has health advantages. It can even extend the lifespan of your dog and tone down the aggression. 

Spaying your German Shepherd is a one-time cost of $200 to $400.  

Miniature German Shepherd Price

Recently a new variant called a Miniature German Shepherd is being sold by breeders. But, this is not an AKC registered breed.

It is nothing but a German Shepherd crossbreed (crossed with a Poodle or other smaller dog breed). 

Miniature German Shepherd puppies can collect a price between $2000 and $4500. Do not be lured into buying this dog just for his size!

Temperament and good genetics are much more important than small size or low weight. 


How much does a White German Shepherd cost?

A white German Shepherd is considered a rarity. Unfortunately, although these dogs are thought to be the first German Shepherd ancestors, today they are deemed a fault! They are commonly disqualified from competitions. 

Still, many people love the rare and appealing white German Shepherd coat. They can cost between $1400 and $1700. 

Why are some German Shepherd dogs cheap?

Poor breeding and a lack of vaccinations and training could drastically bring down the price of a German Shepherd puppy. So, these dogs can come with drawbacks and health issues despite the money you save.