Is Australian Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix a great Guard Dog?

The Australian Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix dog is a designer dog that is developed by crossbreeding a purebred Australian dog with a purebred Great Pyrenees dog. They are also known as Great Aussie Pyrenees or Aussie Pyrenees.

Having two medium to large shepherd dogs as his parents, Australian Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix do well as guard dogs with their natural alert and protective traits.

Let us look at all the information and facts about Aussie Pyrenees that you would be looking for. 

Australian Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix Specifications

Height50 – 110 pounds
Weight25 – 32 inches
Coat colorBlack, blue merle, red, tan, fawn, grey
Eye colorBlack, hazel. Dark-brown, blue
Coat typeLong thick hair coat. Double-coat. Straight or rough
TemperamentProtective, alert, loyal, energetic
Lifespan10 – 15 years

Australian Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix Appearance

Since this designer breed is a cross between the Great Pyrenees and the Australian Shepherd, it is difficult to identify a set appearance. 

Appearance varies based on the dispersion of genes from the respective parents. The hybrid dog breeds tend to show more physical characters of the parent whose genes are more dominant.

Australian Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix have a dominating presence with a large body frame. Standing anywhere between 25 and 32 inches tall, they are a towering figure that is backed by the mass.

This tall and heavy body is carried by strong limbs built for running and sometimes even fighting. Their physical appearance may take some time to develop.

Aussie Pyrenees heads are in proportion to their body and have large round eyes. Their ears are fluffy and are naturally droopy. This is passed on by the Australian Shepherd. 

They have a thick double-coat as both parents are double-coat dog breeds. These coats bear long hair that is usually straight.

Featuring multiple colors and unique patterns, their coats are easily a sight to admire. Feathering around the entire body is observed.

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Australian Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix Temperament 

This hybrid dog reflects only the best characters of both parents. Since both the Great Pyrenees and the Australian Shepherd are also herding dogs, they inherit good guarding instincts.

This makes them great guard dogs that are alert and fast to bark when they notice any irregularities. This barking tendency may be too much for you if you like peace and quietness.

They are naturally clever, protective, loyal, and energetic dogs. They will fulfill most of the qualities that people would seek when adopting a dog.

Aussie Pyrenees are dual-purpose dogs that can guard and protect their owner and at the same time be a snuggle companion for families or individuals.

You will have to socialize your Australian Shepherd Great Pyrenees mix puppy from a young age. This way, he will get along well with children and other dogs when he is a full-grown adult dog.

Australian Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix

Australian Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix Coat characteristics

Their double-coat is attractive to touch and look at.

Their coats come in two main types, smooth-haired or rough-haired. The smooth-haired canine comes with smooth hairs around the muzzle and feathering around the belly, tail, and the legs.

The rough-haired individual has long hairs all over his face, but not around the eyes. His body is also covered with long hairs that collect at the limbs.

This dog has feathering around its body. Feathering is nothing but long hairs that exists around the limbs, belly, tail, and sometimes the face. 

Coat Colors of Australian Shepherd Great Pyrenees

The coat colors normally seen on the Australian Shepherd make an appearance on the Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd mix.

Colors range from solid white color to tan color coat of the Great Pyrenees. You can also often find them in bicolors involving black, merle, or brown.

Like, the Australian Shepherd dog, this mixed breed shows white, red, tan, or brown “tan points” on the face, limbs, body, and tail.

They also can be found in a bicolor scenario, or a tricolor with tan and white being the two color components. They also feature patterns on their face like the Border Collie.

  • Black- Although full black Shepherd Pyrenees mix dogs are rare, black, and white coats with or without patches are common.
  • Red- The red color they appear in is called liver color since it also looks brownish red.
  • Blue merle– Blue merle appears blue to the eyes but it is a mixture of black white and maybe grey hair that creates this illusion.
  • White- The Great Pyrenees dog has a natural white coat. Sometimes this can be seen in the Aussie Pyrenees mix dog. If it is not plain, there will be patches of other colors.


Adopting a dog comes with responsibilities. Let us look at all the aspects that your should care for this Great Pyrenees mix.


The Aussie Pyrenees dog has medium to long hairs, that are water-resistant. They also help him to keep warm in cold climates to which he is suited.

This coat is naturally developed to combat the cold of the Swiss Alps from where the Great Pyrenean dog originates.

It will be no surprise that this dog will also shed a lot. As his pet parent, you should commit to caring for his grooming needs. This includes a good brush at least 2 to 3 times a week.

The number of weekly brushes depends on the shedding intensity that can vary from dog to dog.

You can expect his double-coat to “blow” twice a year.

Bathing is only required when he needs it! Usually, when he is dirty. We would recommend every 4 to 6 weeks. Slight trimming with a pair of scissors can be done along the limbs to remove excess hair clumps that are unappealing.

Nails will need to be cut as they grow. While clipping the nails, make sure they are hard. Soft or brittle nails can be a sign of mineral deficiency. 

Dental care is important as it keeps him eating properly. Teeth should be brushed a couple of times a week to stop the rotting of teeth. Make sure you use vet-approved dental products for your dog. 

Grooming this large dog may seem difficult for some individual dog owners. Remember that you always have the option of professional dog groomers. Feel free to take him to a dog groomer near you. 


Early training of your dog is necessary. This breed is very active, and if bored they could get up to mischief! The advantage is that the Australian Shepherd passes his intelligence to this mixed breed dog.

Training is essential to guarantee that your dog knows how to behave in the presence of other dogs and people, especially children. This is a large dog breed and you would not want any accidents to happen if you are not in control of him.

Positive reinforcements such as food treats and cuddles will go a long way in making training easier and more enjoyable for your dog.

Training this Great Pyrenees mix dog is a continuous process that continues even after he is full-grown. 


The Pyrenees Shepherd mix is a highly energetic dog that needs his share of exercise to stay healthy as well as happy. The exercise requirements are not fixed and will vary depending on age, size, and gender of the dog.

Long walks that last a few hours is a great activity to add to your weekly exercise routine. This will help him to burn off that extra energy and improve his mood. 

Apart from these long walks, a good garden size can act as his daily playground. Enough space to run is something that cannot be compromised. It will keep him active and keep the destructive behavior at bay.

They are not recommended for apartment living. Apart from high exercise requirements they can also be vocal which can be a concern for your neighbors.

Lack of exercise will not only affect his body and weight; it will also negatively affect his mental state and mood. It may make him act out in a bad way. 


Australian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees mix-breed are generally healthy dogs. Knowing the exact genetic composition of your dog will help you understand what diseases to look out for.

Some ailments that your dog will be at high risk of getting are:

  • Hip/Elbow dysplasia- Dysplasia is caused due to incorrect fitting of sockets. This is serious since it ends in the loss of movements of the limb.
  • Hypothyroidism- Malfunctioning of the thyroid glands makes thyroid hormone levels low. This may result in weight issues.
  • Deafness- The ears are a vital part of the body that should be regularly checked for pests and infections.
  • Allergies- Dogs can also develop allergies which make them mount a high immune resistance against regular particles.
  • Obesity- Overfeeding and too little exercise leads to obesity in all scenarios.


Let us also have a brief look at the parent dog breeds of this designer cross breed.

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd dog does not originate from Australia as the name suggests. It was bred in the western part of the USA to herd sheep and other livestock for ranchers.

The dog was interbred with other dogs long ago to make a very intelligent, swift, obedient, and agile dog. This breed was the outcome that led to the introduction of the Australian Shepherd.

The Australian Shepherd closely resembles the Border Collie. It has a dense double-coat with characteristic floppy ears and a medium-sized body specializing in the high-paced activity.

These dogs can grow to a height of 20 to 23 inches and weigh approximately 50 to 60 pounds. The average lifespan of this dog is 12 to 15 years.

Great Pyrenees

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog has a history dating back centuries. It originated from the Pyrenees mountains that are situated between France and Spain. Like the Australian Shepherd, it was used to protect and herd livestock.

It is a massive dog that has well adapted to the elements with its thick double-coat and large body structure.

With such a large strong body, he has the power to do his job.