Do Dachshunds Smell?

Dachshunds are playful dogs that make for good pets. If you own a dachshund and it has suddenly started smelling weird, you might be wondering if it is natural or is it something that needs to be looked into.

Dachshunds do not smell if kept tidy. They are not born with a stinky smell or bad breath.

They do not even need to be bathed often and do not commonly develop the “doggy smell” that a lot of breeds develop over time.

So, if your dachshund smells, you need to find out the reason.

Why does my dachshund smell?

Not bathed regularly

All-natural living beings emit their own odor. Similarly, your dog too will start to smell different if it has not been bathed in a long time.

Regular once a month bathing of your dog will ensure that he is always clean, fresh, and smell good.

Anal sacs

Anal sacs are a pair of glands situated near the anus of a dog.

These sacs are emptied every time a dog excretes stool. If for some reason, this does not happen regularly, it can lead to a strong, fishy odor near the area.

This problem is observed more in smaller dogs like the dachshund. If your dachshund suffers from this problem, you will see it dragging its bottom all over the floor.

It will also try to bite its rear or try to clean itself with its tongue. This can transfer the odor to its mouth, apart from the unpleasant odor in its hindquarters.

To fix this problem, you will need to manually clean the anal sacs. This can be done by your dog’s vet or the pet groomer on a regular basis, or you can learn to do it on your own.

This task can be quite unpleasant, as the fluids that come out can be very foul-smelling. However, they will greatly help your pet and relieve them of their discomfort.

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Skin conditions

Skin conditions are one of the reasons that can lead to body odor in dogs. If your dog has a foul odor all over its body, you might want to get the skin checked first.

Canine seborrhea:

Dachshunds are prone to a skin condition called canine seborrhea, which results in greasy hair and flaky skin. It is often accompanied by constant scratching and hair loss.

If your dachshund is suffering from this condition, there will be a buildup of oil in places like the armpits, ears, under the belly, near the ankles, and elbows. This causes the body to smell bad.

It could be a result of primary conditions like allergies, autoimmune disorders, endocrine disorders, parasites or dietary deficiencies, or an inherited condition in the breed, which means that your dachshund could develop this condition even if you maintain perfect hygiene for it.

If it is developed due to a primary condition, it can be cured completely through allergy medication or antibiotics. If it is inherited, the symptoms can be controlled by using the right dog shampoo and by making some changes in your dog’s diet.

Malassezia dermatitis:

Dachshunds are also prone to a yeast infection called Malassezia dermatitis.

This is caused by fungi that are already present on the dog’s body but are suppressed by a healthy immune system. High humidity or a weakened immune system can lead to an overgrowth of these fungi.

This condition causes greasiness and dark patches on the skin. The discharge from lesions is responsible for the odor.

Your vet might suggest some medicated shampoos, medicines, and antibiotics.


A lot of dogs hate being bathed. As soon as they are let out of the bathroom, they run out and start rolling everywhere to get the water off their skin and hair.

However, that does not fully dry out the water on their fur and could stay there and cause viruses, infections, or start to stink.

It is important to make your dog sit in the sunshine and rub them clean with a towel until they are completely dry.

You also need to wipe the area between their toes to prevent any bacterial growth.


Your dog’s diet can have a great impact on the way your dog smells. The same product can have different effects on different dogs.

If you find that your dog smells different even while being completely healthy and hygienic, try changing its diet for a while to understand if that is what is causing the body smell and whether changing the diet brings any improvement.

You can also consult a vet and find out what diet will suit your dog.

Some food items can cause gassiness among some dogs.

While it is natural, excessive farting or burping in your dog that releases a bad odor could be signs that the food your dog is eating might not be suitable for it.

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Why do my dachshund’s ears stink?

Ear mites

Ear mites can cause a dachshund’s body to stink. Dachshunds have long and floppy ears, which are a perfect breeding ground for dirt and other infectious organisms.

The heavy ears also get less air circulation under them, which helps in parasitic growth.

The ear mites feed off on the ear wax and oils present in the ear, releasing a foul-smelling discharge in their wake.

Consult your vet immediately to eliminate the mites. This is also why ear care and hygiene are so important.

Yeast and bacteria

Yeast and bacteria can also cause a foul odor in your dachshund’s ears. This smell can worsen especially during the summer months when the climate is hot and humid, and the dogs are almost always outdoors.

This creates the perfect place for bacterial growth.

You need to trim the hair in your dachshund’s inner ears regularly. This will prevent dirt from going in and settling inside the ear.

Check your dachshund’s ears regularly for dirt or insects, and remove gently with a cotton ball if you find any.

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Why does my dachshund have a bad breath?

Dental problems

Dachshunds are prone to dental problems because of how their mouths are made. Plaque and tartar buildup on your dachshund’s teeth can cause their breath to stink.

A dental disease called gingivitis can give off an unpleasant fishy odor.

This can happen when food sits on your dog’s teeth long enough for tartar to build up and harden, causing your dog’s gums to become irritated and inflamed.

Dachshunds are also prone to tooth abscesses and overcrowding. Dachshunds have tiny mouths and jaws, but in comparison, their teeth are large.

This can cause overcrowding of teeth, resulting in food getting trapped between teeth. This can cause bad breath.

Chew toys

Some chew toys can be hard for your dog to chew on. This could cause their teeth to bleed or even break. Bleeding gums can lead to bad breath and various infections.

Make sure to buy toys that are well-suited for your dachshund and keep an eye on how your dog chews its toys.


This can occur when your dog eats anything random from outside that is not a part of its daily diet, like garbage. This can cause bad breath.

If your dog does this all the time, it can be seen as a behavioral problem, so you might need to take your dog to an animal therapist for abnormal eating behavior.


Dachshunds have a small snout and mouth. So it is likely that your dachshund will pant a lot.

Excessive panting will make your dog’s mouth go dry and this can make its breath smell worse than normal.

Physiological problems

Physical ailments such as stomach problems, tumors of the mouth and throat, kidney infections, liver failure, or even respiratory problems can lead to your dachshund getting smelly.

All these are serious problems, and an odor will be the least of the worries. It is best to take your dachshund for regular checkups.


If your dachshund has been rummaging around in a trash can somewhere or swallowed any poo or dead animal, it could be one of the reasons that your dachshund’s mouth stinks.

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Why does my dog’s breath smell sweet?

If your dachshund’s breath smells sweet or fruity, it could be an early sign of the onset of diabetes.

Other symptoms of diabetes would include drinking water and urinating more frequently. If you notice any of these symptoms, visit the vet immediately.

How to keep dachshunds smelling clean and fresh?

Bathe regularly

Bathing your dachshund on a regular basis will ensure that it always smells good. Use a gentle shampoo and apply appropriate medicine or animal deodorant if needed.


Your dog’s fur should be brushed at least once a week. This removes any loose hair and dust and debris stuck in the hair.

Especially if your dog is long-haired, the hair will get tangled if not brushed properly.

Wipe your pet’s ears and paws and paw pads carefully every day, extra careful when you have taken it for a walk.

Keeping surroundings clean

Always keep your dog’s bedding clean. You need not wash it every single day, but you do need to wash it quite often so that it always feels fresh.

Your house too will need to be cleaned often with a pet in the house, or it might get unhygienic for everyone.

Providing a balanced diet

Dachshunds love to eat. Like most dogs, they will want whatever you are eating, and it is often difficult to resist their puppy-eyes.

However, the wrong kind of food could be harmful to your pet. So, you need to be strict when it comes to your dog’s diet.

Junk food can often result in a bad odor. You need to give your dachshund a balanced diet, prescribed by a vet. A good diet will ensure that your dachshund stays healthy and smells good.