Do Maltese Shed? Tricks to Manage Shedding and Grooming

Throughout America, Maltese is loved for its small size. Resembling a toy, his snow-white long hair coat is his most prized feature. Many people choose to grow the coat to make him appear more attractive.

Do Maltese shed? No, Maltese do not shed much. They have a single coat that does not shed much.

Are Maltese Hypoallergenic dogs? Yes, Maltese are considered as Hypoallergenic Dogs.

Contrary to popular perception, no dog is completely hypoallergenic. Allergy causing agents are present in all the dogs. Most often the cause of allergy is the dander – dead skin cells. They fall off along with shedding hair. Thus the dog-like Maltese which sheds less is relatively safe for dog allergic folks.

Why do Maltese shed? 

Hair is necessary for all dogs. It helps them to adapt to all weather, hot or cold. It also protects them from water or the harsh sun when they are outside. 

As part of their natural cycle of hair growth, old hair loosens and falls off to make space for the new hair. Every dog including the Maltese will experience shedding.

The extent of shedding is decided by inherited genes, weather, health, and happiness. In Maltese, they inherit the traits to shed fewer hairs.

Further dogs with double-coat shed more but Maltese are single-coat dogs and hence they shed less.

Maltese shedding pattern

Luckily the Maltese is a single-coat dog breed. This does not mean he has no grooming requirements; it just means grooming will be less intense. 

Year-round shedding is seen, but you will only notice it when you brush him. Shed hair is usually retained in the coat itself and does not fall out.

Shedding will not be observed during winter months since the Maltese requires his hair coat to keep warm and protected from the cold. Grooming will not be required as much during this season and you can take it easy! 

As spring approaches, his coat will naturally thin to accommodate his need to stay cool. This is when you can expect shedding to increase, and so will your responsibilities. 

If you find your Maltese suddenly shedding more than normal without any reason, you should take him to the vet as it could indicate an underlying medical condition.

Popular Maltese Poodle Mix Maltipoo

Maltese Coat Colors 

Maltese comes in single coat pure white color. They have not been reported to show varying coat colors.

Occasionally their ears adopt a color other than white, this color can be lemon or tan. American dog associations have stated that this character is not according to the regular breed standard. Though some owners may prefer the contrasting colors.

Maltese Coat characteristics

Keeping your dog’s coat gleaming and immaculate is essential to giving your dog the appeal he deserves.

Maltese are famous for their long straight white hair that must be without tangles! They lack an under coat and are a single-coat dog breed. Do not underestimate the work that is required to maintain this one coat.

The hair of the Maltese is naturally long and can grow to floor-length if allowed to. Some have a silky-smooth texture that tends to matt and tangle when short. This will be one problem owners of this dog have to handle. 

In most cases, the Maltese will have a long hair coat. This is not mandatory as you can choose to get a haircut done. Whether long or short hair, Maltese often sway the hearts of the onlookers

Factors that affect the Maltese hair coat

The luster and density of hair in the Maltese coat can easily tell you if he is in good health or suffering from any ailment. It is important for the owner to pay attention to the physical appearance of their Maltese. 


Food and water quality are essential to the health of a dog. Low quality food will reflect on your Maltese as their coat will become dull.


Stress caused by environmental issues will cause the hair to fall out at an accelerated rate. Fear, unfavorable weather, ill-treatment, can also affect the coat of a Maltese. Owners must go above and beyond to make sure their Maltese is cheerful. 


When this dog is affected by a disease, coat shedding is the first sign that shows. If you see any sign of above normal shedding, consult a vet to check if he is suffering from any disease.


Tips to Manage Maltese shedding in the house

Maltese is not a heavy shedder. Cleaning hair out of the house will be easy since there is not much to start off with.  

If your Maltese has a long hair coat, you will notice long white hair on the furniture. These hairs can simply be picked up and thrown away.

More difficulty arises if the Maltese have a short hair coat. You will find the shedding in the form of short hairs which could be problematic to pick and remove. 

You might want to use special tools for cleaning the house. Microfiber cloths and a vacuum cleaner will be handy to remove hair from soft furnishings.  

How to groom Maltese hairs?


If you do not like dogs that shed a lot, then the Maltese is the dog for you. These low maintenance dogs will suit busy people and not strain your schedule.

Even if they are low shedders, they still need to be groomed. Brushing your dog’s coat is a good way to keep it looking good. Additionally, it will remove tangles that constantly form in their coat.

Grooming gives the time for the pet parent in developing a special bond with the dog.

Grooming regimes must be specially selected based on the haircut your Maltese has. Long hair coats do require more care as you would need more frequent brushing. 


Bathing is very important for your dog; it keeps him clean and helps to prevent the hair from matting. You should bathe your dog occasionally; once every month should be adequate or you can delay this if he is not dirty or smelly.

You cannot bathe him too often as it might make his skin too dry. This will remove essential oils from his skin that help in protection.

Find a shampoo that is right for him. He could have sensitive skin. We would recommend oatmeal based shampoo. Natural products have been known to have limited allergic effects.

During bath time, make sure you massage the coat to ensure shampoo is getting to all areas of the body. 

Maltese with long hair coats will drag on the floor and attract dirt. This might be a reason for you to keep the coat short. Short coats look cute and make grooming a manageable task for any dog owner. 

About Maltese

This delicate aristocratic dog is one of the most ancient toy breeds. He has been documented in murals and scrolls in ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. Even Aristotle mentioned this famous pooch.

Where the Maltese came from is not exactly certain, but most believe he originated from the Isle of Malta. By the end of the 16th century, the rich and noble English women had fallen in love with this beautiful dog. In fact, he was quite popular with Queen Mary of Scots and Queen Elizabeth the 1st.

The Maltese were then bred by English breeders to bring about the Maltese that we have today.