Size of Fully Grown Adult Border Collie & Border Collie Mixes


The Border Collie and its mix-breeds are attractive companions for people living outside urban areas. These loyal, intelligent, and energetic dogs are becoming increasingly popular in households around the USA. A fully grown Border Collie is medium in size. Males can grow to a height of 19 to 22 inches whereas females can grow to … Read more

18 Amazing Red Goldendoodle Facts

Red goldendoodle

Red is a unique color rarely sported by dogs. Many Goldendoodle enthusiasts usually wonder why people opt for a certain coat color more than others. Even though the personality and physicality remain the same with any Goldendoodle, you have to admit that owning a Red Goldendoodle feels slightly more special!  Goldendoodle is a designer mixed … Read more

18 Amazing facts about Dogo Argentino

Dogo argentino

The Dogo Argentino is not a common dog breed that you see every day. They are harder to find. He is a surprisingly interesting dog that has some amazing facts attached to them. This includes their origin, appearance, and characteristics. Read them below. Dogo Argentino Is Derived From 10 Dog Breeds!  The Dogo Argentino is actually … Read more

Rescuing a husky – How and what to look for?

Rescuing a husky

Husky is one of the most popular dogs in the USA for their looks but they do have strong prey drive, can be stubborn, and are escape artists. Hence you can easily find Husky at dog shelters ready to be rescued. There are many Husky animal shelters in the USA where you will find Husky … Read more

Barking Chihuahua – How to stop Chihuahua barking?

chihuahua barking

Excessively barking chihuahua can create a dire situation that can stop you from sleeping or working efficiently. This is the most reported annoying factor by owners about their Chihuahua. In most cases, such barking has some meaning especially if it is loud and persistent. It may be a way that your chihuahua is trying to … Read more