30 Dogs that do not shed – Big, medium and small

Looking for dogs that do not shed !!

Disturbed with dogs’ hair everywhere!! Or are you allergic to dogs but just love them and so looking for a small, medium, or big dogs that do not shed or are hypoallergenic.

It is a myth that dogs do not shed at all. All dogs shed and it is only relative with a few dogs shedding less and some way more.

Let us now look at the dogs that shed less.

Small Dogs that do not shed

Let us look below 10 small dogs that do not shed much (not in any order.)

1) Basenji

basenji - dogs that do not shed

Basenjis are small highly intelligent dogs from Africa who are known for not barking and shedding little.

While this is good for those staying in apartments, they are also known for not obeying much and are difficult to train. They will need your regular time for exercising and playing.

2) Bichon Frise 


At first look, they may more look like a baby toy. They are typical of white fur and black eyes. As they shed very less, they are recommended for people allergic to dogs. Though it would be best to be with them for some time and then make the decision.

Bichon, as they are popularly called, are highly trainable family dogs that have a happy disposition. But they are prone to separation anxiety if left alone for long.

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3) Brussels Griffon


Brussels Griffon is known for their monkey-looking face. They originated from Belgium. These small dogs shed very little. A daily walk and playing within the house is enough and they don’t need a yard.

They are quite affectionate and cheerful. This makes them a good fit for Apartment dwellings. Though you may need to train them not to bark at night.

4) Maltese

Maltese - small dogs that do not shed

Maltese are quite popular small dogs known for their silky white coats. Though the exact origin of the dogs is uncertain, they derive their name from the Malta region of the Mediterranean Sea where many believe they were first bred.

They are intelligent and trainable and are good companion dogs for families.

5) Miniature Schnauzer 

miniature-schnauzer - small dogs that do not shed

Miniature Schnauzer is quite a popular small dog and has always featured in the top 20 popular dogs in the USA. They are loving, cheerful and family dogs who love to be with children.

They need regular walking and exercise or else they are prone to weight gain. Being intelligent, and highly trainable with very little shedding, they make a very good pet dog.

6) Miniature Poodle

miniature Poodle - dogs that do not shed

Poodles are very popular dogs in the USA. All poodles including miniature are highly intelligent, easily trainable, shed very less, active, and quite lively. This makes them one of the best family dogs and is the reason for their popularity.

They are also one of the most frequent winners of dog shows. They are prone to separation anxiety and if left alone, they can be quite destructive.

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7) Scottish Terrier


Like most other terriers, Scottish Terriers are known for a long life span, less shedding, and robust build. In popular slang, they are also called Scottie.

They became popular especially among the children after Disney’s Lady and the Tramp movie (1955). They are intelligent, brave, and loyal dogs. Being independent, they may be difficult to train.

8) Shih Tzu


Shih Tzu means a little lion in Chinese. This breed originated from China around the Tibetan region. They have long silky hairs and they shed very less.

Shih Tzus are companion dogs who are beautiful, lively, and good for families. They do require high maintenance in cleaning and grooming their long hair.

9) Yorkshire Terrier 


Yorkshire Terriers are among the top 10 popular dogs of America, commonly known as Yorkie. They look amazing in their long silky hair and are difficult to miss.

Yorkshire Terriers shed very less and are a good fit for apartment living. They are small companion dogs but may still surprise you with their barks at strangers.

10) Italian Greyhound


This is a miniature version of the sighthounds who were bred to kill the prey the run at them when they come in their sight. They inherit the same genetics and can run at a top speed of up to 25 mph.

Hence, though he is small, he carries a lot of energy and would need a good time exercising. They have a short coat and shed minimally so are one of the easiest to groom dog breeds.

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Medium size dogs that do not shed

Let us look below 10 medium size dogs that do not shed much but are not in any order.

1) Irish Terrier


Irish terriers have a tight wiry red coat and shed very little. They are very loyal dogs with a lot of courage. They are quite easy to train as well. Irish Terriers are not that active indoors but need a moderate level of exercise, so a walk two times a day could be good.

Irish Terriers are good as a companion for active joggers as well. They are good for apartment living if they get trained to control their bark.

2) Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen


They are medium-sized dogs originating from France where they were bred to hunt rabbits. In fact, the name of the dog means

Petit – small

Basset – low

Griffon – rough-coated,

Vendéen – from the Vendée region of France

As the name suggests, their topcoat is rough with a dense undercoat. And they shed quite less. PBGV is quite strong, heavy, short-legged, and has a loud bark.

3) Wheaten Terrier


Soft-coated wheaten terrier originated from Ireland as a farm dog. They are quite friendly, fun-loving, and easy-going as compared to other terriers.

They need a moderate amount of exercise and are good as a family dogs as well. Though before you make up your mind, you should know that their long silky coat needs a lot of grooming.

4) Lakeland Terrier


Lakeland terriers originated from England and derive their name from the place they originated, the lake district of England. They were bred to hunt the foxes and protect the livestock.

Lakeland Terrier has a double coat and sheds quite less but requires regular grooming. They are a great watchdog as well as a loyal companion but need moderate exercise with regular walking.

5) Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese-Water-Dog - dogs that do not shed

As the name suggests Portuguese water dogs originated from Portugal and were bred to hunt fish. They are intelligent, loyal, and quite obedient dogs. They love to play with water and have webbed feet and muscular body as well which help them to swim.

Portuguese water dogs shed very little and are easier to maintain as well with little grooming. “Bo” a pet dog of Barack Obama, former US president, is a famous Portuguese Water Dog.

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6) Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terrier -medium size dog that do not shed

While the name suggests Terrier, they are not part of the terrier group of dogs. Having said that Tibetan in the name is right as they did originate from Tibet. They are also considered as a good sign and are known as the “Holy dogs of Tibet”.

Tibetan Terriers are not typically sold and can only be gifted. They have a double coat and have a shaggy appearance.

They shed quite less but need to be groomed often due to their distinct thick long coat. Their feet are specially designed for snow and they would suit well for colder regions.

7) Puli


Puli was originally bred in Hungary as a guard dog for the livestock. They are popular for their corded coat which makes them appear much larger than they are. Though they shed very less, they need to be groomed regularly.

And they may not be suitable for first-time dog owners. They are self-confident, highly intelligent, and loyal to the owners. They are quite sensitive to the needs of older people and are used as therapy dogs as well.

8) Whippet

whippet - Fastest dogs

Whippets were originally bred to hunt small animals like rabbits. They are very fast and agile and you can easily spot them with a short silky coat.

Whippets are good for apartments living with almost no dog odor as long as they meet their regular exercise needs preferably in a fenced area.

They are intelligent and self-confident which makes training difficult but once trained, they are a great companion. A tip would be to let them off at your own risk as they are sprinters of the dogs’ world.

9) Kerry Blue Terrier


Kerry blue terrier has a long head, a flat skull, a deep chest with a coat having shades of blue and gray, and a distinct mustache and beard. They shed very little.

They were originally bred for catching small animals like rabbits, and rats, and also for herding the livestock.

As typical of other terriers, they love being active and need regular walks and exercise. They are strong-headed and loyal to other owners.

10) Standard Schnauzer


Schnauzers are known for their wirey coats, distinct mustache, and beard. They are almost odorless and shed very less. Schnauzers are originally bred in Germany.

They are intelligent but strong-headed so it is difficult to train them. They are active dogs who are a good companion as well but need their routine of exercise and regular walks.

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Large size dogs that do not shed

Let us look below 10 big dogs that do not shed much not in any order.

1) Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier - dogs that do not shed

Airedale Terriers are the largest of the terrier group family and can reach as high as 2 feet when fully grown. Thus they are also called “King of Terriers”.

They were bred originally in Yorkshire, England as a working dogs. They are quite active and need regular exercise and daily walks. Airedale Terriers are quite intelligent and strong-headed at the same time.

2) Bouvier Des Flandres

Bouvier Des Flandres

They are herding dogs originally bred in the Flanders region of Belgium as herding dogs and for pulling carts with their powerful build. The name Bouvier des Flandres means Cow Herder of Flanders in French.

They tend to herd the group including children and may become assertive while protecting. They have a wirey coat like other terriers and shed very little, though they require a lot of grooming. Being working dogs, they require regular exercise.

3) Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzers

It is the largest of the three breeds of Schnauzers. Though Giant Schnauzers do not shed much, they require frequent cleaning and grooming. With their size, they have a commanding posture and strong build.

They are intelligent and quite energetic and have excelled as Police dogs as well. They require a good time for exercise so at least two long walks daily would do.

With their large size and dominant personality, they are not recommended for homes with children younger than 12 years.

4) Standard Poodle

poodle - dogs that do not shed

Poodles are known for their distinct curly hair coat, intelligence, and less shedding which makes them ideal for family living. They are highly trainable and frequent in winning dog shows.

Being energetic, they need regular exercise and should have a daily walk. While they are quite adaptable to any kind of living including apartments, they need regular grooming to keep their coat beautiful.

5) Irish Water Spaniel

Irish Water Spaniel is the largest of the Spaniel family and is considered rare by AKC in the number of registrations. They are sometimes mistaken as Large brown poodles due to their curly coat.

Irish Water Spaniels are highly active, intelligent, and energetic dogs who love to play with water and are known for their swimming skills with their webbed feet.

Though they shed very little but require regular bathing and grooming for keeping their coat clean. They are energetic dogs and require being active with long walks, hikes, or running.

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6) Komondor


Don’t get confused for a large moving mop when you see a Komondor Dog. In fact, due to their close resemblance to mops, they are also called “Mop Dogs“.

Komondor were originally bred in Hungary to guard the livestock. They keep their guarding attitude and are considered to be quite intelligent and protective.

Komondors are not the one for the inexperienced owners as can attack an intruder if they perceive a threat. Though they shed very little but need regular cleaning of their coat and a good amount of exercise. We wouldn’t suggest them as a great choice for Apartment owners.

7) Saluki

saluki running dog

Salukis are one of the oldest dog breeds and are known for their sprinting. They have a short coat and also do not shed much which means they don’t require much grooming.

With their petite body, they look similar to greyhounds and can run very fast like them with top speeds of 42 mph.

These dogs are not for you if you don’t have enough space for them to run to suffice their exercise needs. A quick tip would be not to test them without the leash, while open.

8) Russian Black Terrier

Russian black terrier

This is a relatively new and still rare breed from Russia. They were bred as watchdogs and commonly known as “Blackies” for their beautiful black coat. They do not shed much. Russian Black Terriers are also called “Black Pearls of Russia”.

They were bred by Soviet scientists during the world war to patrol along with the Russian soldiers. Like many other active large dogs, they need a firm and experienced pet owner who can get along with their exercise needs.

9) Wirehaired Pointing Griffon


The Wirehaired Pointing Griffons were originally bred as gun dogs where they used to help the hunters in retrieving their prey, usually birds. They are also called “Supreme gun dogs”.

They are active, loving, and happy disposition dogs. These Griffons need small yards at least for playing and running and are not recommended for apartment living. They do not shed much though require weekly brushing for grooming.

10) Poodle hybrids like Labradoodle or Goldendoodle*


Many poodle hybrids are also popular as dogs that do not shed much. But this could be a bit tricky as it would depend on the genetics here and it is a case of luck. So a Labradoodle may shed more if it gets the shedding trait from Labrador.

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Why do Dogs shed or do not?

Dogs shed hairs as we humans do. Especially some dog breeds who have double coats shed their inner coats in summer and fall.

This is natural as part of their hair cycle of growth and shedding. This rate depends on the type of breed. For example, Poodles have a long hair cycle and hence don’t shed as much.

While most dogs shed their hair all around the year or more typically in summer and fall, few dog breeds shed quite less.

But all dogs go through this natural cycle of hair growth and fall. Some may shed all around the year at almost the same rate, some may shed more during certain seasons. It all depends on the breed of the dog.

Hair growth and shedding in dogs happen in a cycle divided into four different phases.

  • Anagen phase – This is the phase where hairs are new and growing.
  • Catagen phase – This is the phase where they mature and stop growing actively.
  • Telogen phase – This is the phase where they have grown fully and stop growing further.
  • Exogen phase – This is the phase when the hair has come to the end of its natural cycle and is shed from the follicle.

All dog breeds have different duration of these phases of the hair growth cycle as per the genes.

Dog Allergies

Not everyone is shy of the dog’s fur but we can be allergic to them. In fact, almost 10% of the USA population is allergic to dogs. And contrary to the popular perception, allergy is not due to the dog’s hair but in most cases, it is due to Dander.

Skin flakes that come off the dead skin of an animal are dander. When this is inhaled, it can cause allergy as well.

Some dogs are more hypoallergenic. This means they are less likely to create dander and hence they are less likely to cause allergies. The issue around dander is much easier to resolve with frequent baths.

How do you minimize dog shedding?

While it is normal for all animals including dogs to shed, we can minimize excessive shedding with the following tips.

✓Regular brushing of the dog

Regular brushing of the dog gets all the loose hairs and it is also good for the dog’s coat and skin. Brushing your dog once or twice a week may go a long way in keeping the stranded dog hairs to a minimum.

✓Bathing when they are dirty or small

Regular bathing helps in controlling the shedding as it removes the loosened hairs and keeps the coat and skin clean.

Though one should not go overboard on bathing as it may lead to drying up of skin and coat and tripping of the natural oils. Ideal bath time would be whenever they smell or have a dirty or muddy coat.

✓A good diet

A generic low-quality diet, which doesn’t fulfill all the proteins and other nutrient requirements, is not good for a dog’s coat as well because it may result in shedding.

Now that you know of the dogs that do not shed, let us also just give you the names of the dogs that shed a lot and you can avoid them if you are looking for dogs that do not shed.

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Dogs that do shed a lot (in random order)

  1. German Shepherd
  2. Labrador Retriever
  3. Siberian Husky
  4. Golden Retriever
  5. Chow chow
  6. Akita
  7. Alaskan Malamute
  8. American Eskimo Dog

Hope you liked the post and got good insights on dogs that do not shed. Do let us know your thoughts in the section below.


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