Australian Mountain Doodle – 18 Amazing Facts You Never Knew!

Ever heard of the Australian Mountain Doodle before?

Australian Mountain Doodle descends from 3 lovable dogs and boasts of traits from the Australian Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, and the Poodle. This makes this designer dog slowly becoming quite popular around the world.

With these parents, he is bound to have the best appearance and temperament. Let us look at a few of the amazing facts about the Australian Mountain Doodle below. 

1) Australian Mountain Doodle Descends From 3 Dog Breeds!

Australian Mountain Doodle benefits from the best of the best. It comprises genes from three very popular dogs. These are: 

  • Australian Shepherd
  • Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Poodle

This appealing dog is actually bred from an Aussiedoodle and a Bernedoodle making its genetic constituency this:

  • Poodle: 50%
  • Australian Shepherd: 25%
  • Bernese Mountain Dog: 25%

Though the majority of its characteristics are passed on by the Poodle, distinct features of the Australian Shepherd and Bernese Mountain dog are evident.

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2) What is the Australian Mountain Doodle Price?

Being a double doodle mix, don’t expect this dog to be readily available or low-priced.

An Aussie Mountain Doodle from a reputed breeder is expected to cost anywhere from $1300 to $3000.

You could be lucky to find one at a shelter though these dogs are not usually screened for genetic conditions that can affect the dog later in life. 

3) Are Australian Mountain Doodles Really Hypoallergenic?

The Australian Mountain Doodle is a poodle mix, thus there is a high resemblance to the Poodle’s hypoallergenic coat and they are considered hypoallergenic.

Another fact that makes the Aussie Mountain Doodle more suitable for allergy-prone people is the fact that it is not a sebaceous dog breed.

A sebaceous dog breed is one that produces and releases more sebum. Sebum is an oily substance secreted from the skin glands that usually triggers allergies in humans.

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4) Common Nicknames

Australian Mountain Doodle also has shorter and easier catchy names and is often called the Swiss Doodle or Aussie Bernedoodle. 

5) How Big are Australian Mountain Doodles?

This Doodle mix’s size is actually classified based on its weight, the two main categories are mini and standard.

The standard Australian Mountain Doodle are large dogs that can reach a height of 23 to 25 inches and weigh 50 to 60 pounds.

Males are noticeably larger than females as is in many dog breeds. 

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6) Mini Australian Mountain Doodle

The miniature ‘mini’ Australian Mountain Doodle is as small as they get. Miniature versions of larger dogs are a popular designer breed these days.

Mini Australian Mountain Doodle weighs 30 to 40 pounds and reaches a height of 19 to 22 inches (give or take some). 

A Mini Australian Mountain Doodle is the perfect choice for a small family living with space refinements and no yard. Also, they are easier to train, and control, and take less time to groom and care for. Though they are more expensive to buy.

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7) Ever Seen a Merle Australian Mountain Doodle?

The Australian Mountain Doodle is found in a range of coat colors and patterns. Apart from their tricolor appearance, the most striking pattern is the Merle coat. The merle coat color comes in two variants:

  1. Chocolate merle– A combination of white, medium brown, and light brown patches
  2. Blue merle– A combination of bluish-grey, white, and black patches 
Merle Australian Mountain Doodle

The Merle coat is actually a coat pattern, not the color. It is a combination of colored patches that is accompanied by varied eye colors. Indeed a merle dog is attractive but comes at a cost! 

Additionally, breeding a merle mountain doodle with another merle dog can increase the chances of the merle gene being passed on. A dog with two merle genes has an increased chance of being deaf or blind from birth. 

8) Lifespan of Australian Mountain Doodle

The Australian Mountain doodle can live for 10 to 15 years.

This 15-year maximum is much longer than other similar-sized dog breeds that offer a 10 or 12-year maximum. Some people even say that with extra care and a stress-free or disease-free life, they can reach 18 years! 

This is not bad for this large-sized dog considering the Bernese Mountain dog has a lifespan of 6 to 8 years. The Bernese are famous for suffering from heart disease and cancer.

Luckily, you can look forward to having a long life together with your Aussie Bernedoodle. 

9) Distinguishing Features of Australian Mountain Doodle 

Looking at this Doodle mix, his Swiss traits are hard to miss. His face and ears are shaped like the Bernese Mountain dog although he is not as tall and large. Their eyes are either blue (if the coat is merle) or brown in color.  

His coat colors resemble the Australian Shepherd while the texture itself is a combination of both the Shepherd and a Poodle. Australian Mountain Doodles are among the most colorful breeds as they display a tricolor coat. 

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10) What is Their Personality Like?

Despite what many people think, the Swiss Doodle is a friendly dog! Even though he is thought to be a working breed, he fits quite well as a companion breed as well. You can describe this dog breed as friendly, gentle, and loyal. 

They are affectionate to children and adults equally.

One point to note is their high prey drive that is likely passed on by the Australian Shepherd. With enough care, socializing, and training, these tendencies can be corrected. This makes him safe around other animals when fully grown. 

Aussie Doodle

11) Recognition

The Aussie Bernedoodle is a relatively new designer dog breed. It is not yet recognized by renowned dog clubs such as the AKC.

For now, even the Bernedoodle is not yet recognized, this means there could be a long road till this mixed breed is officially recognized! 

12) Do Australian Mountain Doodles Make a Great Pet?

Yes, if you like big dogs with a unique appearance you will be fascinated by the Aussie Mountain Doodle. With time he will grow into an affectionate dog that acts like a large puppy! His appearance may look more like the Bernese and less like the Poodle!

13) Do Australian Mountain Doodle Shed?

Having a high genetic composition from the Poodle, Australian Mountain Doodle does not shed much.

This is great news for people who suffer from allergies triggered by dog fur. The secret is that their coat is actually made from ‘hair’ rather than fur. 

This greatly lowers the amount of shedding since their lower coat barely sheds.

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14) Do Australian Mountain Doodle Drool?

Both the Bernedoodle and Bernese Mountain dogs are prone to drooling a bit, thus an Australian Mountain Doodle might drool as well.

It all depends if the genes of the parent Bernedoodle shine through or not! Either way, be prepared to experience some drooling if you are getting a standard size variant. 

If the dog has inherited a loose jaw from one of the parents, drooling will be a bit more prominent. 

15) Don’t Underestimate Their Intelligence!

This is an intelligent dog that can learn fast if you apply the right method during training. They can actually surprise you by quickly learning new tricks and skills. They are easily trained and will not require any additional or special methods. 

Their intelligence coupled with their willingness to please their master makes them excellent service dogs. Though they are not as commonly used for this purpose as Labrador Retriever or Golden Retriever dog breeds. 

16) Will My Australian Mountain Doodle Protect Me?

This dog is loyal and protective but not in the sense you would expect. Since they are friendly and well-natured, don’t expect them to be the perfect guard dog! Instead, you can expect them to be friendly with a cautious approach to strangers.

Doodles are known to be very welcoming and friendly. Luckily, this dog is more vocal than its doodle parents. He can be a good watchdog and would alert you of any suspicious occurrences. 

17) They Have a Moderate Energy Drive

It is a common misconception that big dogs are accompanied by ‘very high energy’ drives. This is not the case with the Swiss Doodle.

Most often they have a low to medium energy drive. That said, be sure to provide these dogs with an assortment of exercises to strengthen their body and mind during growth.

Undoubtedly you will need to have a backyard or garden to run around in. This is by no means a lazy dog meant for the couch. Lack of exercise could cause problems. 

18) Do you Have to Worry About Health Issues?

Like any mixed breed, the resultant dog will be more vulnerable to diseases that affect the individual parent breeds. In this case, the Swiss Doodle is more likely to inherit any one of these health conditions:

  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Addison’s Disease
  • Epilepsy 
  • Heart Disorders
  • Cancer

Other common problems include:

  • Cataracts
  • Dental issues

Careful breeders never use a defective dog for breeding, but you should make sure you check the genetics before adopting an Australian Mountain Doodle dog.