Why do Dachshunds lick so much?

Dachshunds seem to love licking. All dogs lick, but dachshunds lick a lot. We usually equate licking with affection, but there are a lot of other reasons why dachshunds lick so much.

Reasons why dachshunds lick you so much?

Here are the reasons why your dachshunds would be licking you.

It is being affectionate

Dachshunds are very affectionate dogs who love their humans. They like having people around. They will shower you with love and attention. However, in dogs, this love comes in the form of licking.

Dogs will lick you to show you their love. They might lick your face every time you enter your house from outside.

Even if you have not been gone for long, they will still greet you with a slobbery kiss to show you how much they have missed you.

It wants your attention

Dachshunds are very loveable dogs and they are always looking for attention. Dachshunds try to get attention by barking, whining, or licking.

If you have trained your dachshund not to bark for certain reasons, it might have been understood that licking will be better received. After all, licking is better than barking loudly for attention.

Since dogs communicate through licking, it might be asking you for attention. So, take a break and give your dachshund some of your time when it tries to ask you for it.

It is being submissive

Dachshunds are pack animals, having been bred as hunting dogs. In a pack, lower-ranking dogs lick the mouths of higher-ranking dogs as a form of submission.

Dachshunds have quite strong pack instincts. Licking your face could just be their way of showing you that they consider you as the alpha and have submitted to you.

It is trying to tell you something

Dogs communicate with each other through licking. So if your dachshund is licking you, it might be trying to tell you something. It could be communicating its love for you, or trying to tell you that something is wrong.

Either way, pay attention to the cues. Your dog might be hungry or thirsty, or in pain, or just trying to express love.

It is licking salts

Dogs love salts. If your dog is licking your skin – on your face or hands or arms, it might be trying to lick the salts off your skin. They like the salty taste of the skin.

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Why is your dachshund licking itself so much?

Now that you know why Dachshunds ick you so much, let us also look at reasons why they may be licking themselves.


Just like cats keep themselves clean by licking, so do dogs. If you find your dachshund licking itself all over from time to time, it might just be grooming itself and trying to keep itself clean.


Your dachshund could be licking itself because it enjoys doing so. It can also lick its nether areas because it finds pleasure in doing that. It could also lick you because it is overjoyed to see you.


Your dachshund could be excessively licking you or itself because it is boring.

Boredom can make your dachshund do all sorts of things like barking, play fighting, running around, trying to catch its tail, or even engaging in destructive behavior.

Your dog needs something to entertain itself, as it gets bored very easily. If your dog has nothing to do, it might keep on licking itself just to have something to do.

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Anxiety and stress

When your dachshund is anxious, it is likely to start licking itself to calm itself down. It can develop anxiety if it is left alone for long periods of time for too long.

If your dog has wide eyes, tucked ears, or tucked tail, it might be stressed. Licking is a coping mechanism for dogs.

It releases endorphins, which lower stress and help feel positive and calm. Sometimes they lick themselves at night to calm themselves down and help them sleep better.


If your dog is licking itself more than normal, it could be injured, or it could also be because of allergies.

If your dog hurts itself, its first instinct will always be to lick the wounded part. The saliva of dogs has healing properties.

While it is not sufficient enough to fully heal the wound, the warmth and moistness of their tongues can help relieve the pain and the saliva could clean up the area.

Allergies and skin conditions

If your dachshund is licking its fur constantly and especially its paws, it could be a sign of allergies.

If their paws are not injured or hurt, then it could be because of a skin condition called dermatitis, which could be caused by bacteria, allergies, or food sensitivities.

Check its skin properly to see if there is any problem. If the skin is red or scabbed in some areas, or if the fur is matted in places, or any ticks or fleas, there might be a problem.

Even if you have recently changed its soap or shampoo, it could be having a hard time with the shift.

Give it a bath to clean its fur, and take it to the vet for the necessary steps to be taken.

Aging joints

If your dachshund is excessively licking its joints, it could be a sign of arthritis. Look for some other signs such as problems in mobility, or limping, to be sure.

This is more probable in older dogs. Consult a vet if you think that is the case, as the vet will diagnose it properly and give you a plan of action for your dachshund to feel better.


If your dachshund is unwell, it could be trying to tell you that by constantly licking you or itself. Licking makes them feel better as well.

If you see any changes in your dachshund’s behavior, take it to the vet immediately. It could be sick.

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Gastrointestinal issues

If your dog is licking surfaces excessively, it could be a gastrointestinal issue.

Sometimes, if they have an upset tummy, licking makes them feel better. If your dog has nausea, it can lead to excessive salivating. This can trigger their licking.

You should pay attention to these cues, and take your dog to the vet.

Irritated anal glands

All dogs lick their anal area. However, if you spot your dachshund constantly licking the area all the time, it is possible that something there is irritating them and that their anal glands need to be emptied.

Always go to a vet for this process and do not try to do it on your own.

Compulsive behavior

Just like in humans, fear, stress or boredom can also trigger compulsive behavior issues in dogs.

If your pet is constantly bored or stressed or is not receiving enough exercise or mental stimulation, it could resort to licking which could become a compulsive disorder.

If this happens, you will need to consult your vet, an animal therapist, or a behavior specialist.

Cognitive issues

As in humans, dementia occurs in dogs as well. Older dogs could very well be prone to getting dementia.

This is a progressive disease, which can trigger repetitive behaviors like licking. This can be taken care of through therapy and medication.

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How to stop your dachshund from licking?

You might be concerned if your dog is licking excessively, or you might not like it licking your face so much. Either way, there are some solutions you can try to stop your dachshund from licking so much.

Don’t reward the behavior

If you think your dog is licking you for attention, then do not reward the behavior. If it licks you ignore the licking and do not pay any attention to it.

Walk away or do something else to distract them from licking you.

Bitter spray

One solution to stop your dachshund from licking any surfaces is using a bitter spray. This is also used by people to stop someone from biting their nails.

There are a lot of bitter spray options in the market. You just spray the surface your dog licks constantly with the spray. The bitter taste will automatically stop them from licking it again.

Train it to lick on command

If you don’t want to completely stop your dachshund from licking you, you can teach it to lick you on command.

Train it so that it knows when it is okay to lick you and when it isn’t. you can use a simple command to easily let it understand.

When you tell it to lick you and it does, you can reward it with something so that it understands that it is okay to lick you when you allow it.

Distract your dachshund

If you have a problem with your dachshund licking your face, you can distract it by giving it something like its chew toy.

If you don’t want it licking anything else so constantly, you can distract it with another activity so that it stops licking for the time being and comes to join you to do something else.

Give it exercise

Dachshunds can also keep licking if they are over-excited. To get rid of all that pent-up energy, you need to let it out to exercise.

They need to be exercised daily. You can take it to the garden or play with it at home. When your dachshund is tired and calm, it will be less likely to keep licking anything.

Get professional help

If nothing works, you can get professional help. Your dachshund might be licking because of some underlying issue, you should talk to a vet about it and take the necessary actions.

If it is due to stress, anxiety, loneliness, or compulsiveness, you might want to go to an animal behavior specialist or an animal therapist.