How Much is a Dalmatian? Are They Easy to Find?

If you have ever watched the movie ‘101 Dalmatians’, you would have noticed the beauty of a Dalmatian puppy. These medium to large-sized dogs are quite social and safe for families with children. But how much does Dalmatian puppy cost?

Despite their ‘one of a kind coat’, they are not very expensive. Cost of buying a Dalmatian puppy average between $400 to $1200.

Though at a few breeders we called, prices of a Dalmatian puppy ranged between $3000 to $5000. Reasons for the same as we researched were below –

  • Reputability of breeder
  • Vaccinations and certificates
  • Toilet (potty) Trained
  • Breeding from high-quality Dalmatian parents
  • Genetic testing for defects or diseases

Sourcing a Dalmatian dog could prove challenging. You will have to search many dog rescue or shelter centers that specialize in the Dalmatian dog breed. 

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Dalmatian Size

A Dalmatian puppy is small and cute, but be warned he won’t stay this way forever!

Adult Dalmatians are medium or large in size. They can reach a height of 22 to 24 inches (males) and 20 to 22 inches (females).

Their Weight averages 55 pounds and they are prone to becoming obese without regular exercise. 

Dalmatians can live between 10 to 14 years.

Are Dalmatians Easy to Find?

You should adopt this dog and the best place to look for is the nearby local dog shelters.

If money is not a constraint and you want to know the lineage of your Dalmatian, you can also look for a Dalmatian puppy from a certified Dalmatian breeder. This has certain benefits as stated below.

  1. It gives you an insight into the health of the dog.
  2. You will have the required certificates
  3. Few Initial Training would have been carried out already. This comes as a relief for few first-time dog owners as training a Dalmatian puppy can prove to be somewhat difficult!

Dalmatians Are Not Born With Black Spots!

Don’t be alarmed if your Dalmatian Puppy does not have any black spots. A Dalmatian is born with a pure white coat, and as they grow up the spots will reveal themselves.

With age, spots will become darker and larger. The spots will be most visible in adults and adolescent dogs. 

Before You Buy a Dalmatian – Is the Dalmatian Right For You?

Social, friendly with all people, child-safe, playful, and versatile!

How can you say no to a Dalmatian?

To be honest the positives do outweigh the negatives. But this does not mean you should totally ignore the negatives, as they are also important.  

Dalmatians are sensitive dogs. This simply means they do not take well to harsh methods of training.

To make things worse, the Dalmatian tends to have a long memory, he will remember harsh treatments for many years to come! So remember to always be patient and positive when training this breed.

High energy drives of the Dalmatian means you have to spend time giving them walks and playing games.

Another point to ponder is making sure your Dalmatian answers his ‘call to nature’ soon! They are increasingly at risk of UTIs due to weak urinary tract. 

Is Dalmatian a good family dog?

A Dalmatian puppy will make a good family dog as long as he is socialized and trained properly from puppyhood.

Failure to make him socialize could result in a very aggressive dog that is bound to get his owner in trouble! Here are some pros and cons of the Dalmatian.  


  • Social and friendly
  • Appealing coat
  • Safe around children and other animals


  • High energy drive
  • Prone to weight gain and UTIs
  • Can be aggressive if not socialized 


How much does a Dalmatian weigh?

Generally, an Adult Dalmatian weighs 48 to 55 pounds (22 to 25 kg).

Depending on feeding habits and exercise, your Dalmatian could weigh more or less than this standard Dalmatian weight range.

Also, there is bound to be a weight difference between males and females.