18 Amazing facts about Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino is not a common dog breed that you see every day. They are harder to find.

He is a surprisingly interesting dog that has some amazing facts attached to them. This includes their origin, appearance, and characteristics. Read them below.

Dogo Argentino Is Derived From 10 Dog Breeds! 

The Dogo Argentino is actually a combination of 10 dog breeds. This was probably done to derive a dog with the best characteristics sought after by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez.

The dog breeds involved in developing Dogo Argentino are:

  1. Pyrenean Mastiff
  2. Great Dane
  3. Old English Bulldog
  4. Boxer
  5. Irish Wolfhound
  6. Bull Terrier
  7. Dogue De Bordeaux
  8. Spanish Mastiff
  9. English Pointer
  10. Cordoba Dog – Now extinct

As you can see, most of these dogs are large and are commonly used as hunting or guarding dogs. This is why the Dogo Argentino gets its characteristics of a large hound.

Where and When Did The Dogo Argentino Originate?

No surprises here and as the name suggests, Dogo Argentino originated in Argentina. In 1928, in the city of Cordoba this Mastiff-sized dog was developed for the first time.

The intention to develop this dog breed was to breed a dog physically capable of both offense and defense.

What Category Does Dogo Argentino Fall Under?

The primary use of this dog breed in the 1900s was for hunting. When first introduced, it was used to hunt down wild boars and even predatory cats such as pumas.

This makes them fit in the category of hounds who usually use sight or smell to track down a certain animal. 

The old breed of Dogo Argentino is actually extinct and the ones we see today are a modern one that is not used for hunting. They are more suitable as a guard dog and even a family pet in few cases. 

The Dogo Argentino Doesn’t Do Well With Other Animals

Since the Dogo Argentino was originally bred for the purpose of hunting games, it has a high prey drive. This is not the best trait for a dog surrounded by other smaller pets. Thus, it is not advised to have smaller non-canine animals in the house along with an Argentino. 

Perhaps you can choose to get another Dogo Argentino to give him company!

He Can Be A Good Pet, But!

Of course many people are impressed by the looks and character of the Argentino, and he can be a good pet with some cons! This dog shows a high prey drive, making him appear more ferocious than most other dog breeds. 

This means he needs to be constantly supervised when around toddlers and young children. He may also make it impossible to have more pets than himself.

This means adopting a Dogo Argentino is a big decision that requires some sacrifices. 

Dogo argentino

What are the defining features of a Dogo Argentino? How to Identify him?

Certain features help to distinguish the Dogo Argentino from other dog breeds, especially those that resemble them closely. The face of the Dogo Argentino closely resembles a Great Pyrenees Pitbull mix.

Cropped ears, muscular figure, squarish muzzle are defining traits of this Argentinian bred dog. 

  1. A large-mouth that can deliver a powerful bite (strong jaws) 
  2. The pure white coat of hair, occasionally a colored patch on the head
  3. An overly muscular body with a stock build
  4. A height of 24 inches (at the shoulder) or close to this 
  5. Cropped ears (ears that fold over at the corners)
  6. Approximate weight of 80 to 100 pounds 

Prepare for Drool!

The truth is he will definitely drool. But the amount and frequency of drooling depend on his genetic composition.

If more of his genes belong to the Mastiff, Pitbull, Great Dane, or Boxer, you can expect heavy drooling. This is because these dogs have overhanging lips which allows saliva to leak out. Heavy drooling means more time cleaning up after him. 

How Smart are Dogo Argentino?

The Dogo Argentino is indeed a clever dog that proves to be very easily trained when using positive methods. They learn new commands and habits fast especially when you involve incentives.

Breaking into the kitchen cabinets for treats or getting outside are some things he will learn sooner than others. Better be prepared for his quick actions.

What is the Lifespan of Dogo Argentino?

The Dogo Argentino has an impressive lifespan of 9 to 15 years. This is good for a large-sized dog like a Dogo Argentino.

But note, a dog can live for fewer or more years. This depends on how well the dog is looked after and his genetics. With great care, food, and exercise this dog can live beyond the upper lifespan limit. 

Can A Dogo Argentino Swim?

Yes, the Dogo Argentino is an excellent swimmer and does not mind being in the water at all. This may seem odd since many other dogs hate water. The Argentino is quite athletic and prefers the outdoors.

This dog is actually an advanced swimmer and glides gracefully in the water thanks to its powerful paw strokes in the water.

A combination of hiking, swimming, and long walks are among their favorite types of physical exercise. It is clear this dog is made for outdoor adventures!

They are not suited for all climates! 

Most dogs are made to adapt to the climate of the country from which they originate from. This is true for this particular dog breed. The Dogo Argentino comes in just one type of hair coat, a short one. 

This is mostly because the climate in Argentina is hot and the dog has adapted to staying cool with a short hair coat in the Hot Climate.

But, the Argentino would not do so well in a cold climate unless he is kept warm and indoors. 

Will a Dogo Argentino Shed?

A surprising fact about the Dogo Argentino that is normally misinterpreted is their shedding pattern.

Dogo Argentino shed quite a bit, much more than expected! Even though they have a short hair coat, they shed quite vigorously. 

Sadly, there is no way to slow or eliminate this natural process. Instead managing it with daily brushing is the way forward. This means Dogo Argentino is not hypoallergenic.

When hair falls out, dry skin is set loose which can cause an allergic reaction in some people. People with dog allergies should stay away! 

Why Are Dogo Argentino Banned In Some Countries? 

An amazing fact about the Dogo Argentino is that they are actually banned in more than a few countries around the world. Some countries label this dog as “too aggressive” to be owned as a pet. 

Countries that ban having a Dogo Argentino as a pet are:

  • Australia
  • Ukraine
  • Denmark
  • Iceland
  • Turkey
  • Singapore
  • Other lesser-known countries also ban this dog as a pet 

Not all of these dogs are ferocious and dangerous the way stories deem them to be. A dog can be made less dangerous by training and being brought up in a supportive environment. 

How Dangerous is a Dogo Argentino?

Is the Dogo Argentino likely to bite someone?

This dog can bite but it is usually done out of defense or fear. People who are normally attacked are strangers who may tease the dog or make it suspicious of their activity. 

A well brought up dog can depart from its vicious nature and proper training can make biting less probable. This is good news as one bite from them can prove to be fatal due to the their strong jaws. 

Reason for Getting a Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino looks like an intimidating dog, and this is his greatest skill! Many people adopt a Dogo Argentino because they are great guard dogs. They are very loyal to their family and have even been said to fight till the death to protect their family. 

Besides their fighting and guarding skills, they are a formidable animal and thieves will think twice before attacking the home of a Dogo Argentino! 

Should You get a Dogo Argentino?

Getting a Dogo Argentino is no simple one second decision as this dog does come with a lot of work. Training and future planning are paramount in deciding to get a Dogo Argentino or not. 

You will need to ask yourself whether you are committed to training him, caring for him, and providing him with a healthy safe environment (and a backyard). Also, you should not be in a rush to get any other pets. 

You should not have any small kids at home and be willing to get complaints about having a dangerous dog! 

American Kennel Club Recognition

The Dogo Argentino just became recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 2020.

This is surprising since many dog associations deem this dog ‘dangerous’ and do not recognize it as a member. The Argentino became the 195th breed of the AKC, a step forward for all American owners that have this dog or are thinking about getting one.

Other Nicknames

Dogo Argentino is commonly called the Argentine Mastiff, a nickname that many find appropriate. This is because the dog was originally bred in Argentina and replicates the size and physical build of a Mastiff.