How Much Does a Dachshund puppy Cost?

If you are thinking of getting a dachshund, you need to know everything about how much does a Dachshund puppy cost.

A dachshund puppy can cost anywhere between $200 to $700. This wide variance depends on a lot of factors, such as the lineage, location, age, type, coat, and color of the dog.

Breeders base their prices depending on these factors, which is why it can be difficult to provide an average estimate of how much a dachshund can cost.

The price of a dachshund also depends on the demand and supply of that particular dachshund. Some dachshunds have unique coats or colors, making them pricier than others.

The more popular or sought after the dachshund, the higher the cost.

Below are a few cost factors for owning a Dachshund that you should know about.

Getting a dachshund from a breeder

Usually, dachshunds are sold from breeders for above $400. Some sellers might sell them for less than $300, but these are usually backyard sellers or from puppy mills.

Generally, ethical breeders will charge more. This is because these breeders also provide the care required for the dachshund.

Because they provide better care, the cost for raising them is higher, which is covered when you buy the puppy.

An ethical breeder will ensure better medical care for the puppy, along with a health certification for every puppy as well as regular check-ups. It will also cover the initial vaccines and de-worming.

Ethical breeders will also feed the puppies better quality food, socialize the puppy from a young age, screen each puppy, and so on.

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Getting a dachshund from a rescue/shelter

You can also choose to adopt a dachshund from a rescue. When you get a dog from here, you are charged an adoption fee of less than $300.

This fee is not for the shelter’s profit, but rather to help them recover the cost that went into keeping the puppy healthy. This usually covers the cost of any vaccinations or medications needed till that point.

Through adoption, all these expenses are covered, and it puts some money towards helping other animals in the future.

Rescues take in puppies that are usually unwanted, which is why their background and health can’t be guaranteed. That is why the rescue does everything to give you the healthiest puppies possible.

Vet expenses

You will need to do regular check-ups with your vet just to see if everything is fine. Routine visits to the vet are a must, especially for dachshunds. You will have to do a wellness check once or twice a year, and it will cost you between $100 to $150.

If you are opting for lab work, it will cost you an additional $100 to $300.

When you first get your pet, you will need to perform an initial veterinary examination, which will cost you around $80.

During your dachshund’s first year, you will be looking at 3 to 4 sets of exams and vaccines, which will cost you around $150 for each set. You will also need to do a fecal test twice, costing $45 each.

To prevent your dachshund from getting ticks or worms, you will need to spend around $10 every month for eradication or prevention. For heartworm and flea/tick prevention during the first year, you will need to spend around $30 every month.

Dental hygiene is an important part of dog care, which will cost you between $200 to $500 every year.

If you are thinking of neutering or spaying your dachshund, you are looking at a cost of $200 to $300. In some places, it may go even higher up to $500.

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Health issues

This is where you will learn the importance of buying from a responsible breeder. A dachshund bought from a good breeder will be much healthier and much less prone to sickness and other issues.

Yet, dachshunds require a lot of medical attention even though they are relatively healthy dogs. Dachshunds are prone to IVDD and other back problems.

The cost of treatment for this can range from $250 to $5000, depending on how quickly you act on its problem.

Other health issues that are common among dachshunds are elbow dysplasia, urinary issues, heart problems, patellar luxation, hypothyroidism, obesity, allergies of the skin, and ear or other infections.

Pet insurance

As your dog gets older, you are likely to be visiting the vet more often. Similarly, any emergency could arise with your dachshund which could require immediate medical assistance or surgery, needing you to spend thousands of dollars at one go.

That is why it is a good idea to invest in pet insurance for your dog. The cheapest policy will probably start at $10 per month. If you want a policy with better coverage, you will be putting in $30 to $50 every month, depending on the type of coverage.


Dachshunds are most prone to Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). Around 25% of all dachshunds suffer from IVDD, because of their long backs and short legs being sensitive to back injuries.

This can cause severe pain, damage, or even paralysis if left untreated for too long.

Usually climbing up and down the stairs constantly or jumping too much can cause IVDD in dachshunds.

Therefore it is recommended that you invest in ramps for your house a ramp can help to prevent many of the injuries that could happen because of jumping or climbing.

A good quality ramp can cost between $120 to $200. It will last you for many years.

Food costs

Dachshunds are tiny in size, but they love to eat. It is very common and nothing to worry about, as long as they are eating nutritious food. Higher quality food will be more expensive, but it could provide better nutrition for your dog.

Food and treats will cost you about $50 per month. If your vet has put your dachshund on a special diet, the cost may go up to $100 per month.

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Toy costs

A dachshund will prefer doing the physical activity more than playing with toys.

Therefore, you will not need to spend as much on toys. The number of toys you get will depend on how quickly they wear out or get damaged by your dachshund.

Try to avoid toys made of cheaper material, those that would get destroyed easily, or might split into parts that could be swallowed by your dog.

Some high-priced toys are made of better material last longer and are less likely to be risky for your dachshund.

Most owners usually spend $25 to $50 on toys every year.


Accessories for your dachshund will include its food and water bowls, leash, harness, collars, and so on.

Food and water bowls can cost anywhere between $5 and $25, depending on the size, quality, and material.

Leashes, collars, and harnesses can cost $10 to $30, depending on the length, size, style, quality, and durability.

Bedding and grooming

Your dachshund will need a bed to sleep in, as its own space. You can make a bed on your own, or get one that is suitable for your dachshund. It could cost you $50 to $100 for a proper bed for your dog.

When it comes to grooming, smaller dogs are comparatively easier to take care of.

Dachshunds come in three types: the short-haired dachshund, wire-haired dachshund, and the long-haired dachshund.

While the short-haired dachshund does not require much grooming at all, the long-haired dachshund could require you to spend $30 to $300 a year on its grooming. To save on the cost, you could groom your dog yourself.

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Not every breed of dog requires a professional trainer. However, dachshunds are quite difficult to train.

If it has been more than a month since you got a dachshund and yet it is not obeying any commands, it might be time to take it to an obedience training class or hire a professional trainer.

There are a lot of training programs available. They can be both regular or one-time. But because the dachshund is difficult to be trained to obey, you might need more classes. Training classes could cost up to $200 per class.

If you are still planning on training your dachshund at home, you may require to spend up to $300 per year, depending on the training resources you are willing to get.

Dog walking

Most dog owners choose to walk their dogs themselves. It is a good exercise and it creates a bond between the owners and their pets, not to mention that it costs nothing.

However, if you lead a very busy lifestyle, or if for some reason you are not going to be able to walk your dog, you will need to hire the services of a dog walker.

A dog walker will charge $20 on average for one walk.

Pet sitting and boarding

If you often need to leave your dog alone at home, you might want to hire a pet sitter. If your dachshund is never alone at home, but you want to go on a vacation, you could think about a pet sitter or some boarding facilities.

Either way, you might be looking at a cost of around $300 to $500 every year. This could go up if you travel much more in a year.


The cost of buying and owning a dachshund will depend on a lot of factors, and you can choose the options that work best for you. That being said, owning a dachshund can definitely be on the expensive side.

It will be a financial commitment for years. However, being a loving pet owner means wanting the best for your dog, no matter how much it costs, and sometimes even ending up spoiling your pet.

It is important to look at the cost beforehand and be prepared with proper planning if you think of getting a dachshund.