Is husky a wolf? 7 Wolf like other dogs that you can pet

Is husky a wolf?

Husky is one of the best you can get when you want a dog with wolf-like features. Is Husky a wolf offspring? Or Is Husky related to Wolves? Yes, Huskies like all other dogs are genetically related to Wolves. They both are part of the Canine group of animals. DNA analysis has proved that the … Read more

Dogs with big eyes | 15 most cute, popular small & big dogs

Dogs with big eyes

You can always find hope in a dog’s eyes. Isn’t it? As a dog owner, you would have experienced it. Your pooch can just stare up at you with his big wide eyes, and you can’t resist giving him a hug or his favorite treat. So it seems, dogs with big eyes can move mountains. … Read more

Pug vs French bulldog | Detailed guide

French Bulldog vs Pug

Pug vs French Bulldog. Both Pug and French Bulldog are small dogs with subtle differences. Read on this short guide and I would strive my best to make sure you be an expert in making out the differences and easily identify the right breed for you. History of Pug vs French Bulldog Let us look … Read more

12 Popular Shepherd dogs | Herding breeds

Shepherd Dog

Herding Shepherd dogs have been bred and raised since long. Who are the Shepherd dogs? Shepherd dogs are types of working dogs used by humans for herding the flock of animals. They are also called “Sheepdogs”. They can either be pure dog breeds recognized by the kennels or the popular cross dog breeds bred for … Read more

Lion Dog | 6 Dogs That Look Like Lions

Lion dog

Lion Dog! An interesting thought to check the dog breeds who looks like Lion. The ones who could be large or have a mane that makes them more Lionish than others. Let us have a quick look at the dogs that look like Lion. Leonberger Leonberger dogs were bred in the Leonberg town of Germany. … Read more

10 most popular Japanese dog breeds

Japanese dog breeds

Japanese love animals and many Japanese dog breeds are revered as National treasures. A couple of Japanese dog breeds Akita Inu and Shiba Inu are quite popular and are being bred in the USA as well. Other Japanese dogs are rare and found mostly in Japan only. Let us have a look at the popular … Read more

10 most popular Wrinkle Dogs with cute droopy faces

wrinkle dogs

It is not uncommon to see wrinkle dogs like bulldogs or pugs with their droopy faces. We humans don’t like wrinkles on us but cuteness quotient increases with the wrinkles on the dogs. We just fall in love with these wrinkly dogs. What are the popular Wrinkle dogs? Popular wrinkly dogs that amaze us by … Read more

How to stop dog shedding? Home remedies


Looking for home remedies to stop dog shedding! All dogs shed. Some shed more and some may shed less. It is normal for dogs to shed old hairs and the amount of shedding depends on the breed and health of dogs. This could be difficult for someone who is allergic or to carry your dog … Read more

Best Dogs for Apartment Living in 2020


Let us check on the dogs that are great for apartment living and factors that you should look for. Are you a dog lover and living in the apartment and worried how would dog adept in your flat and surroundings? Let us look at some of the best that you can prefer for apartment living. … Read more

30 Dogs that do not shed – Big, medium and small


Looking for dogs that do not shed !! Disturbed with dogs’ hair everywhere!! Or are you allergic to dogs but just love them and so looking for small, medium, or big dogs that do not shed or are hypoallergenic. Dogs are our best companions. Anyone who is a proud dog owner won’t disagree. Not only … Read more