Full Grown Maltipoo – Size, Appearance, Temperament & Care

Originating in the United States of America, Full grown Maltipoo have redefined the meaning of a perfect furry house companion with their appearance and temperament.

Maltipoo might sound like an odd name for a dog breed but it is actually a crossbreed between a Poodle and a Maltese. Looking into the big brown eyes of this pint-size dog will be a case of love at first sight!

They are active, charming having fun loving and affectionate personality.

Full grown Maltipoo Size

Having a big dog may mean controlling and caring for them could be tough for a first-time dog owner. He may require a lot in terms of effort, time, and money.

Fully grown Maltipoo are small dogs that overcome this and are a popular choice for those who seek small size dogs.

They come in varied sizes that may depend on the poodle parent as Poodles comes in three sizes – toy, miniature, or standard.

Being small, a fully grown Maltipoo measures just 8-14 inches in height and weighs an average of 10 pounds with the maximum being 20 pounds. Evidently, they are easily manageable and can be controlled in case the situation gets out of hand. 

Average lifespan of a Maltipoo is around 10 to 13 years.

Full Grown Maltipoo

Appearance of a Full grown Maltipoo

As with any crossbreed, you may not be sure of the qualities they will inherit from both the parents, Maltese and Poodle. Yet, they are invariably beautiful and affectionate that no person or family can resists.

With both the parents being hypoallergenic breeds, they also don’t shed much. This is another factor in their widespread popularity and adoption.  

They are also known as Teddy bear dog for the hair cut that dog salons all around the world have become skilled in shaping the hair coat to appear like a real-life teddy.

Coat length: The coat length varies depending on the hair properties of both parents, some have shorter coats or hair that is curlier than others. Generally, there are two coat options, wavy and curly. 

Colour options: Parent poodles are known for their black or brown coat shades; these crossbreeds develop an unlikely color gradient.

Ranging from cream to white and even silver in some cases, they look attractive in invariably any color they appear in.


Putting appearances aside, their impressive nature has earned them a spot in many homes. Everybody loves a playful puppy, but nothing is better if he can be obedient as well. You get the best of both worlds with the Maltipoo.

Adorable, small, loyal, and loving, they are suitable for every type of household especially one with young children.

Being a crossbreed that has only been around for a few years, they are not known to be hunters but rather docile animals that rely on their human companion to care and provide for them.

The stuffed teddy bear appearance makes them a pleasant occupant in any home. Their cool and calm behavior is the successful trait behind why they are the number one choice as a therapy dog.

Useful for helping patients alleviate stress and anxiety or even in old age homes to comfort the elderly. Some may call this dog noisy since it barks very often and avidly enjoys this activity.

Simple positively reinforced methods can be used to dissuade it from barking too much (but you cannot stop them completely!) 

Cuddles will never be enough as they love to be snuggled and constantly be along with humans. If left for long, they will suffer from separation anxiety. So try not to ignore them for too long, or else you will find them vying for your attention!


Fully Grown Maltipoo - Care

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Caring for your Maltipoo will be different from any other larger sized canine, due to its extra small size and somewhat delicate structure. Supervision is mandatory when outdoors or surrounded by children and larger animals.

No more carefree family vacations as your pooch is now part of the family and plan ahead to make sure they are taken care of.

Leaving them alone at home can cause them to suffer from stress and separation anxiety as they form strong bonds with their human owners and crave their company.

Considered a clean dog, drooling will not be an issue you have to deal with (something you will be glad to hear). 

Here are some other requirements of Maltipoo that you should be aware of.


Having such a fluffy and curly coat does come with some positives and some negatives.

Maltipoo has a thick coat that is prone to becoming knotty and difficult to untangle. To avoid this, brushing the coat daily will effectively solve this problem.

Visits to a professional pet grooming salon is a must to get the coat cut to prevent overheating in the summer season. But this can be done once or twice a year.

Apart from this nail trimming and basic hair trimming around the eyes is a must to ensure the full vision.

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Maltipoo are not considered notorious for digging in the yard and coming back looking unrecognizable, however, this does not exclude them from baths. A monthly bath will do the trick in getting your pooch clean.

Brush their teeth weekly to avoid bacteria build-up and foul smells due to tooth decay.

Other pets

Considered extremely sociable and curious, Maltipoo enjoys playing with other small dogs and make good companions to other types of animals.

Their general friendliness makes them safe around other dogs and even warmth is displayed towards complete strangers, this is good if you have constant visitors coming to your house.


A true child friendly pet, this dog will take the initiative in getting to know your child. It will not take long for your child to feel comfortable around the Maltipoo.

It won’t be long until you find them inseparable and your dog will follow them everywhere that they go. 

Though, if you have very small children, supervision is required to teach them not to do certain things to aggravate the mood of the dog. This includes tail and ear pulling.


Regular food will keep your Maltipoo healthy and happy, not just physically but also mentally. To maintain dental health, dry kibble food is a better option than wet food which progresses tooth decay and upsets bowel movements.

Potty training

Avoid using forceful and rough techniques to train your puppy as they respond better to positive rewarding methods.

In general, no difficulties as such will occur as these intelligent animals are easy to train and will not require harsh techniques for any reason. 


Being small, these canines require a very short exercise time as opposed to larger more energetic ones.

A mere 15-20 minutes a day could be all that is needed to keep them fit and in shape (depending on how much you are feeding them). Apartment living will not be an issue for this breed.

Potential health risks

Every dog breed is more prone to certain diseases. Below are diseases that Maltipoo parents should be aware of. They could either be hereditary or related to old age. 

Epilepsy- Although its true cause is not documented, epilepsy is considered an inherited disease.

Characterized by serious and sometimes violent seizures that take control of the whole body. It can be managed with medications. There is no cure for this disease, thankfully it does not decrease the life expectancy of the animal.

White shaker syndrome– This disease represents itself as tremors throughout the body, in addition to this, the dog loses body coordination and gains rapid eye movement.

This illness presents itself from the age of six months and persists throughout the dog’s life. Observation of any of these symptoms should be immediately addressed by a vet. 

Patellar Luxation- Occurring mostly in small dog breeds and toy cross breeds, this disease is commonly called “slipper stifle” and results in irreversible limping or lameness.

Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)- Progressive Retinal Atrophy is common in old aged dogs. It is a degenerative disease that eventually leads to blindness.

Sight is an important sense for animals, but luckily it is not the most important one for dogs. Blind dogs are still able to live long lives using their ears and noses as vital senses. 

Is a fully grown Maltipoo the right pet for you?

Considering their nature, friendliness, and general affinity for humans, the Maltipoo is the ideal pet for people who are adopting a dog for the first time.

Not many dogs are this easy-going without being accompanied by extraordinary demands. Extreme changes will not need to be made for these puppies as they will conform to your lifestyle.

You can and prefer getting a Maltipoo if:

  • You have small children in your home.
  • Need company for another dog (elderly dog).
  • Have elderly people in the house.
  • Have special therapeutic requirements (to help with stress, depression, anxiety, etc)

Pros and Cons

Quite affable and playfulThey have a tendency to bark
They do not shed or droolSuffer from separation anxiety
Low maintenance
Good fit for all homes including apartment living

Fully grown Maltipoos are simple creatures and all they will ask for is abundant cuddles, good food, and a roof over their heads. What are you waiting for, go ahead, and adopt a Maltipoo puppy today!

Do let us know your story about a Maltipoo in the comment section below.