Are Jack Russell Terriers Hypoallergenic?

Everyone loves dogs but for a few of us who are allergic to them, we look for hypoallergenic dogs.

So, are Jack Russell Terriers Hypoallergenic? The answer is No. Jack Russells do shed moderately. Hence they may not be suitable for folks who are allergic to dogs.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a mixed breed consisting of genes from both the Fox Terrier and the traditional Jack Russell.

They are small dogs that many people choose as their companion. Suited to apartment living, these furry balls of energy will keep you on your toes.

Jack Russell Terrier shedding

One of the main reason for us to catch allergy is the dander – dead skin flakes. The amount of dander they shed directly correlates to the amount of shedding a dog does.

The JRT sports a short coat, usually plain white, white with brown, or black patches. They surprisingly feature a double-coat and do shed despite having a short coat.

A common misconception is that short hair dog breeds such as Jack Russell shed less or not at all. This is false and this dog sheds throughout the year!

Shedding is surprisingly moderate or even high. This is because short hair has a shorter hair life cycle. Because of this, the hair coat has a fast turnover.

Jack Russell dogs experience a regular type of shedding as well as seasonal shedding due to their double coat.

Twice a year, towards spring and fall the double-layer coat will undergo extreme changes. Tufts of hair begin to fall out at a rapid rate and mostly gets attached to the couch and carpet.

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Jack Russell Terrier

Reasons for Jack Russell shedding

It is well known that all dogs shed to a varied extent based on their genes. Corgis or Akitas are heavy shedders where Poodles are known for their minimal shedding.

Similarly, Jack Russel Terrier also shed as part of their natural cycle of hair growth whereby they get rid of dead/loosened hairs and gain new hairs.

At times, you may see more than normal shedding. This could be due to various reasons, let us have a look.

  • Diseases

Excessive shedding could mean an underlying disease that is affecting your JRT. This could be hypothyroidism or something else. We would advise having a vet advise if you can’t find any reason for his excessive shedding.

  • Skin Conditions

Diminished skin health can be the cause of shedding. If you notice bare patches of skin, this is probably a skin condition. It could even be a problem related to pests like ticks or fleas.

  • Malnutrition

Lack of nutrients can lead to reduced or limited hair growth. Low-quality dog food will affect the coat of a Jack Russell. A balanced diet consisting of good quality food and treats is essential.

  • Stress

If any condition in Jack Russell’s environment is unsatisfactory or affecting him in any way, he can become stressed. Stressing can influence shedding. This stress shedding is almost like stress hair fall in humans.

  • Separation anxiety

Owners going away on a long vacation could cause separation anxiety in their Jack Russell. This feeling of loneliness and sadness is enough to make this canine start to shed off extra hair. It can happen even if your dog is in good health.

Jack Russell Terrier coat colors and characteristics

Jack Russell has two types of Coat: Smooth or Rough. Sometimes a combination of the two is observed. This coat is called a “broken coat”. A Jack Russell Terrier that has the broken coat is known to have long hair either on his tail or face.

They are always found with a white coat that sports black or tan markings. Notably, markings on the eyes, ears, and tail are common. Their hair could be either short or medium in length.

Grooming your Jack Russell Terrier

Grooming the JRT ensures his coat is maintained well. Dead and loose hair are effectively removed with this process. Any dog requires brushing, frequently or occasionally, depending on shedding tendency.

This prevents dead hairs from spreading around. Grooming also helps you to spend quality time with your dog and building strong bond.

For this breed, brushing once or twice a week is enough. A simple bristle brush is required for these short coat dogs. A rubber glove can also be a useful tool to have.

Apart from regular brushing, bathing is also required once a month. This helps to keep the dog clean but care should be taken not to do it more frequently than once a month as it may dry up the skin.

We would recommend an Oatmeal based shampoo for the same.

Tips to reduce allergies

Reducing allergies requires a JRT owner to remove allergens present in the air, on furniture, and on our bodies. Allergens are present in their hair, skin cells, and saliva.

Let us have loo at the tips to avoid allergy due to Jack Russell Terrier

Wash your hands

Our hands naturally serve as a highly contaminated area and most prone zone to catch dog allergy.

Playing with your Jack Russell Terrier will get his hair, saliva, and skin cells all over your hands. Once these items are on the hands, they can easily reach your nose and mouth.

You must exercise a decent amount of hygiene and wash hands with soap after almost every contact with any dog. Saliva left from licking your hands can also easily contaminate other objects you touch.

Keep in mind that just rinsing hand with water is not effective. You should use soap for Anti-bacterial hand wash.

Change bed linen often

Cuddling with your Jack Russell Terrier could lead to dog hair on your clothes that may pass on to your bed linen.

This may not be the best for you as you might end up going to sleep with these reactive substances. It is especially bad since the allergens of the dog hair have the entire night to manifest.

Changing bed linen often could be a great help for your health.

Get an air purifier

Air filters are machines that filter the air in your house. It is an indoor air filter machine that is compact. Any pet-owner can use it due to its simple functioning. Jack Russell Terrier’s hair floating in the air can be removed.

Requiring no effort, this machine is great for individuals and elderly people. It is useful for people with many dogs. Place it in the room where the dogs are always present to get the best results.

Removing hair from the air guarantees it does not end up on furniture or your clothes. This is the perfect investment to tackle dog hair around the house.

Avoid pets on furniture

The best way to keep hair shed off your furniture is to keep the dog off your furniture. It sounds simple but if he is not trained from the start, it could be difficult.

Strictly keep the couch and chairs out of limits for your furry friend. This might seem harsh but it is a necessary action. Train him using positive and encouraging methods. Feel free to use all the goodies you have.

Use a lint roller

Have Jack Russell hair on your clothing? A fast and efficient way of removing this as well as dry skin cells is a lint roller. These objects make it possible to prepare your clothes and remove unwanted allergens within minutes.

Clean your house

Having any pet let alone a Jack Russell Terrier requires regular home cleaning. If you avoid it, your house will have a distinct dog smell.

Removing dog hair and wiping down areas that could be infected with saliva or urine is essential. Apart from your clothes, a regular wash of your dog’s blanket and his bed is crucial.

Use fewer carpets/mats for flooring

Carpets and mats help to make your house more attractive and warmer. Sadly they don’t do well when it comes to controlling dogs’ allergens.

These material objects act as a hiding place for Jack Russell Terrier’s hair, dander, and body fluids.

Carpets then become a non-moving danger to anyone entering the room. Every time you vacuum the carpet, these allergenic particles will float in the air.

Opting to reduce or eliminate them completely could be a good decision. It will make cleaning the floor easier. Any Jack Russell Terrier owner will know this is true.

Instead, you might want to get dog-friendly mats that do not attract as much dog shed.

About Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell is a small sturdy dog breed once used for fox hunting in England. To achieve the desired traits for chasing out rabbits and foxes, they were cross-bred with Fox Terriers.

The resultant dog, Jack Russell Terrier (not to be confused with Russell Terrier) were high stamina, confident dogs with high prey drive.

These dogs are now used as family dogs who do well with children. Their relatively small size makes them best for apartment living. Any family in the USA would have lots of fun with this canine.