How Big Do Beagles Get? Beagle Mix Sizes

The Beagle is a scent hound breed prized for tracking with their sense of smell in hunting games.

Over the years, Beagles have transformed to become the perfect family companion. Much of this is attributed to the Beagle’s size. Being compact, streamlined, and active they transform to fit any household.

They are one of the dogs having big eyes and flappy ears.

The Beagle dog breed falls in the small size category and rarely exceeds 30 pounds.

Currently, two Beagle size variants are recognized by the dog associations (including the AKC). 

  • The 13-inch group includes Beagle hounds that measure less than 13 inches at the shoulder
  • The 15-inch group includes Beagle hounds that measure between 13 to 15 inches at the shoulder 

Beagle weight ranges from 18 to 30 pounds.

You can expect 10 pounds difference between dogs of the same age belonging to either one of these height groups. Weight is proportional to height, taller Beagle dogs will weigh more. 

Also, male Beagle dogs are naturally larger than female Beagle dogs. This is something to consider if you are going to adopt a Beagle. 

When are Beagles Fully Grown?

It takes approximately 8 to 9 months to reach adult Beagle height. A Beagle will reach adult weight in 18 months.

Unfortunately, this breed is at high risk of being overweight. Beagle obesity occurs when a pet owner does not portion out and observe eating habits. 

Thus his weight can exceed the breed standards.

Beagle Puppy Size

For families hoping to get a lifelong companion, it is best to adopt a Beagle puppy.

This way the dog will get accustomed to your way of life. It is definitely easier to train a Beagle puppy than an adult Beagle.

A Beagle puppy usually has the following weights according to age and Beagle size variant: 

Ageless than 13 inch13 to 15 inch
1 month2 – 3 lb3 – 4 lb
2 months3 – 5 lb4 – 7 lb
3 months7 – 10 lb8 – 11 lb
4 months8 – 11 lb9 – 12 lb
5 months9 – 12 lb10 – 13 lb
6 months12 – 17 lb14 – 18 lb

Beagle Mix Sizes

Due to the popularity of Beagles various Beagle mixes have been introduced by crossing them with another dog breed.

Often beagle mixes are developed to satisfy growing demands for Beagle dogs that lack the common drawback of their high-prey drive.

Here are some Beagle Mix dogs with size (height and weight) information. 

Beabull (Beagle English Bulldog Mix)

The Beabull is the result of crossing a Beagle and English Bulldog, both equally likable dogs.

Despite their short limbs and low-slung bodies, they exhibit bursts of energy. In fact, they are so versatile that they can thrive in city apartments or yarded homes, single individual homes, or large family homes.

They are social and playful and at the same time are willing to cuddle with any family member. 

A Beabull size can vary as no breed standard has been set.

They often weigh 30 to 60 pounds. Height ranges from 12 to 16 inches at the shoulder.

These dogs occasionally can become rough during playtime and may injure children or other animals. Though they are small-sized dogs, young children should interact with them under adult supervision. 

Bocker (Beagle Cocker Spaniel Mix) 

Combining two attractive dogs, the Bocker is best for people who love both the Beagle and Cocker Spaniel.

Other names they go by are Beakers or Beagle Spaniel. These dogs require a fenced yard since they are known to wander off following scents. 

They will fit right into a family with children, seniors, or individuals. Their intelligence makes them an alert guard dog that is otherwise social. Trainability depends on which of the parents it takes after. 

Generally, Beagle Cocker Spaniel mix dogs are small. They weigh 20 to 30 pounds with a height of 12 to 15 inches at the shoulder.

Though small, they are playful and tend to have a prey drive. But, this prey drive does not carry through to all Bocker puppies. 

Beaglier (Beagle Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix) 


Beaglier inherits his traits from both the Beagle and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Small and discrete, this loyal companion will need regular exercise to keep his weight under control! Luckily this is no problem for them as they have high energy levels.

Affectionate, loyal, and calm are a few words to describe Beaglier temperament. 

While they are popular due to their small size, it can be a concern as well. Children or larger dogs can easily hurt this small dog. Socializing and supervising children is a must.

Their weight ranges from 10 to 20 pounds while height lies between 12 and 16 inches.

Cheagle (Beagle Chihuahua Mix) 


Two very popular dogs, the Beagle and Chihuahua can be crossed giving rise to the Cheagle. Going by many names (Beagle Chi, Chi-Bea, Chibeagle) they are a small yet cute dog breed that requires careful owners! 

The Cheagle suits best in homes with grown-up children as younger children may hurt them accidentally. A single person household is also ideal since these dogs tend to latch on to one individual.

Expect this new breed to be very small. Cheagle weight ranges from 20 to 30 pounds and height is just 9 to 14 inches.

Be careful as a dog of such small size can easily be injured with the slightest of mistakes! Chihuahua Beagle Mix is one mixed dog breed that will keep you on your toes!

Frengle (Beagle French Bulldog Mix)


Another odd combination is the Beagle and French Bulldog mix. This canine looks more like the French Bulldog with its large oversized ears.

They are cute dogs who make great pets. They have a slightly stubborn nature that can become an obstacle in their training.

A Beagle and French Bulldog mix may not be the best dog for allergy patients due to slightly above average shedding.

These small dogs are good for single individuals or homes with children. Small yet energetic, the Frengle will end the day cuddling in your lap! 

Bred from two small pure breed dogs, the Frengle size is on par with the parents.

Average Frengle weight lies between 18 to 30 pounds while height starts at 8 inches and rarely exceeds 15 inches (at the shoulder). 

German Shepherd Beagle Mix


This is one of the larger Beagle mix breeds. The Beagle and German Shepherd cross are much larger than a regular Beagle. Being closer to Shepherd’s size, he can be adopted for reasons other than company.

This breed is distinctly loyal, protective, and inherits intelligent traits from the German Shepherd. This makes them smart, easy to train, and effective as a working (service) dog. He can be effective in the police or therapy departments.

This hybrid weighs 22 to 50 pounds (males can be larger) with a weight of 17 to 24 inches at the shoulder.

People who want a dog larger than the Beagle can consider this German Shepherd mix.

Read more about the German Shepherd Beagle Mix.

Pomeagle (Beagle Pomeranian Mix)


Small and cute, but be prepared to give your Beagle and Pomeranian mix extra care! They can easily be injured in an accident.

They are loyal, alert, and social, but their curiosity sometimes gets the better of them! The Pomeagle can be a bit feisty, a trait the Pomeranian shows quite often. 

Dominant Pomeranian genes can make your Pomeagle “yappy”. Training can help overcome this.

They get along with everyone but form an especially strong bond with one owner. Cuddles with adequate exercise will keep this Pomeranian mix happy! 

Pomeagles are among the smallest Beagle mix. They weigh in at just 5 to 25 pounds and stand at 6 to 11 inches at the shoulder.

Poogle (Beagle Poodle Mix)

Poogle is a Beagle and Poodle cross. Other names include Poogle Hound, Bea-Poo, Beagapoo, or Beagledoodle. 

This hybrid shows high affection towards humans and even other household animals. He will gladly join you in your daily activities.

With steady socializing and obedience training, he will become less stubborn making him a very good companion. Any household will be lucky to have a Poogle! 

Poogle measure 6 to 16 inches (from the shoulder) and weigh 11 to 25 pounds. Poogle size is dictated by the size of the Poodle parent. However, mostly a Toy or Miniature Poodle dog is used for creating the Poogle.

Have you decided which dog you are likely to adopt instead of the original Beagle?


Are Beagles considered small or medium dogs?

Beagles are available in two recognized size variants – Less than 13 inches and 13 to 15 inches. This puts them in the small dog size category.

  • Beagles and Beagle mixes that have a height of 6 to 17 inches are considered small dogs.
  • Some Beagle mixes that stand at 18 to 22 inches are medium dog size. 
  • Beagle mixes that have a height of more than 22 inches are considered large dogs

What is Beagle price? Are they expensive?

A Beagle price can average $500. It starts from $400 and can reach up to $1200.

Before you buy a beagle puppy, make sure the breeder is reputed and genetic testing has been carried out. This helps to make sure the dog is healthy and will not encounter any life-threatening genetic disorders.